Oprah Finally Breaks Down: If I Was Gay, I Would Say It Loud And Proud, Stedman Lives With Me And Gayle Is…

- By Bossip Staff

The billionaire mogul that we all know as Oprah Winfrey has been invading the homes of America for 25 years. What better way to end it than an interview with the queen of interviews, Barbara Walters! Oprah opens up, gets personal and sheds a couple of tears (literally, two).

She has had it with all the lies and gay rumors insinuating Gayle King is ______ Oprah and that Stedman is more of a Step Stool than a companion…

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  • f*** bossip

    dark skin women rule.

    • H.B.I.C.

      yes we do.

    • Kamille Mosberg

      Have you ever read the :Willie Lynch letter ? Dark skin women don’t rule all black women rule.The first Gods on this planet.Much Love.

    • Mr Fantastic

      How about black women rule? Dont you think that sounds better then spiting up light and brown women up like the white man wants?

  • TheRN

    People get a life! Who cares who Oprah sleeps with???

    • Positive 32

      Thats it get a life. Why care what others think or say about you. Do you as long your happy and not hurting anyone!

  • Dood

    man all that eyeballing at the camera and crying man I think she lying….They spend too uch time together to not ave tried some gay shit

    • kalifa

      clearly you dont have any REAL friends. not everything in life is about jamming vaginas….

      life is not a chick flick where girls have pillow fights in their underwear and then make out.

  • Southernbelle

    I think oprah is gay

    • NickyLee

      I think ur stup*d…if she was gay with a male friend ud say shes straight secretly …shes never kept anything in her life private why would she hide that??!!….Its ppl like you that make tabloids sell.
      and the funny thing is your partner sleeping in your bed could be gay and ur dumb a** wouldnt know,and here u r talking bout a person u DONT EVEN KNOW….LMAO

  • minerva

    what gives people the right to make such comments/ just because one has celebrity staus doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings…….
    i betcha half of you, making gay comments are truly self loathing, closet gays…..
    as they say, it takes one to know one !

  • i kc u u kc me

    Oprah is a king maker! Oprah l wrote a book plz mention it on your show so I can become rich overnight. I

  • H.B.I.C.

    Oprah doesnt want her personal life put on blast. Leave her alone.

  • tre2011

    GAyle is her sister, she just never wanted to bring it up because the relation is hard to talk about.

  • tre2011

    Gayle is her half sister. Seriously. The way her parent went about making a sister is not easy for them to talk about. Research, you will see.

  • ImaPC

    I’m not a big Oprah fan, but honestly this just shows that a lot of the things people say about them really MUST bug celebrities. A lot of times the jokes and stuff must kill your spirit a little.

    And how do these 2 NOT know she & Steadman lived together? They’ve been together for like 20 years now..

  • if anything be noble

    Cosign, I Am Legend.

  • butta

    OPRAH IS REALLY GAY AND HAPPY WHEN SHE GOES TO THE BANK AND SEE THAT XLG BANK ACCOUNT SON! at her age what people say or thinks abt her doesnt effect her one bit!

    • butta

      Im sure that everyone has a really good friend that someone would look at and think ‘ok ull gay’…Everyone needs to have a good friend like this! OPRAH SHOULD HAVE WIPED HER TEARS WITH A COUPLE HUNDRED BILLS!!

  • kalifa

    oprah has had a lot of disappointment and hardness in her life. its only natural that she would find comfort in someone like gayle who is free spirited, happy and warm.

    i really believe that its just friendship between gayle and oprah.

    and i also think that oprah and steadman are secretly married. they just dont want people in their business

  • only this 1 time

    so true

  • ok

    I am soo glad Oprah wasn’t crying over the gay stuff. You know, it’s so freeing to not give a fuk what people think about you! I used to wonder why a lot of old people wear mixed-matched colors and patterns of clothing, and now I know that it’s because after a certain point in life you just don’t give a damn! It feels sooooooo good!

  • yvonne

    Y’all should leave this rich woman alone, she can sleep with whomever she wants.

  • High Society (The One You Love to Hate)

    Crying because she a FLAME in the CLOSET. Everybody on this inside already knows, phoney.

  • Whatev

    I don’t believe her. She was acting. Oprah is a pretty great actress!

  • A

    Get a life already…..the lady said that she is not gay and not even a little bit and I believe….you need to think about what is it in your life that makes you believe that she is lying. Especially when she is someone with impeccable character.

  • Whatev

    You only know what Oprah shows you. You do not know her.
    One does not become a billionaire with impeccable character. JMHO.

  • MissPerfect.a.k.a allergic to coonery

    Why do people care if shes gay or not …

  • MyReason

    This just goes to show how much society as a whole hates to see an independent rich woman doing her thing-they HAVE to find something wrong, they HAVE to find a reason to cast a negative light. They can’t send her jail like Martha Stewart. And when all else fails, she has to be gay. OMG!!! She doesn’t want a husband?! OMG she doesn’t want a bunch of kids!!?? Keep doing your thing Oprah..you don’t owe anybody an explanation. You’re the most powerful woman on earth..revel in it!!!

    • Positive 32

      And that is part of whats wrong with the people in the world. Always so quick to judge without knowing. Why is people so worried about her personnal life. The fact is this woman is successful in pretty much anything she does! why waste a tear on what others think or say. ONLY GOD!!

    • Entoon

      AGREED! she got to where she is by NOT living by someone else’s standards! Ppl are alwaays going to try and out something on someone else cuz they are projecting! Bahwah Walters is so gay cuz she asked the question! Probably want to know if she can get up with Oprah!

  • zooklady

    I think , None of your opinions Matter Much Anyway, She is happy and there are people that love her , keep Hating while she Generates more & more Money !!!!!

  • SetIToff

    Oprah is very VERY smart!!! with a billion dollars in pocket I wouldn’t marry him either. Keep his a** in tow. pop off checks when she feels like it.

    Dont have to deal with no alimony no prenup nothing. Learn from Halle Berry. Eric Benet tried to get her too on some payment ish but she schooled him.

    And btw, I have a few best friends that are like sisters to me. even sleep in same bed sometimes yet we dont even think about anything sexual just talking and honestly knowing someone is there for you as your sister. WOmen can be like that sometimes.

    obviously most of you guys just think about dilking each other all day 😀

    • Whatev

      Of course lots of female friends sleep in the same bed… But don’t speak for your friends. You don’t know what thoughts have crossed their mind. LOL!

  • Entoon

    ur a fukn lie! me and my bff have been friends for over 28 years! we’ve been thru boyfriends, husbands, kids, and life–and I am NOT gay! stop tryna to put something on Oprah cuz you hate the fact that she’s the richest black woman in America!

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