Princess Boy Swag

- By Bossip Staff

Here is your girl boy FeFe Derek J at the 2010 CRG Ball in Atlanta along with some other ATLiens.

Are you feelin his Pretty Boy Swag????

Peep more pics below:

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  • joyrptr

    LMAO! He’s a bad lace front and some cheap red lipstick away from looking like somebody’s Aunt Ester Mae Jenkins….

    • Ego Trippin


  • such and such

    Is that a broach or is that part of the sweater?

    • shut the fu*ck up bit*ches!!

      its a broach and its silver and don’t match the brown shoes and that aunt jemima head scarf I mean I don’t know if I want to throw a broom at him to clean or hit him with the broom to tell him get the fu*ck out

    • AnaLisa

      Both! Lol!!!

    • gON dU it Den


    • suchandsuch

      Well at least he coordinates well.

  • Phacorah


  • SexyD


  • WHY

    The belly handbag and the shoes are clearly distracting

  • SexyD

    I just don’t understand…Wow

  • Simply Jane

    I wish I cud look as good as Toni Braxton and where fancy clothes and hair and go to all these events and live a lavish lifestyle. And file bankruptcy at the same time. Smh. Atlanta loves there gays I see gays in Atlanta party 24/7 LOL! “Uhhhhhh Huh Gurl”! LoL!

  • American Beauty Magazine

    A message to this guy’s father, “Uhhh yeah, You F*Cked Up!”

    • CAN AM


  • Keysha Likes It HOT

    I just cant get into him… COMPLETE THE TRANFORMATION PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • AnaLisa

    Alright now! Two snaps!!

  • confidently_ugly

    this is too easy of a target…i love and hate this site. love it because of the comments and hate it for putting up negative stuff consistently- like this so we can rush in and start with the name calling

  • dutch3k5

    dis knee-gro look like clinton portis in drag

    • chrissy

      why u had to go their with clinton huh…imma hoggett 4 life….but clinton do look like he got suga in his tank…

  • chrissy

    bahahahaaha princess boy swag….

  • shut the fu*ck up bit*ches!!

    first he has on white pants and then a cream colored sweather and top that off with a beige condom I mean scarf
    this it does not know how to match colors….they all wrong
    you never wear white with cream
    as he tries to throw some haymakers at me

  • Willie Lump Lump

    Man + Man = Nothing

    Woman + Woman = Nothing

    Man + Woman = Child

    • TBABY


  • Sha

    Esther Rolle is that you? 😛

    • Ebony


    • Sina

      LMAO at that one Sha!

  • Layla-Leigh

    And his old looking arse aint even 30. I wish all homos leave and disappear go to your own dayum land.


    glok, you need to come get yo uncle.

  • Lawd da Mercy

    If you gonna do it,
    try some Dwight Eubanks suit swag out for size
    Just don’t do the plastic surgery like him looking like a ventriloquist dummy.

    This is a unsuccessful, very unsuccessful

  • Honut Sinti

    Hiya FeFe! Ain’t seen ya for a minute! Congratulations on getting your Ph.D.! 😉

    • joyrptr

      What was he studying, hard d*cks?

  • chocolat

    this is exactly why i’m still single smh


    I will never step foot in Atlanta. BLACK MEN WE HAVE HAVE TO DO BETTER!!!

  • CAN AM

    Don’t give up! Not ALL men, but too many will indeed follow this ugly troll in pumps.

  • sandra


    • Questionmark

      I moved from Atlanta in 1990. Twenty years later this is the she it that’s making news. This is so sad on so many levels.

  • the nigguh church: bling, bluster, and bulked up bull$hit preachers

    the atl: home of the UGLIEST f@ggots on terra firma.

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