Cry Me A River: Lil Clifford Harris aka T.I. Is Still Penning Letters From The Pen

- By Bossip Staff

“The Kang” just released a letter today via his website (probably as publicity for his album which is in stores today) Below are a few excerpts, and of course some “Henny without any Coke” commentary.

So here it is…NO MERCY, the most honest and intimate installment of my life story as promised. Hope y’all enjoy it and it lives up to the very high standards I’ve set for myself or anyone who’s to be considered one of the best.

Hopefully whatever is on this album sounds WAY better than all the songs you’ve released thus far….

And remember….It does’nt matter how long it’ll be before the next time you see me. What matters is that I’ll be a better man before that time comes. The longer I sit, the smarter I get.

Well then perhaps the judge should extend your sentence because you’ve been nothing but stupid since your last little “vacation”

How do you tell God Almighty that all you wanna do is LIVE LIFE ???

Ayyyye, ayyyye, aaaaayyeeee…sorry couldn’t help it.

What if all you wanna do is be a father to your kids, a husband to your wife, and son to your mother while providing insightful motivation through music and lending a helping hand when posible to those who need it most.

The best way to do that good sir, is to stay yo a$$ out of muthafuggin prison!

Who knows maybe you can look foward to hearing the dialogue between us set to music on the next album…which I’ll be announcing the official title to sooner than later. But until then, thanks again for all your understanding, love and support. Y’all take it light and be eazy.

Yeah, we bet those white folks over at Atlantic got you under pressure to deliever after all the sh*t you put them through over the past couple years.

At this point Mr. Harris, you just need to walk the straight-and-narrow, because we’ve heard all of this “I’m gonna be a better person” rhetoric before, and now you’re writing us from prison…again. Any more talk of becoming better and asking for understanding and we’re going to think your becoming an attention whore.

“Why shoot the breeze about it, when you could be about it”-Nas

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  • E.C. from D.C.

    Silly rapper act like you got a whole lot of kids.

    • miamac

      Can’t hate on you for telling the truth.

      Does he need to be SAVED? I know you’ve visited an over-the-top church where the footstomping sideshow of the gays sometimes outshine the sermon? Know what I’m talking about?? Then you’ll enjoy this free online preview.

    • E.C. from D.C.

      Both you spammers can eat a d*ck

  • sexema73

    Stay strong, Love ya T.I. people make mistakes, we all have! do what you gotta do, and get back to yo family and music

    • The Real Truth Teller

      Lets be real about this,What TI did was just plain stupid.Anyone can make a mistake,but this is dude’s 3rd time being in jail since he’s been famous.Come on he’s a damn fool sitting in prison when all he had to do was exercise some damn common sense.

      To me he comes off like he want pity and I can’t not pity someone that choose to be a fool.

  • purple love

    Speaking of convicts with 30 kids…why no pics of reginae’s bday party???

  • American Beauty Magazine

    So he’s in jail again? I really wish these rappers would have to serve time in general population. I guarantee they’d never go back. He has the blessing of working a dream job and he lands in jail again?! I have no remorse. Send him to Rikerz genpop and see if he ever goes back again.

  • Nola

    This dude just lame to me. He was better off just being quiet, and having some damn mystery behind him going back to jail. Instead, he can’t shut up, and get it over with. Honestly, I don’t care. I know his fans are disappointed with him. I’m not a fan, and I’m disappointed with this bs. Just shut up T.I., nobody cares.

  • mike

    The crazy part about this is, no one even realizes that he took the major wrap for his wife, had he not took that charge that would be tiny that’s behind bars and not him. No man wants the mother of his kids behind bars, come on let’s keep it 200.. Talking about rappers? Remember you a man first, father 2nd, entertainer 3rd. We don’t know what these people do in their private lies and it’s none of our business, worry about your own life instead of criticizing others.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Mike, shut the hell up. Tiny got charged and T.I. didn’t. He went back to prison for violating probation. He had two dirty urines before the final one, he got caught in the presence of a convicted felon and him and his wife both had X in their pockets. Keep sticking up for stupid if that’s your thing, but at least get your facts straight.

  • Chyna

    They are both stupid. If my husband just got out of prison do you think I pressure him to cop drugs and ride dirty hell no. Tiny defintely was not being the better half or a help mate to T.I. When he first got out prison he shoulda entered into a drug program instead of being on TV doing talk shows.

    • Mabel

      Dumb and dumber.

  • pineapple

    “Ayyyye, ayyyye, aaaaayyeeee…sorry couldn’t help it.”

    ^^ brilliant.

  • ciara

    ti has gone through so much in his life and he is still giong strong..i give it up to him for everything that he has over came..

  • whahappn2ya?

    CAN’T LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES YOU ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT!!!! As for his wife TINY aka Petunia Pig, she needed to keep him out of the limelight for awhile. You mean to tell me after his time in jail they STILL need X pills to get it up? Maybe it’s the herpes drugs they’re poppin’ that’s decreasing their sexual performance?

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