Forgiveness??? FORGIVENESS??? Dr. William Petit Jr. Tells Oprah ‘Hell Naw!!!’

- By Bossip Staff

Dr. William Petit Jr. has experienced things in his life that would make even the hardest of thugs shed a tear. In July 2007 Petit’s home was invaded, he was knocked unconscious, his daughters raped, his wife strangled, house burned, and ultimately his daughters died from smoke inhalation as they we tied to their beds. Thursday, Petit will appear on Oprah to discuss life after the terrifying ordeal.

Dr. Petit said, “You can forgive somebody who stole your car. You can forgive somebody who slapped you in the face. You can forgive somebody who insulted you. You can forgive somebody who caused an accident. I think forgiving the essence of evil is not appropriate.”

When speaking of the traumatic affects of the event Petit says:

For months afterward, he had trouble sleeping. “I was completely, completely fried,” he tells Winfrey. “I walked around in a daze. And just intrusive thoughts banging into your brain every second. Every minute. You know, replaying events over and over and over and over again in your mind.”

This is sick and deranged world we live in nowadays and although we can’t begin to imagine how Dr. Petit feels, even three years later, this is a story that makes one sad for his loss. Clearly Antoine Dodson had the right idea when he famously quipped “hide ya kids, hide ya wife” because these muhfuggas out here are crazy!


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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    I wouldnt forgive the people either id hope they got the death penalty

    • Lea23

      I AGREE.. I see where he is coming from but if you just forgive it will make it more easier than it is..GOD WANT’S US TO FORGIVE PEOPLE WHO DO US WRONG..

    • Psunny

      if we dont forgive those who wrong us then God wont forgive us for our sins and nobody is worth me losing Gods forgiveness.

    • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

      Im sure you can say that when u arent in that situation but if it ever happened to you im sure it wouldnt be so easy 2 say

    • Marsonis

      This dude needs to do like law abiding citizen and find a way to get at these guys in jail and torture them before they die…

    • fgffhg

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    • Jo-Jo

      So surprised people don’t understand the concept of forgiveness… People think that forgiving someone is about letting that person off the hook or saying what they did is ok. Well, it’s not. People also think that if they don’t forgive someone then somehow they’re sticking it to that person or punishing him/her. Not true. Forgiveness of someone else or yourself is just about freeing your own mind so that you can move on. To not forgive is to not accept that what’s done is done. By not forgiving, you are resisting what is. So many Christians learn about forgiveness but they don’t seem to understand what it means. If you want to understand it, I suggest you supplement your Christian teachings with some generic self-help books b/c no one should still misunderstand the concept of forgiveness in this day and age. Who are you punishing if you don’t forgive someone? You’re punishing yourself…

    • Jo-Jo

      Also, it seems that a lot of you think that to forgive someone is to say that that person doesn’t deserve to be punished for the crime. This is not true. One has nothing to do with the other. Punishment for a crime has to do with our legal system. Forgiveness for a crime has to do with your heart and mind.

    • Psunny

      @ I am legend, my dad was killed for no reason at all and the people who killed him (and 3 others) were never caught. There were a ton of witnesses that kept their mouths shut and the cops were shady about it and you know what I forgave them all and now Im living my life knowing that I will receive Gods forgiveness, my dad is in a better place, and that all those shady people will get theirs sooner or later.

    • FoolMeOnce2010

      Really? God told you to forgive ppl. OR did the white mans bible tell you that, so you wouldn’t retaliate on his .a.s.s.! Stop being sheep and look at the world around you, NOBODY is going to save you from the hateful .$.h.i.t that goes on in this world including an imaginary god. If there was a savior, would these ppl have died so brutally by these maniacs that clearly the almighty can stop if he wanted to. The Bible was invented to keep you in line.

  • Lyoness

    @ I am Legend – I know one of them did. This guy must have a strong family because I know so many people would have killed themselves by now. Those people were evil!

  • don't ask

    This poor man had to endure so much it’s amazing that he is still here. Whenever you think your life is bad just think about what he has endured. Hell no…forgiveness for this crime would be out of the question for me too. Hurry up with that lethal injection.


    May God give this man some peace while he is still here what happen was horrid and my heart breaks for him.


  • KG

    wayyy too damn soon to ask that question.
    those men were straight EVIL

  • 5150

    In a couple yrs it’ll come out that he had something 2 do w/this. Idgaf what any1 says, his story sounds fishy!

    • gianni

      I agree, this story has never sound right to me. How in the hell was he the only one that survived? I mean a normal person would have attempted to fight for he family’s lives to the fullest, not just his owns. If my child’s life was in danger I aint giving up for shit, we may just lose our lives together.

    • gianni



      I was just thinking the same thing. I hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out years from now that he had his family murked.

      Why would someone come to their upscale neighborhood and just do this for no reason. And if he was knocked out on the floor while all this was going on, why didn’t he die from the smoke as well?

