8 Questions For Economist and TheLoop21’s Founder Darrell Williams

- By Bossip Staff

Internet access, a few bucks in domain registration fees, an opinion and voilà – anyone can have their own little piece of cyberspace. But when Darrell Williams started TheLoop21.com in 2008, he brought 10 years of economic and financial know-how with him, adding a color other than green to the online financial community.  Williams started TheLoop21.com to spark discussion about economic and fiscal policy in the black community, with hopes of adding that dialogue to the mainstream. We spoke to Williams about the way economic policy is covered in African-American media, the future of the black community during the recession, the role of online publishing in American media and the future of TheLoop21.com.

Continued at The Atlanta Post

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  • Hannibal


  • E.C. from D.C.

    cool site….dunno why this was sent to my email 3 times

  • mixed bad chick

    I like this site. They need more like it because for ppl like myself who own small businesses, the more info and insight the better. It is really hard and sometimes questions need to be brought up in order for progress to be made.

    • Rob

      Someone who owns a small business shouldn’t have time to blog, that’s your first problem. You must own with someone who has more business sense.

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