Kanye West Is Dress To Impress In I-D Magazine So, He Can Sow His Royal Oats In A Chick With Integrity

- By Bossip Staff

Kanye West is featured in the upcoming issue of I-D Magazine speaking on love, looking for the right woman to carry his child, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and his moves after the MTV fiasco.

On the qualities he looks for in a woman?
Integrity. I’m a hopeless romantic and I’m looking and trying to decide who the mother of my child will be. It’s not going to be based off a whim of being in love; she has to bring a certain level to the table. I want to be married, I want that super dope counterpart, that one woman, but she has to be super-fresh, super-smart and not overwhelmed, because being with me is gonna be a job (laughs). She can’t be overwhelmed by her career. I’ll find her, maybe I’ll be 38… maybe I’m not fully who I am yet, maybe that’s why I haven’t found her… The main quality is that you know that this person will ride or die for you. Whether she’s mad at you, whether she’s with you or not, she still loves you, she still bigs you up in any circle. She doesn’t talk down about you to other people. That’s the main thing I need.

On His Experience at Fendi
After the MTV thing. I moved to Japan for three weeks…stayed in a hotel and worked on designs just to stay out of the way of paparazzi. Then I moved to Rome and I interned at Fendi for five months. At weekends I’d take time off and go to Stockholm and meet up with Jonny from ACNE or go and see Giuseppe Zanotti in Italy and work in factories with him.

Sooooo… What type of woman do you think will have the honer of bringing Kanye’s seed in the world???


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  • riiight

    meee hopefully. i love u yeezy! you can reupholser my kitty ANY day

  • phyre

    He is exactly right. INTEGRITY. One word sums it up.

    • G.M.

      good luck finding that in this country

  • i kc u u kc me

    Kanye African American Male singer/musicians will do what all the rich black me do he will lighten up his/ our race. Baby Mama will be light light or truly white. Kanye I am not hating ok cause even if you choose Becky the rules apply in Amercia “everything that ain’t white in America is Black”. Dont teach your kids that other mess cause it like Bill Cosby said let some mess break out and everyone of them OTHERS will check African Amercian. WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE CIVIL RIGHT MARCH actual PICTURES YOU DONT SEE ANY OF THOSE OTHER MINORITIES lol especially not their men. We ain’t mad but they are the first to call black folks loud! Yep quietly hiding while the marching black folks to their civil beating. Kanye its ok you can help lighten up our race.

  • UPPERechelon.

    @ I Kc u u Kc me…nig*a are you still high from last night or did you wakeup early? Wtf did you just say?




  • candice

    The way u have explained Ye, I say u are gonna get there before 38. Only a mature person knows exactly what they want in a partner!

  • juliemango

    Good luck ye in finding the last trait – a woman who would not talk bad about u that is the real challenge!!!

  • greedyty

    i want you all to notice this one eye thing he hasgoing on now as you can see he is doing the same thing with his poses one sided or one eye all of the suspect illuminati memebers do it rihanna,jay-z,beyonce,kanye they not even trying to hide anymore!

    • http://www.rachyworld.blogspot.com Rachy

      every cover of I.D they cover one eye!! look at all the old covers!! it’s their thing!!

      I was waiting for someone to mention illuminati!!

  • realdwn2erth

    @ Rachy: You shol is dumb…

    • http://www.rachyworld.blogspot.com Rachy

      if you don’t know the history of the magazine..don’t comment

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