*BOSSIP Exclusive* Mystery Donor Brings A. Keys And ‘Em “Back To Life”

- By Bossip Staff

Yesterday morning, right after Usher broke his promise not to tweet, this “Digital Death” charity stunt had barely raised a third of the million dollars it would take to bring stars like Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Serena Williams, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian back to life.

A source within the project tells BOSSIP exclusively that Keep A Child Alive received a single “mystery donation” of $500,000 towards the “Digital Death” campaign, bringing everyone back to a social network near you.

We call shenanigans: this morning, they were at a grand total of $420,000. And this afternoon, Alicia Keys’ Keep A Child Alive partner Leigh Blake was “crying for Africans” on Twitter and blaming “all the sh*tty people who don’t care” for their fundraising fail.

But now, all of a sudden, you’ve raised $125 more than the million you needed???

We’re glad they finally did the sensible thing and put the money in the pot themselves.

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  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    That “mystery” donor was probably one of those digitally dead celebs….Good probability Ryan Seacrest is behind this..Anyways,good for them either way.

    • Oh_Please

      I was thinking the exact same thing! “Mystery donor” my azz

    • kalifa

      the campaign was $hit to begin with. $hitty idea, $hitty celebs, and nobody cared.

      pathetic attempt by alicia keys to redeem herself for being a hoe.

      i wonder if she would have laid in that coffin if she was still preggers. those aids toting africans would have had to kiss her fat preggers a$$

    • pineapple

      they should have just quietly donated the money as a team in the first place. the display was clearly superfluous and self-aggrandizing.

      “see? i’m saving kids in africa. what’s mashonda doing for the kids in africa?”

    • BamBam*

      It was STEWART RAHR…….google him!

    • ldl

      Kalifa, she didn’t have to try to redeem herself from being a hoe because she never was one. Just because some people didn’t understand the campaig doesn’t mean it was bad. She was trying to engage everyone to do something. Lots of people feel better when they give. If they can give that is. Also she said celebrities were getting too much attention and it was being taken away from what was really important. People suffering. This was an attempt to inform people and give them a chance to do something good for others and make it more important than celebrities and their drama. Much respect for Ms Keys. She is an inspiration.

  • mz.Drizzy

    bullsh*t a rich celeb donated lol

  • StarLite

    You know it was! LoL

  • http://bossip who

    Thats a damn shame she/they put their own money up just to tweet. Tweeting is not that fugin serious you paid hundreds of thousands just to tweet gtfoh. Soon as they came back to life, not AK because I don’t follow her anyway but the rest, soon as I saw them on my time line BLOCK, now you dead again !

    • kimbria

      lol exactly

  • G-La

    Well, call me sh*tty all you want…I need ppl to donate to my fund. “Keep a girl in school and pay her bills fund.”
    Celebs are lame anyway. I hope the children who really need this money, actually see the money.

  • Sha

    They probably got in Usher’s A$$ and made him pay up. You know Alicia was P.O.’d lol 😛

    • jordana216

      Hahaha! That’s exactly what i was thinking. Usher proabably got called out on breaking his vow and was forced to pay, or was guilt tripped into it…why couldn’t they just donate the dam.n money in the first place? All they did was waste time…

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    Hmmm… A mystery donor shows up in just the Nick of time to save this Twits who Tweet- I mean to exceede the total goal is SUCH A LIFESAVER! Sorry to be so snarky but really? Why couldn’t these stars come out and say they chipped in to make sure the goal was reached? In fact, I’d have more respect for them if someone came clean. But what they should have did in the first place was pledge to match DONATIONS UP TO A MILLION DOLLARS so that supporters knew that these stars are really about walkin the walk. And the donations should have started at $5 instead of $10. More people would have been able to give that small amount. Either way, this drama is over and let’s hope that this money really does go to those who need it the most.

  • SweetChocl8

    I thought maybe Oprah? But I’m sure it was someone we all know!! They didn’t want to feel like failures so they brought their selves back to life!

  • Lisa

    Wow you people are truly sad and desperate your lives must really be miserable to just make up whatever stories make you feel good about yourselves. Good luck with that mentallity, that is exactly why your lives will remain miserable, because you are too busy wishing for the failure of others. Alicia and hers will continue to be blessed because she is coming from the heart with helping those that are in need. I feel sorry for you all.

    • anita

      Finally, someone said it right. Makes no difference who put the money up or the reason why. The main goal was to help with the epidemic in Africa. I’m glad they reached their goal and hopefully many will get the aid they need. People can say what they want about Alicia but I think she truly cares about helping others and personally I don’t believe anything until it’s proven. She is a good person and doesn’t deserve all this hate. Let it be on your shoulders the things you’ve thought and said.

  • suthnpeach

    LMAO @ this story! U know they couldn’t go too long with tweeting or updating their fb page. One of them where like f*ck this sh*t! Say gon and front them the rest of that!

  • Truth

    How dare he go online and cuss ppl out for not donating idk what world they live in but the USA I live in is poor. There was no way in there world that there followers was gonna reach a million dollars people are broke okay for the 1000th time. Nobodys gona donate if they can’t afford to live. Period! You can call that selfish or miserable all you want but it’s reality & life. Because that person didn’t donate doesn’t mean there miserable so stfu with that crap. Who knows where this money is going with all the celebritys who playing mind games to there fans. Doesn’t because she has money doesn’t me she more bless then the next person who works a 9-5 so stfu.

