For Discussion: Is The Baby Baller In Brooklyn Bad Business For Black Folks??

- By Bossip Staff

In a borough already known for its high racial tension over the years, a new excuse reason for black people to be pissed off.

CNN recently reported that artist Jamie Hef created a mural for the front of a local pawn shop. A baby (pictured above) was painted with a gold crown, surrounded by piles of money, jewels and a gaudy medallion around his neck. The owner also seemed to make an attempt dress up the business and changed the name of the shop from Community Pawn Brokers to Crow Hill Jewelry. But he might have missed the mark when he commissioned the artist to create a mural to greet people this way. Many blacks in the neighborhood were already disappointed by the presence of a pawn shop and have been working to gain landmark status for many of the buildings. They view the mural to be less of a work-of-art and more of an offense because it perpetuates stereotypes.

Is this mural something to be angry about? Do black people spend too much time being angry about meaningless issues?


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  • nymphis


    • kalifa

      people are too petty
      who gives a damn about some paint on the side of a wall.

  • nursedred

    Who cares the baby is white

  • i kc u u kc me

    Lowes has spray paint on sale aisle off! Home Depo has spray paint 50% off!

  • KG

    baby balla o the year~

  • daisy jay

    Uhhh…..that baby has blue eyes.

    Should they be offended? I guess, but the thing that is confusing is that the baby appears to be WHITE. If it’s not meant to be, then I guess being offended would make sense. We all know that people stereotype each other. To say that “oh well, that’s not me so i don’t care” isn’t necessarily the right thing to say in this situation. It’s a mural for everybody to see. I think it would be the best idea to repaint something else because that mural is gonna cause nothing but trouble. Forget opinions, sometimes you have to make decisions for the benefit of EVERYBODY. Leaving that mural up will definitely anger people and who knows what in the world they’ll do to express their fury. Just paint over it or something before all hell breaks loose

  • Hannibal


  • 5150

    White ppl smh

  • Ice Harvest

    Sad to say, but there are a lot of blacks who perpetuate this image and find nothing wrong with it UNTIL or UNLESS someone of another race says something about it. At that point, it then becomes an issue. Y, I don’t know? How many black people do you know who think that piercing a little boy’s ear(s) is just the coolest thing to do? Just asking.

  • DaStylist

    They should be offended if they think that’s a “stereotype”, IMO they should be looking at the literal depiction of the pawn shop owner’s white baby being enriched by the financially precarious lifestyle that plagues people in OUR community. I haven’t seen a pawn shop in YEARS, and I’d be extremely opposed to even living in the same general area as one.

  • bsly6

    @hannible, black business

  • bsly6

    I’m sorry,it’s hannibull.

    • Hannibal


  • ThickLikeCornbread

    That mural would ONLY be in the “hood.” Smtg like this wud never be in the suburbs.

    Great artwork tho

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Looks like one of Cash Money Records old album art!

  • MissPerfect.a.k.a allergic to coonery

    The people of Brookyln should be worried about far more serious things then a freakin mural with a white baby…

  • monica

    It is an eyesore!!!

  • StarLite

    Well….. I mean….its a PAWN SHOP.

    You’re probably not headed there if you don’t have money on your mind to begin with…. I don’t see what the big deal is… *shrug*

  • J.Reezy

    Looks like a 2010 version of the Ready To Die album cover. I think that community has way worse issues to worry about than that..

  • mixed bad chick

    Ummm maybe its the white side of me but I don’t get it? It’s not offensive to me. It’s just a picture plus the baby looks white. I don’t get it? Maybe sum1 can explain why this is offensive.

  • Bicyclecrazy

    Who remembers this ? “Ramo!”
    I don’t see what the problem is.

    @Thick Like Cornbread – I agree. I thought it was a Lil Wayne Album cover.

  • Casually Allure

    Who writes this crap? lmao… Since when has Brooklyn been ” a borough already known for its high racial tension”? I live here and it’s not that serious. Pawn shops are in every community! No one really cares. White people that live in Brooklyn are of the same wealth as the blacks. Yeah they live in the projects too!!! Black cops are hated just as much as the white. It’s not a racial thing.

  • Sha

    I co-sign with Starlite and J reezy

    He probably decided to make the baby white so it wouldn’t cause controversy.

    Damned if you do; damned if you don’t…not big on the concept but he does have skills though.

  • Huh?

    Isn’t that baby white with pink cheeks and blue eyes?

  • reality101

    If people are offended by this, then they need to be offended by a lot of stuff. Black people don’t care about perpetuating stereotypes in music, tv, and the internet. People accept the opinion too much that they can’t go to college, can’t get rich, or can’t be successful without being an athlete or entertainer.

  • Caramel Sweetz

    im personally not offended by it because that is clearly not a black baby.

  • Jay

    I am not sure why the people in Brooklyn are angry, I am black but I don’t see anything out of line other than the fact that it is a mural, white or black.

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