Random Ridiculousness: Sheboygan Woman Popped For Biting Off Elderly Husband’s Tongue In Good Night Kiss

- By Bossip Staff


A Wisconsin woman is accused of biting off her husband’s tongue as he was giving her a good night kiss. Sheboygan police say the man in his late 70s called authorities about 11 p.m. Monday, but was having trouble speaking. An ambulance was dispatched to the house.

Sgt. Terry Meyer says the husband and wife were singing Christmas carols when paramedics arrived. Meyer says the woman, in her late 50s, threw a coffee cup at them. The man was taken to a Sheboygan hospital and then transferred to Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital in the Milwaukee area where he was to have his tongue reattached.

Polices say the man didn’t want his wife arrested. But, she was taken into custody on possible charges of mayhem and domestic violence.

This b*tch sounds crazy!! Biting off tongues and throwing coffee cups??? He should’ve had her a$s locked up!!


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  • kerry

    He didn’t want her arrested?

  • Girl Bye!!!

    How do hell was he singing Christmas carols if he barely could talk to the operator?!

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      that’s my ? but they need to cut the old bat some slack, maybe her dentures slipped!!

  • Rose

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  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    she threw her coffee at them lolol. i’m gonna be a crazy old lady so i can get away with stuff at that age too…

  • tbird

    He best be glad it was his “peanus”

  • don't ask

    Sounds like dementia. Dang.

  • the nigguh church: bling, bluster, and bulked up bull$hit preachers

    be thankful the b!tch wasn’t giving the old b@stard some head !!!

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