WikiLeaks Founder Had Nasty Little Secrets Of His Own, Popped In Europe For Sex Crimes

- By Bossip Staff

It should be a no-brainer that fuggin with the governments of the world’s super-powers comes with serious consequences and repercussions. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is finding that out the hard way.

He pushed the boundaries a little too far, and now he’s got all kinds of skeletons tumbling out of the closet. Not to mention his legal issues.

Julian Assange was arrested today by British police in connection with a Swedish sex crimes investigation — one of many legal, financial and security challenges faced by the WikiLeaks founder.

Scotland Yard said the 39-year-old Australian voluntarily turned up at a London police station at 9:30 a.m. and was arrested on a European Arrest Warrant. Assange is expected to appear at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court — located in the heart of the capital — later today, where he will likely have to post bail of between $160,000 and $320,000. He will also need up to six people to act as guarantors or risk being held, The Guardian newspaper reports. A full hearing of his extradition case would then be held within 28 days.

Assange’s legal woes relate to sex-crime allegations filed against him by two women he met in Sweden this August. The WikiLeaks founder has admitted having consensual sex with the women, and according to a recent AOL New story, the charges relate to disagreements over condom use. According to The Guardian, Assange believes that “personal issues” motivated the original allegations against him and that Sweden had subsequently behaved as a “cipher” for the U.S.

Over condom use? Okay, but the head of WikiLeaks should have no problem making bail, right?

The freedom of information campaigner may face a struggle to raise bail because his sources of funding have been choked off in recent weeks. Swiss authorities on Monday froze his bank account — reported to contain about $41,000 — after claiming that he had provided false personal information. MasterCard is also blocking transfers to WikiLeaks, according to the CNet News website, saying the organization was involved in “illegal activity.” And online credit firm PayPal has also refused to pass donations on to WikiLeaks.

Wow. You can’t tell us these governments aren’t like the Mafia.


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  • It's Me

    haha, now who is laughing buddy???

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    Thats what his ole creepy behind gets!!

  • JumpoFF

    B.S….The gov would do anything to protect it’s dirty lil secrets. They will dig hard and if they don’t find anything they will make stuff up cause they know tools will buy it. So they discredited him and tarnished his Character.

    • Power

      EXACTLY! …The truth is not allowed.

    • Curveball

      Where’s the “truth” in publishing a list a places important to national security? Or a bunch of documents that hurt relationships with other nations.

      And just why is the guy only telling the “truth” about the US?

      If he was really interested in the “truth” every nation would be a target.

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    oh he did that sh-t… he looks creepy nd plus he did credit card swindling and lying about other things… he has bones falling out.. he is not a Saint!

    • bobyut

      he’s not a saint, but a person trying to open your eyes to the hidden secrets and doings in front of your own face by your own country. but it seems you & many thinkn ignorance is bliss. sheep.

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      @bobyut,, STFU… wtf you talking about .. get the fu-k up out of my post.. nobody told you to answer me.. fu-k is your problem. fur face.. get lost .. you the ignorant one.. you and @gappinazzhole wide open!!

  • i kc u u kc me

    Condom use!! Is he positive! OMG HE DOES NOT NEED THE STRESS!

  • herudagod

    This whole wikileaks bs was created by the very own gov to control the internet.

    • realistathand

      u are on to something herudagod. its not fact though. maybe is was or maybe it wasnt. maybe he was used unknowingly by his lawyers, who are knowned to be linked to people in the govt. i tell u something though. they are gonna really try and clamp down on the use of the internet. people need to wake up and pay attention. they have laws that are in debate right now about censoring the internet people. cops are arresting people who use their camera phones catching they a$$’$ doing unlawful acts on citizens. over 20 percent of Americans are unemployed. the dollar is going down like a flat tire. body scanners in the airport and on the streets in major cities. just start paying attention to news and news thats not funded by big corporations and u will get an understanding of whats going on.

  • JayJay

    HAHAHAHAHA!! Serves him right. Get a real job next time!!!

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    It was Switzerland that refused to extradite Roman Polanski, not Sweden.

  • StopHatin!

    It’s a shame that our country has so many secrets. But slime like this putting it out in the public puts each and every one of us at risk of our lives. Updated news says that he won’t be permitted bail until December 14th. Why does he think he’s so special that he can forgo national security and publish things that our enemies will use against us? This dude thinks he’s above God in my opinion. And frankly, I think if he gets out somebody will kill him. He’s better off staying in jail if he wants to save his own life.

    • Txhustla15

      Anyone with knowledge on the region knows that its asinine to think the Taliban need information on their own country that we are occupying. Especially since they get all the intel from the same sources we use ( Pakistani ISI or Iranians)

  • Txhustla15

    Yup as others pointed out, anyone with a shred of knowledge or intellect knows these charges are pure BS. Especially they turned up the heat once he was going to expose information on the corrupt banking system here in the US, hopefully he makes alive to sweden or wherever they will likely take him for rendition.

  • Txhustla15

    Umm Switzerland is not Sweden, heh they are very different countries – I could see where one could get confused since they both start with a ‘S’

  • It is what it is......

    Trumped up bullshyt to keep his mouth shut, the folks behind this aren’t looking out for the men and women in the military on the front line or agents we have in other countries…..they are simply keeping the american public from knowing just how shady they really are..this is about the rich protecting their interests……

  • lt

    i was livid when i found out what this guy was doing. what goes around, comes around. i hope he rots in jail and they shut that website down. how dare he put everyones lives in danger by putting those documents out, with his dumb azz.

    • Txhustla15

      Yeah aside from the whole pointless war pointed out in the documents and rampant corruption that actually is what is really putting us and our troops in harms way. Try Thinking with the big boy hat sometime….

  • catherine

    R u guys dumb!, They are pinning it on him! Because he’s leaking out the things the gov’t wants to hide from us. They have blocked everything! His paypal,his site in the US. OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES!!!! SMH! The government can do anything!

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