And The Highest Paid Reality TV Star Of 2010 Is ___________

- By Bossip Staff has compiled it’s first ever list of the top earning famous-people-who-aren’t-really-famous-for-anything-except-being-famous. Can you guess who topped that list and how much they made?

No surprise, but Kim Kardashian, aka Attention Whore #1, tops this list. But we were surprised at how much this broad’s booty raked in this year.

It’s hard to avoid a Kim Kardashian sighting, and that’s great for her. She pulled in an estimated $6 million this year for shilling everything from cupcake mix to Skechers Shape-ups to Kotex. But much of the Kardashian commerce is a family business; with her sisters she co-owns a line of retail stores, a skincare line, and the K Dash for QVC line, as well as promotions for Quick Trim weight-loss supplements and her licensed line of Beach Bunny Swimwear. She can earn as much as $75,000 in appearance fees and has also snagged a few hundred thousand pretty pennies for her and her sisters’ recently released book Kardashian Konfidential, which sold 13,000 copies during its first week on sale, according to Nielsen BookScan. The show that launched half a dozen careers, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, finished its fifth season this year.

Rounding out the top ten: Lauren Conrad, $5 Million; Bethanny Frankel, $4 Million; Audrina Patridge, $3.5 Million; Kate Gosselin, $3.5 Million; The Situation, $3 Million; Khloe Kardashian, $2.5; Kourtney Kardashian, $2.5 Million; DJ Pauly D, $2 Million; Kendra Wilkinson, $2 Million.

Maybe we’re in the wrong line of work. SMH.


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    Forbes already did this list and had Snookie at #1 followed by the Situation.

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      Forbes list is diffrent criteria. Its based on money earned, search engine searches, and demand, etc. Sorry but kimmy is number one. But who cares right…

  • blacknbeautiful

    Who cares; Kim is making money don’t knock her hustle. I don’t inspire to do what she had to do to get there but like TI say “It ain’t tricking if you got it.” Get your money the best way you can if that means going to school and getting your degree to advance your career do it whatever your huslte maybe.

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    Its hilarious to me-Lauren Conrad makes almost as much, and doesn’t seem to have to sacrifice half her life and time that Kim K does.

    Kim needs to look into writing some books or something, because there is no way you can have a LIFE, and be acting up for ure tv show all at the same time.

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