Damita Jo’s Super Paid Swirl Piece Says She’s His Dream Woman… For Now

- By Bossip Staff

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia recently sat down with Janet Jackson’s mega-upgrade from J.D., business man Wissam Al Mana to chat about him mostly, and her a little bit.

Here’s what he had to say about Joe & Katherine’s daughter. Or his maybe his next girflriend.

Who is your dream woman: I think a man’s dream woman changes as he goes through different stages in his life. I’m fortunate to be dating my dream woman now.

Yikes. Good thing Janet knows how to keep re-inviting herself. And buys good gifts.

What is your dream boy’s toy: Ha! That’s funny because my girlfriend [singer Janet Jackson] just bought me the most amazing gift; a 1964 Lincoln Continental convertable with suicide doors… and it’s in mint condition. That’s my ultimate boy’s toy.

By the way, if you were wondering how much Wissam is worth…

Career in a nutshell: I work in a family business founded by my late father over 60 years ago. Today our group comprises over 50 companies in the Gulf region in real estate, automotive distribution, engineering and construction, retail, food services and media, and is managed by my two brothers and I. In 2004 I wanted to expand our retail division into luxury. Today, our luxury division comprises of over 40 stores in the Gulf, representing brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Hermès, Balenciaga, Chloé and Roberto Cavalli. We have also developed two Saks Fifth Avenue department stores, one in Dubai and the other in Bahrain, with plans to open more.

How did you pick your career path: I spent many years growing up in London where I developed an early love of fashion and remember applying for a job at every fashion boutique on the Kings Road. At 14 I finally found a weekend job at a multi-brand store. I really enjoyed it and began to acquire an insight into the world of retail that would prove crucial for my career.

That’s a hell of a family business.


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  • Hannibal


    • Kyra

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    • That B*tch

      Oooh…I want one in that case. 🙂

  • Vida B.

    Damn Janet!!! You lucky as shit!!!

  • mixed bad chick

    I doubt if they will last unless she has kids for him. Arabic men are all about continuing their bloodline. Otherwise he will keep her but have a cuncubine to have an heir for him to keep the family name going. So if she’s ok with his side piece and kid she is good.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      I agree however,let’s see how far this will go & if he’ll make her his wife.
      They look good together tho,no doubt.


      I keep seeing all these comments about Wissam “making her his wife”..
      NEWSFLASH: Do ppl know how much Janet Jackson is worth? She is an empire all by herself, not to mention her family. When a woman’s accomplishments rival their man’s it can go both ways. The question should be if ‘she’ will make ‘him’ her husband. We women don’t give one another or ourselves enough credit. It’s not all about a man “wifing” you. The two of you can decide to wed each other and bring your mogul-dom together. You having just as much to bring to the table, so you can hold it down for Self if needbe. Get on some Oprah mentality.
      Feast for thought.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    @HANNIBAL,you got me over her lmao! That was funny as u know what! Janet my girl though,I love Janet,im happy for her! But ole boy,so dang fine! Sh*t! 🙂

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


  • Greeneyedbandit

    He Rich and fine!

  • nywoman23

    if thats her real voice when she talks (if shes not faking the funk) hes gonna get tired of that voice. her sht is annoying. and i dont even interact with her in person. could you imagine?

    btw i wish i could land me a rich dude. im not even shallow with it. he doesnt have to be cute just rich. see im growing

  • stacy

    @huh, a muslim man can marry a woman of any religion but a muslim woman must marry a muslim man so he can very well marry Janet and many muslim men do marry outside of their religion. Anyway, I think they make a great couple and with them the best.

    • huh

      yeah he can marry who he wants, but if she and he don’t share the same faith….wouldn’t that be a MAJOR issue.

      Idk, maybe its just me…but just because a dude is fine and has money, doesn’t mean Im down with it. Then again, Janet grew up Jehovah’s witness, so maybe she’s out of all that now and isn’t a very spiritual person.

