Shot Jaguars Player Had His Leg Amputated

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Posted by Bossip Staff

People, this is a sad state of affairs:

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Richard Collier, shot while sitting in a car outside an apartment complex earlier this month, is paralyzed below the waist and his left leg was amputated, his doctor said Monday. Collier was on a ventilator for about three weeks and has no memory of the shooting, said Dr. Andy Kerwin, a surgeon for the University of Florida at Shands Jacksonville hospital. “His overall condition has improved greatly,” Kerwin said. “We expect him to be discharged soon.”

While it is a good thing that Richard didn’t die due to this act of violence, this young man and his family could definitely use our collective prayers to get over this ordeal. Although we do make light of pretty much everything on this site, this is a serious situation and we sincerely wish Mr. Collier and his family, the very best as they commence the most challenging journey of their lives. The team here at Bossip, and all of our readers are right behind you!!!


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  • no one atall

    many blessings to him and his family

  • I'm Just Me- BUFFALO BILLS (4-0)

    This is very sad. God Bless this man. Prayers to him and his family!

  • backyard


  • pm

    Why go back to the hood when you have made it out?

  • kahmmillion

    Damn son….this has to stop!

  • kahmmillion

    BTW – He’s dark skinned….NO DARK SKINNED JOKES TODAY?

  • 2cute4u♥♥♥

    God Bless You, and your family Richard.

  • Peenut

    This sum fu%^ up ish right here. Ol boy was set up for sure. I hope him and his fam can make it thru.The bright side is that he is still livin. RIP Sean Taylor RIP Darrent Williams

  • Nue2This

    Good morning IJM.. hey 2CUTE.. wow.. this is more than sad

  • OK

    A random act of violence not only cuts his legs but his family’s income at a time like these. We need a word.


    @NU: What it dew momma? I see you peeped what I said huh? Girl…we need to start busting I swear….

  • Creole Baby On Top of the World Baby - On Top of the Weeerrrlllddd

    i bet cha it was a jamaican who shot him

  • kevwebb (Black T, Black Skully, and a Fo Fifth (.45), 26 hour days I'm working night shift


  • MissBlaze43

    Dare I say it: It might have been a set up. Why was he the only one blasted on when there was someone else in the car with him waiting on some girls from an “Apartment Complex”. Word to this wise: When you have money, let them chicks come to YOU, not the other way around.

    Does any one know whom these two “ladies” are? Were they even questioned as to why someone would want to shoot at this man if they were just there to pick them up?

    Sounds fishy to me. They need to get with them two young ladies and ask them some serious questions. They might not have caught anyone yet, but I bet you any amount of money that those two women know who did this.

  • 2cute4u♥♥♥

    Morning Nue, IJM, “Foxy Rossy”, KZZ!

  • Vee

    Good Morning Folks! Aw–this is sad. God Bless him…I don’t know what I’d do if something like this happened to me or someone close to me.

    @ MissBlaze43-I think the two females are suspect too. I could be wrong, but…something doesnt sound right.

  • shavon denise

    Gosh this is a sad story with a silver lining. This dude made it to the NFL, his life long dream and now that has been taken away with him with an act of violence. Yet, it could’ve very well ended like Sean Taylor incident. Its senseless and ignorant for people to think that taking/ruining someone else’s life makes them more of a man or women. Lets stop the violence and get well soon Collier.

  • DJ

    God bless him and his family in this very trying time. My prayers are with them.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    I hope that he is able to pick up and get on with his life even tho he won’t be able to play football any more.

  • MissBlaze43

    @ Vee

    Hell yeah, them broads is suspect.

  • WyzePro - "I let my tape rock till my tape pop "

    morning fam

  • I'm Just Me- BUFFALO BILLS (4-0)

    Morning 2 Cute





    Wow! I hadn’t even heard this story??? When did this happen? My prayers are with this man and his family…I’ve experienced that FIRST HAND so i know how his family is feeling…so sad. There are truly BAD, EVIL PPL in this world. So sad


    I hate how people just ASSume the worst! WTF? AT LEAST give him the benefit of doubt…innocent people get hurt too! DAMN!

  • Ms Hollywood

    Awwww, thats real sad – God Bless!

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