    • anita

      No one shold feel guilty if they can’t give. But if you can and you just keep making excuses not to, then you are the problem. Not the people who can’t. Truth, not saying you can. Peace

  • Allie

    “Please continue to BUY LIFE-the one thing that none of us can alive without”

    Did anyone else besides me catch that little error? And you want people to donate to this cause and you can’t even spell a word correctly? pitiful

  • sportstalk23

    This whole premise was a dumb azz idea based totally on celeb narcissist, people had to donate to an actual good cause or they were gonna deprive the world of their useless social networking posts especially that lame azz twitter. That should be a clue to them that the reason why they stayed digitally dead until now was because maybe just maybe folks got sick of the forever and day facebook and twitter posts they give all day long. If they wanted to raise money in these tough economic times then why not have all their followers donate 1 dollar,and then they all could have matched it. I work but a lot of my paycheck is reserved for paying back damn student loans,so only way I can contribute is with not so much money but time. That’s were the celebs lost points was tying the realness of the cause with their egos and sticking themselves in coffins. As if then being dead on twitter equates to those dying from this disease. Sorry yall not posting isn’t a tragedy lol. I heard that the person who gave the money is a relative of the Forbes family

  • Lisa

    @Truth you are one stupid idiot. Honey the blessing is not about the money. You people are so clueless. Its to far over your head to get it. SMDH

  • Mock Rock Star

    Their lying…nobody donated any significant amount of money

  • Truth

    Bytch u stupid because nobody wanna donate to her damm charity u wanna get all crazy on a website. How can you come on here and say who is bless and who is not like you know everybody are you god are you the one handling all the blessing. I didn’t think so. So before cone on here talkin bout who bless are not. I think you need to live your damn life. Idiot!

  • kimbria

    ugh thank god i dont follow none of them

  • Truth

    And u the damm clueless one thinking somebody gonna donate to her charity ppl are tired of donating to these charities. Okay.. This is not the time. How about you donate all the damm money. And if I choose not to donate to this cause.that Does not make me miserable. I have better things to do with my money. And I can help ppl out far wayyy better than this. Okay so keep your comments to ur damm self. And who the flying f.ck r u Alicia Keys. Coming on here talkin dwn on ppl cuz we don’t like her idea smdh!

  • Lisa

    @truth you are one ignorant b@tch and you have proven my point. Nobody asked your broke a** to donate, they asked their FANS!!! Which ypi clearly are not, therefore it did not pertain to you, so you should just move your ignorant a** along. If you read and comprehend, you would have known that they were asking their FANS and the people that follow them on twitter and facebook, so since your hateful a** is not one of those people it had nothing to do with you. And yes you are a miserable hateful b*tch and you will stay miserable, because you have a closed mind. IDIOT and by the way I did donate to this cause and many others. I am on the fronline each and everyday. So go stick your head back in the sand

  • karen

    Kalifa clearly you have been living uner a rock if you somehow think she needs some type of redemption. Hon. Only the ignorant black folks and bottom feeeder blogs have had anything negative to say about Alicia. Show me one reputable publication, tv news show or news network who have said anything negative about Alicia even tmz won’t touch it only you self hating idiots that get your kicks off of maligning others are still talking this trash, crawl back in your hole.

  • Truth

    1st of I’m not broke get that straight! And I’m not close minded! Only closed minded idiot is you for judging ppl on a website you don’t. Only point I prove of yours is none u know why cuz ur crazy azz dnt make no damn sense. Like I said before people have better things to do with there money. Like give it to sumbody who obiviously need it more nobody knows where that money is going too. And ain’t nobody no fan becuz they follow u. 90% of those ppl who follow her are trying to be noisey. And you know what you are right I am gon prove your point she ask her fans to donate. And that’s why they didn’t reach a million dollars! Idiot Bitter Hateful Byotch!

  • Whatev

    I’m just pissed they came back so quickly. I think we all deserved a break from all of them… a REAL break.

  • ViSION

    The execs at Twitter prob ponied this up…Get them back online asap!

  • Tim

    I am all for giving donation to “Keep A Child Alive” because the children in africa really need it. But I believe charity start at home then spread abroad. And with so many people losing their Job and home right here in our own country. We have so many hunger & homeless children right here in America. That really need our help. I believe we can better serve other country when we get our country together first!

    • ldl

      That’s true, but there are a lot of charities here that do help people. African people seem like no one really cares. And the epidemic is out of control.

  • FoolMeOnce2010

    Like one of the commenters said it was purely narcissistic reasons that this whole fundraiser was even put on. I am not a fan, so no I could care less if you are digitally dead. If I want to donate money, I will donate it to the people that I know eho are also struggling. I don’t have to send my money outside of the U.S. to contribute. Also, the reason they this magical donor gave the rest of the money if you read the backstory is because the longer that these celebs were “Digitally Dead” the more money they actually lost via endorsements and ads that they run via Twitter and Facebook. Kim kardashian can’t tell you to go to the website of her new diet pill if she’s not online. Or any of the many ads they are paid to mention daily to their followers. So THAT is why they were brought back for all of you who think they are so angelic and giving. They only want your money, if you think otherwise you are delusional.

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