SMH: Tameka Foster Gets Turned Away Backstage At Usher’s OMG Concert In The A

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, Tameka get some pride why don’t you:

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond just can’t let it go…Tameka got turned away from the VIP at Usher’s concert in Atlanta the other night.

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  • Entoon

    This bish is gonna wound up locked up! she acts like she ows Usher cuz she got two kids! don’t she get it? HE DON’T WANT YOU NO MORE! Kep it movin and let it go!

    • Rose

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    • cellie

      Good,this is what happen when you mess over Chilli, Karma is a _itch.

  • Jo-Jo


  • Mrs. Rance

    Poor thang. They did the right thing. Her being there would ruin his evening if he was planning auditioning ladies for his night cap. She wouldn’t have enjoyed seeing that either.

  • Xclusive

    This is one Krazy B*itch…Run Usher Run….LmFao

  • jayluv

    That’s just taking it too far. I know meka and usher are friends for their son, but why would she think that she is allowed in the VIP section?

  • purple love

    omg she is so stupid why did she even come? she just like to be seen and drama

  • Luvn_Life...

    Shes sooo Pathetic,ToMeKa needs a psychiatrist and Psychologist and a PaDDED Room

  • http://bossip sara

    Tamika keep it together you are in a much better place, your image is beginning to turn around, you are being recoginized for your acomplishments so focus hun. Yeah I follow her on twitter and she seems like an ok person if she keeps it together !Leave Usher alone !

  • Tanner

    I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!! Both Tameka n Usher are Good Friends of Mine! THIS IS A LIE! I myself was in attendance and Tameka was NEVER LEFT OUT!! She is his Kids Mom for gods sake.
    Seriously, Do you think he would DOG out his Kids Mom like that. Tameka and Usher have a GREAT Relationship which consist of Co Parenting!!
    Your Sources ARE WRONG!



    • RMEs

      surrre they are tanner. talk about delusional…

  • HaterAllDay

    When the OMG was in the Bay Area, I heard she was also in attendance at the concert… seems like she is stalking him. First she shows up to give him a surprise cake for his bday and now she’s followin him at concerts, smh get a life Man-Meka

  • Jenene

    Tameka should clutch at some pride and if pride ain’t the issues, clutch some meds.
    Just because you were married, that doesn’t mean you get to pop up anywhere. The “ex” means you require an invitation. If Tameka doesn’t understand that, she needs help.

  • tommykimon

    She wants him back, I can’t blame her.

  • !!!!!


  • GTFOH with the dumb ((the one & only))

    She is not his wife or girlfriend he doesn’t have to include her in anything that doesn’t pertain to those two kids.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    She played herself! smh

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Its obvious she is fighting for something that has been diminshed, maybe not on her terms but terminated none the less. If she wants to speak with Usher why not just call? Im sure he would answer in case something is wrong with his sons. There is not need to stalk him. And like another poster stated Usher probably was going to party it up with other women,we all know she is a jealous woman. Why would she want to see that? We all know Usher is going to do him no matter who is looking…..If this is indeed true.

  • angie

    We don’t even know if this is true and Ushers boys aren’t the only children she has. This woman gets no respect, considering, she was his wife. I hope she isn’t belittling herself.

  • StarLite


  • Jasmine

    WOW maybe she wanted to wish him a good show?

  • Tanner

    YALL ARE SOME Thirsty DOGS on Here!! You Would BE SURPRISED BY THE type of Guy Usher REALLY IS!!!

    • NQ

      I believe you…he gives me the committment phobe vibe BIGGG TIME. Trust me, I live it so I can spot one from a mile off.

    • RMEs

      no we wouldn’t. he looks like a dirty dog. that dont’ mean his music isn’t kool thoe.

  • pineapple

    For shame.

  • Tanner

    AND FOR THE RECORD THE pic is of the security PROTECTING HER & the kids/THE Nanny. Not kick THEM out.. YALL DUMB!

  • Kayleezy

    @ i kc u u kc me why u want everybody to pee on themselves? lol

  • Shazaam



    maneka get a life. grace was in the building, Maneka was being messy.

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