Mariah Carey’s Stunt Double Spreads A Little Christmas…. Huh?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

The androgynous, hair flowing B. Scott certainly has been busy this year. He’s gone from blogging to radio host to the Tyra Banks Show to being Mariah Carey’s new best friend. At the top of the year, B. Scott made an appearance in Mariah Carey’s “Up Out My Face” video ft. Nicki Minaj and it seems like these two have been inseparable since. This Christmas, Mariah and B. Scott put together this video… With Mariah’s voice and B. Scott mannish body and big hands… “When Christmas Comes”

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Dorothy… we are no longer in Kansas!!! Exactly who is the MAN in Mariah Carey’s life… B. Scott or Nick Cannon?!?? Wonder if Nicki cuffs his balls when B. Scott is around???

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  • nywoman23

    b scott is alright. too bad these men wish they were all women like matter how much makeup you wear, or how long you grow your hair. you are and will always be a man. you are what you born. i loveeeeeeeeeee being a woman.

    • miamac

      I’m not going to argue your point, although these days plastic surgeons are getting p-a-i-d. But you’re right in that a man still can’t be a woman until he can produce eggs and birth a baby. Just saying.

      Yes, I’ve already been SAVED! If you’ve ever visited an over-the-top church where the footstomping sideshow of the gays sometimes outshine the sermon, then you’ll enjoy this FREE online preview of SAVED. Laugh, cry and shout!!

    • Jaxx

      B is gorgeous, hate if you need to. He’s gay and he’s fly, but that does not necessarily mean that he wants to be a woman. And even if he did, he looks a lot better than a lot of people who are actually women.
      And I’m sure he knows that he wouldn’t be getting as much attention as he’s getting if he actually was a woman, so I can only pat him on his back for creating an image and being damn good at it.

  • Sweet Cherry!!!!

    Lol wow…… het can’t knock him for trying, he actually looks better than some of these females that try…

  • yeahrightyall

    Keri Washington is looking a little manly in this vid *shrugs*

  • str8 love muffin

    B. Scott is not tryin to be a women he Jus looks that good…women hate so much ns its funny cuz it shows insecurity . love muffin 4 life


    all theses jaded haters !!

  • nywoman23

    everyone that uses the term hater shoot urself quick. hes not trying to be a woman? yet he wears makeup? wears women clothing? hmm. if that hater comment is towards me, all i can say is how can i be a hater when he is the one trying to be what i already am. ah hah. yes a woman. i may not be a lady but i am all woman. so take that take that take that. and yes he does resemble kerry washington a little. and for those who said he looks better than most women. hes not even good looking. no matter what gender he is posing as.

    • nywoman23

      oh yeah . and i want ya to come for. i dare you to come for me.

    • LYRICS


  • Andrea

    Umm….this person looks just like Rosario Dawson, no? Oh and is that Eric Benet????

  • hot_1

    No he ain’t in the bathtub with his hair pinned up. omg LOL!

  • marquis2sade

    i luv me some B. Scott but dayum ol’ boy is gettin OLD ‘n it startin to show ‘n NOT in a good way tho…his face looks HARSH ‘n SCARY(whitch scary)

  • Bossip is run by homos

    Take notes all you nappy headed hefts! His doo is on point!

  • FU2

    B is starting to age… look at them cracks and wrinkles…. damn… can we say BOTOX!


    He looks better in person, looks a lil aged or like a drug user in the face. Never the less he is kissing a guy i always see out on auditions and i had no idea he was possibly gay. I would only be able to kiss b scott for the right amount of money…..WIERD.

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    That thang dont look nuttin like Mariah Carey

  • Deedee_404

    This is a lil farfetched now with these men who dress as women. B. Scott is an entertaining blogger, but is it really necessary to dress in women’s attire. We get that he is gay. You can be fabulous and still dress as the man you were born.

  • tmf


  • Beautiful Mic

    it’s sad that we live in a society that puts so much emphasis on looks.

  • Beautiful Mic

    he looks like he has a disease in his eyes.

    • Fab.


    • mediamyselfandi

      Lmao. You said what I was thinking.

  • Melissa Lee

    The male companion looks like Eric Benet?

  • Andrea

    It’s the down low brothers we need to worry about. Not the openly gay female impersonators!

  • SIGH

    I tell u when Jesus comes….

  • killemBscott

    Become some leaders…yall lames allowed nywoman23..change you opinion of B.Scott…Keep it real hes doing his thing and nywoman23 continue to do your ish..Im jst saying some things are natuarl be it poise, looks, hair..etc…

    • Fab.

      So EVERYONE on this blog had a completely positive opinion of him until they read one funky post. That’s what you tellin me. Fugg outta here. You just mad cuz everyone doesn’t share YOUR positive opinion of this fool.

      I don’t hate him/think he’s a bad person but I think this is weird and unnecessary. And I don’t give two shats what you or anybody has to say about it THANKS

  • Higher Than Jordan

    Why are we arguing about how a Shim looks ? It’s not a woman so for me he looks effed up…any man who disagrees has officialy come out of the closet…We have to stop promoting this shizz…men are men and women are women…

  • Lisa

    A black mans dream, a chick with a d*ck.

  • mediamyselfandi

    Come check me out on my youtube channel. Who is my celebrity kin?

  • Insatiable

    B. Scott does his thing. You really shouldnt judge a book by its cover. He’s very spiritual, very inspirational and is human. He will be first to tell you how he is a man. I think people use “tryin to be” or “acting like” too much. Just cause I speak educated and use big words you’d say I was “acting”or trying to be white”. When its not the case, just flexing my mental muscles and being professional. He may wear make up (ur fav actor does too), and wear things that you would normally see on a woman, doesn’t mean he’s trying to be one. Hell who wants to have cycles and all these friggin moods…I’m a woman and I don’t wanna be one half the damn time! Don’t disrespect & judge cause you wouldn’t want it done to you. Rock & love on B Scott….stay fierce!!

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