Are You Feeling Little Willow’s Candy Cane Swag??

- By Bossip Staff

Two things we know: we LOVE us some Little Willow; and her fashion sense is definitely unique.

But was this a little much (or not enough) for The Holiday Tree Lighting at L.A. Live and Opening of L.A. Kings Holiday Ice held at L.A. LIVE?

Sidenote: when do we get a new song? Our necks are tired from all that hair whipping already.

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  • Hannibal


    • ElectricRelax

      Umm shes 9 are you really going to blame a child?
      This is what the world has come to where these 3 post are actually blaming a child for something they probably have no control over.

  • Whatev

    I was wondering the same thing looking at the picture. Did she sing that one hellish song repeatedly, or does she have another?

  • Louisiana Belle

    She looks good & is covered from head to toe

  • pineapple

    I don’t know…the Smiths are already so overbearing.

    Continuing on in this trajectory, Willow may be quite a disgusting woman by the time she’s 21.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Not enough. They could have done more with her hair and wardrobe. I too am wondering if she is in the studio putting a full length CD together.

  • bouyant

    OMG!! @joyce relax, she is 9, u hate a 9 year old child uve never met..dumbarse!!!

  • CooCooKitty

    LOL!!! Hannibal is hilarious,”she needs to take lessons from Justin Bieber”
    I like Willow’s musical style her fashion style hmmm, some days not so much. My soon to be 2yr. old loves to “whip my hair back and forth” she looks so cute/funny doing it.

  • cotton124

    SHE went threw with it. That counts for a lot. Never give up Lil Willow.

  • Anna

    All you haters are mad this lil girl made more money off this one song than you have your WHOLE LIFE!Dont’ hate Willow does have a full studio album coming out and her new single is due to come out this month.She did AMAZING LAST NIGHT AND CAN SING AMAZING and she is better than people twice her age!Go head Willow!

  • Lea23

    I like whipping my hair somtimes not all. She put me in the mind of a lil nicki minaj crazy with it and fashionable.. CUTE but want somthing new and better from her i can see she got it and her to make in life..

  • Morgan

    I think she look cute for a 9 year old. Damn, people how do you want her to dress?


    Sick of this kid¡

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