    • p

      STFU will ya,

  • white male

    wow that is really sad

  • sportstalk23

    I’m under the firm belief that not everything is forgiveable and this crime qualifies as in the unforgivable pile

    • zeefi


  • WhyDoYouBlockMeWhenImTellinTruthBossip

    I don’t think I could live after all that he endured. God bless him. Phew!

  • Luvn_Life...

    We Must Forgive,However not everyone is cut from the same cloth.
    People can and will always judge until they can fill shoes of those that have been in such a tragic circumstance, it’s hard to call.
    I Hope and pray that this man can find Peace one day.

  • Luvn_Life...

    We Must Forgive,However not everyone is cut from the same cloth.
    People can and will always judge until they can fill shoes of those that have been in such a tragic circumstance, its hard to call.
    I Hope and pray that this man can find Peace one day.

  • Bee

    How can he forgive… Its outta question… Those 2 maniacs needs to be tortured and killed… One of my friends was in jury in this case and he needed counseling after hearing details and seeing images… Just awful… God bless this man and may God give him strength to live his life

  • another B.P moment....(Bi-otch please)!

    I have been following this story for a while. I cringe to think that these men are considerate human. I wish there was some type of vingilante person who whould torture them the same way, may they die a slow and painful death as they have inflicted on these innocent people.

  • zeefi

    Naw, I wouldn’t forgive no ‘ish like that. May he however be able to find some measure of peace. Yes, the animals that subjected his loved ones to this most heinous mess need to be put down like the dogs they are.

  • spoken

    Forgiveness is not an easy thing…especially in the face of evil such as this. My heart weeps for this man and his loss. Unfortunately forgiveness for these men who brutally took this man’s life (his wife and girls) will be a life long process. Forgiveness will be a life long up hill battle for him especially when milestones come about (like the graduations, golden anniversary, weddings and grandchildren that he will never see or have with the family he has lost). We are all placed here on earth for a reason. I believe it is to experience joys and pains…and how we deal with them. Everyone here is placed here for a purpose…and maybe his purpose on earth is to grasp the full meaning of forgiveness. He will share his experience and help someone to go through their hardship. Because believe me, if you can forgive the cowards who took you love and family from you…you can over come ANYTHING.

  • it's what makes a subaru a subaru

    Something in this story always seemed a little off…..Something is being left out. I empathize, but if you track the story from beginning to end (including the fire and the trip to the bank) it’s just too odd. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction…but “something in the milk ain’t clean.”

  • TT BOY


  • Donna

    Can you blame him?

  • nikki j

    I used to think he had something to do with it too, but if that was the case one of the killers would have turned on him already… But he was knocked unconscious. They probably thought he was already dead, but he did manage to escape and tried to get help. It’s easy to say what we would do in that situation when we haven’t been in that situation before.

  • Mary

    I didn’t read all the comments, so if anything I am about to say has already been said, consider this a cosign. Forgiveness is for you, not for the person who did u wrong. U may never forget what the person did, however, u should forgive. It makes no sense to walk around here mad at someone and when u see the person you are angry with, they are smiling and enjoying life. So don’t waste ur time or energy being angry, forgive and keep it pushing. Remember, God sees all and He is not pleased. We all have to stand before Him come judgement day.

  • daisy jay

    Forgiveness? Good lord. Everything is easier said than done. It’s a breeze to tell somebody what to do, but to apply it to your own life is a completely different story. I’m a scorpio and I hold grudges. My reason for living is my family. If I were in his shoes, I’d probably be finding ways to kill the f*ckers that took away my family. I’m against the death penatly, but for this? I would consider it at the drop of a hat. I have never heard a story like this in my life and I can’t begin to imagine what he’s feeling inside. I would be completely numb and lifeless forever. Forgiveness…crazy word. I can understand forgiving somebody for an insult or for…stealing from you as hard as that sounds. But brutally, viciously, and heinously stealing your family away from you? Sorry God, but forgiving them would be the last thing on my agenda. I feel bad for thinking this way, but that’s just how I feel when I put myself in this guy’s shoes. If he never forgives, I wouldn’t blame him. If he DOES, my respect for this man will just escalate greatly. My heart aches for him and his losses. Living with the memories everybody is something NOBODY should have to go through. Period.

    • daisy jay


  • The Beautiful One

    What is forgiveness? Does forgiving mean you have to allow that person to be apart of your life?

  • The Beautiful One

    What is forgiveness?

  • The Beautiful One

    As far as this story, I agree with the others, something seems terribly off about the story. A part of me does suspect the Doctor having something to do with what happened. I’m just surprised the perpetrators aren’t singing like birds yet.

  • JMHO

    I believe in forgiveness. My problem is with people telling you to do it and not being patient and understanding toward the process. It takes time to heal. I never tell someone “just” forgive– as if it’s so simple. I tell my friends that I totally respect their pain and would never tell them not to be angry or mad. It’s their right to be upset about a situation that happened to THEM, not ME. My goal is for my friends to feel less pain each day while gaining a little more optimism that forgiveness is a real possibility. It’s not instant, but it can be done. I’ve surprised myself and so can they. I wouldn’t punish someone, though, for felling angry. It’s their right. It’s just not good to stay angry.

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