Dirty Female Dog Diaries: Tony Parker Says Eva Longoria Is No Angel, Was Chopping Down Lance Armstrong???

- By Bossip Staff

We knew this would get even more interesting:

When it comes to cheaters, Eva Longoria’s estranged husband Tony Parker hinks it takes one to know one! The latest bombshell in the Desperate Housewives star’s nasty divorce battle has Tony Parker wondering if Eva carried on an affair with bicycling champ Lance Armstrong! The couple’s storybook marriage exploded recently when Eva, 35, found sexually explicit text messages that her 28-year-old hoops-playing hubby had exchanged with Erin Barry, the wife of his former San Antonio Spurs teammate Brent Barry.

Tony never slept with Erin, a close friend of his told The ENQUIRER. However, after being confronted by the texts, Tony admitted to Eva that he was “obsessed” with Erin. He also confessed that he’d had an affair with a different woman early in their marriage. But Tony has now turned the tables on Eva and believes that she may have cheated on him, too.

“They’re both trying to put on this public front that they still love and care for each other, but behind the scenes it’s a battle of cheating accusations, finger-pointing and blame.” As The ENQUIRER reported last week, Tony is linked to up to seven women, including Erin and a Pussycat Dolls dancer. Sources also revealed that he was jealous of his wife’s close platonic friendship with Mario Lopez.

But Eva had numerous other relationships that made Tony jealous. The “other men” in her life included 24 hunk Kiefer Sutherland, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx, say insiders. It was Eva’s close ties with fellow Texan and Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong that sent Tony’s suspicions into overdrive.

Although they had a prenuptial agreement, Eva is seeking alimony. She earns a whopping $400,000 per episode for Housewives and has multimillion-dollar endorsement deals, but Tony is even wealthier.

He recently signed a four-year, $50 million contract extension with the Spurs. A spokesman for Tony denies he as accused Eva of cheating, but the hoops star has told his friends that Evawas “no saint” during their marriage, and he’s not planning to roll over in the divorce.

Damn….say word??


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  • Ice Harvest

    FIRST!! 😉

  • Ice Harvest

    ….awwww man!

  • Kim

    That’s bull, he is reaching. Dirty dog!!

  • It's Me

    money attracts money… 400k an episode!!!! got damn!!! What are the chances of a person like me chopping down Eva??

  • Entoon

    OKAY so what the fluck is the problem then? why get married or get divorced if everyone are just swingin nymph hos anyway? why you mad Eva? what? he didn’t obey ur every command or something? i don’t get it!

    • G.M.

      exactly, once u become successful u are no longer marriage material…marriage isn’t meant for the rich its meant for the poor and stupid…and yeah, usually, a woman is p1ssed off when a man doesn’t bow at her feet and be her lil man b1tch and then they start tellin u what a real man is, which usually turns out sounding like a servant rather than a partner, sh1t like this is why dudes dont fucc wit career women, most chicks got b1tchy attitudes already, u throw millions in her pocket and her b1tch ego skyrockets, and what sane man wants to put up with that

    • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

      “cheating” really?… is this middle school? #letsbereal

  • LuVn_LiFe

    Hmmm, I dont beleive him

  • BobbyEarl

    Yeah, it’s always the quiet politically correct one that’s doing all kinds of foul ish! Women always playing the innocent card when relations go wrong! Truth told, today women are cheating at a very high level! You use to worry about them cheating with guys but they are cheating with women too! Yeah ladies, if you’re involved and sleeping with women, that’s cheating too, but I’m not accusing no one!

    • G.M.

      yup…women still thinkin they can do sh1t like cheat and there be no consequences in the long run…they never seem to realize that if a woman is a wife/girlfriend and she cheats with another man, that other man has justification and clarification why he’ll never get married or be in serious relationships and just hit & quit and more and more women will be the old cat lady with no man cuz we’ll trade up to a younger hotter model #uglytruth

  • Casanovette

    That must be the “Cheating Man” syndrome. When you get exposed for cheating you play victim like it was done to you first. Same with Shaq did the same ish with Shaunie.

    To me that just makes them look THAT much guilty!

  • S.DotTheKing

    So he was “jealous” cus she had MALE FRIENDS so he had to cheat??? Please tell me I’m reading this wrong.

    If I was banging/married to Eva Freaking Longoria I’ll be makin play dates for her and the so called guyfriends. As long as she bringing it home to me at night I can give a damn about who she playing patty cake wit!


  • Yourname


    Just Shut The Fck Up!

    • A Cizzle

      why u tell him to shut the ffff up. women DO cheat; mine cheated and dumped me. Women arent saints, just like guys. get over it; no need to curse.

  • Cairo


  • http://yahoo.com rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    I believe him and she looks like a freaky azz cheater! That rat face skank was a golddigger from the start.. with her desparate azz! never liked the stupid looking broad at all!

  • TRUFF IS...

    If he said Mario Lopez, I would have believed….but Lance….not sure about that

  • 2dimplzs

    I saw that this was doomed from the get go. She held it over his head that she was older than him and “more experienced” than him and publicly humiliated him regarding the age difference many times in the beginning of their marriage. You could tell right off the bat that she was had every intention and was already trying to wear the pants in the house and boss him around because she was older than him. You can’t do ish like that – I don’t care how much older you are than your mate! That is still a grown man or woman who deserves respect – and he is the head of that house! But she didn’t treat him as such, was probably a total NAG to him and that’s why he stepped out on her! I’m not condoning what he did but from considering how she is I can totally understand. And if they did tit-for-tat stuff with the cheating then they both need to get somewhere and sit down! And why is she asking for money when she makes her own? That’s a thirsty ho for you……smh…..

  • chrissy


  • juliemango

    The woman cant have male friends – i guess when u look like eva its hard!!!

  • i kc u u kc me

    So Eva how does lance’s boy eggs look? Is it true he only has one?

  • http://www.snookeredblog.com Kandid

    Just glad no kids are getting caught up in this childish shit. Both need to admit that there is too much temptation around them to sustain a marriage, and their work schedules are impossible. Just stay single until life slows down.

  • tinkerbella

    mwa in these kinda cases when a man cheats he thinks his girl cheats wasnt it ? in cheating cases when a male cheats he gets delusional. when a woman cheats she gives u the dead eye 🙂 its nice to know he atleast kinda admits his sexting ways.He just dont wanna go down under alone.

  • Angie

    Figured this much about her. Look at the longstanding role she plays. Desperate Housewife

  • really?

    “he’d had an affair early on in their marriage”…they’ve only been married three years. What he do, have an affair during the honeymoon? Now he’s trying to claim she’s having an affair with every man she knows to justify his actions…why??? Like Oprah said, “have a wedding if you’re still married after 5 years”…

  • miapocca

    it as an OPEN marriage!!

  • lizardlips


  • Bey-nonsense

    @ sha
    you forgot MArio Lopez
    *There’s no way you can be a female and be “platonic” w/ MArio Lopez

  • Questionmark

    Sounds like rich people like to change partners!

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