Hip-Hop’s ‘Biggest’ Bosses: 10 Rappers That Need To Keep Their Shirts On

- By Bossip Staff

When it comes to self esteem, most rappers have a lot of it.
After performing under the hot lights at shows, many rappers and singers get hot and take off their shirts-which if you are LL Cool J can have the ladies swooning, but if you’re Rick Ross, could send them running.

Hip-Hop Wired decided to countdown the top 10 rappers that need to leave their shirts on and hit the gym.

Head over to HipHopWired.com to see if your favorite celebrity made the list.

*WARNING* what you see may be frightening…

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  • Hannibal


  • suthnpeach

    I love Rick Ross Belly! LMAO naw but fa real.

  • "Its6amHoGetOut"

    What weighs more, Guccimane or all that fake azz jewelry he wears? Can ya’ll bama n*ggas be this stupid to think wearin’ 1,000 carats of Cubic zirconiums and sterling silver makes you look rich?

  • Day-Day

    Now after all that sh!t talking you ignorant azzez did in the overweight women’s post, this post only has less than 10 comments!? Men you need to get it together too!!

  • Proud

    Also whats so sad is the men genetically develop more muscle than women. So they are suppose to be able to be in better just naturally. This makes no sense. I don’t care what type of double standard world we live in…..even though I know I am not perfect I am not going to allow a man to slide either on his fitness. They need to get it together.

    • tommykimon

      If this was a list of sistas looking like this. Guys would be on here straight clowning.

  • cellie

    At least they have a job and are rich, lol

  • tommykimon

    This list forgot Bow wow he is too small to take his shirt off he looks like he’s eight. Also Bobby Brown is not a rapper.

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