Ain’t No Sunshine Where This Former Band Member Is Going

- By Bossip Staff

Monday, former KC and the Sunshine Band bassist and producer Richard Finch was sentenced to 7 YEARS in prison for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. What. The. Fawk!? Maybe there is a down-low gay illuminati in the music industry that has all these grown men loooking for little boys.

His voice breaking, the 56-year-old Finch apologized to a judge and the teens, saying he had little memory of the activities because he was impaired by alcohol.

Alcohol? Word son? We ain’t never drank no Patron that made us wanna touch little boys patna’!

The multiple Grammy Award winner was arrested in March after police said a boy reported that he’d had sexual contact with Finch at the man’s home in Newark in central Ohio. They said Finch later admitted he’d had sexual contact with boys ranging in age from 13 to 17.

Finch told the judge he takes “responsibility 100 percent” for his conduct and that it was less than his character…

The Newark Advocate reports court records say Finch paid a 15-year-old boy $100 for sexual acts in a closet of his home where guitars are stored.

Why in a closet though?? Aren’t you in your house?? We’re very confused, but the one thing we’re sure about is that this cat is a sick fugga (no puns, we swear).

Finch formerly played bass for KC and the Sunshine Band, best known for 1970s disco and funk hits including “Shake Your Booty,” ”Get Down Tonight” and “That’s the Way (I Like It).”

They were SO wrong for that…LMAO!


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  • Nymph

    can’t believe he only got seven years
    It’s ironic that now when he’s face down oiled up and buttneckid with his teeth firmly placed into his bunk pillow.big larry will be the one saying that’s the way uh huh uh huh I like it

  • miamac

    56 years old and now you go to jail! Man, that is messed up! Seriously. Dude somebody should have school you that no girl or woman is worth retiring to a jail cell.

    Yes, I’ve already been SAVED! If you’ve ever visited an over-the-top church where the footstomping sideshow of the gays sometimes outshine the sermon, then you’ll enjoy this FREE online preview of SAVED. Laugh, cry and shout!!

  • wow

    yt tends to do this A LOT!

  • kerry

    Damn right.


    guess what they gonna tell him to do in the pen…
    wait for it…
    *tee-hee-hee* šŸ™‚

    • Sha

      LMAO…. i like you.

  • lala

    Gonna have to agree with marquis on this. If ur tht old u know a man sticking anything in u is wrong. So y would let him do tht to u. So u were either gay to begin with or u just wanted a few bux. Sorry.

  • lani3000

    ooh, they gonna get him in jail. thats a shame.

  • sigh

    Homosexuality and pedophilia are not synonymous. Please stop equating the two. Being attracted to children is considered a crime (and a disorder in the DSM)regardless of the gender preference. Being “down-low” is a COMPLETELY different subject.

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