  • Entoon

    Actually men love a soft voice from a woman. He doesn’t want u to sound like Debo! SMH.

    It’s just me but it was confirmed when the title this article “The Alpha Male”. Dude is fine and rich. Can apparently have the woman (or women) of his dreams. It would take an extremely strong, secure woman to contend with those facts! Janet is that bish!

    • G.M.

      ur exactly right, us men age like wine, we just get better with age and women age like milk, they spoil and expire…an aging man becomes more mature, focused with his goals in life and financially stable which many women of various ages find attractive and aging women get old, wrinkled and her looks begin to fade, which isn’t what successful men want, a womans value to men is her looks and child bearing ability which decrease in time and a mans financial gaining ability is a mans value to women which usually increases in time

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Reason as to why I originally typed that I’ll just have to see if they actually do end up getting married.
    I mean,let’s face it,not hating @ all because I like Janet,her bf is handsome & very successful/wealthy,I’ve reads a couple of interviews where he comes off as smitten by Janet however,let’s be real that it’s not common for Middle Eastern/Arab men to marry women outside their race.

  • ThatBKChick

    Whatever the case people need to lay off of Janet. She has tried James Debarge (Bust marriage) Renee (the Spanish dude who tried to steal money from her and she had to legally bust his a** out) and then cheating midget man JD, who impregnated a skripper from Magic City while dating Janet. (Janet found out about this shortly before Michael died). She has been through her pain in her life and she has a man that can match her power, love and happiness then get it Janet!

    I live in Europe and they love American Black women!!! DO YOU MISS JANET!!

    • QuitMESSIN with me bossip

      “She has been through her pain in her life and she has a man that can match her power, love and happiness then get it Janet!”

      LOL, lets not anoint the dude already. Give him time to mess up like everyone else. Not everything that glitters is gold.

    • hun


      Why are you so bitter? let them be happy. They’re obviously in love.

  • It's Me

    damn she bout to give this foreigner sum of that good good. Um jealous…

    • chrissy

      I’M I’M I’M

  • nywoman23

    hes alright. hes not fine like some of ya’ll are saying. i dont like his ears they are weird.

  • tips


  • pai

    old money …..

  • tips

    So Janet is his dream woman right now? Will she still be his dream woman if she gains 30 pounds, loses her wealth and fame? She left a man who loved her through weight gain, superbowl drama, and no hit record to save her life. The Jacksons are all just crazy. This dude is giving interviews and getting his shine on (and his family’s shine too) on the back of her name. Janet is a fool.

    • Humm

      You’re the fool to think a billionaire is riding off Janet’s name. Do you know this interview was taken by an Arab based magazine? That’s right dummy. You failed. Janet left a CHEATING troll. That’s what she left. That UGLY troll had no choice but to love her when she flops and fat because he’s fugly and worthless.

    • NYC Gal

      I agree with you this man is getting his shine on just by dating Janet. Notice how they addressed him” Janet Jackson’s boyfriend”. He doesn’t even have any status in the Arab world.

    • Dred

      @NYC Gal

      Did you read the article, genius?

      He owns over 50 companies in the Gulf region in real estate, automotive distribution, engineering and construction, retail, food services and media. Expanding designer stores in the Gulf too.

      Let’s use our brains, y’all. The man is obviously famous in the Arab world.

    • NYC Gal

      So why did they just addressd him as Janet Jackson’s boyfriend? They should have addressed him as “Billionaire businessman of the Al Mana family..”

      I just believe he’s a sales clerk in his country or a bodyguard who siezed the opportunity to work with Janet.

    • huh

      I kind of agree with your main points…he seems to enjoy getting his shine from this relationship. However, I cant throw JDs name in as the superior alternative, because we don’t KNOW what JD was up to.It’s easy to cast him in the good guy role, but there’ve been some rumors..

      No matter how well a man treats you, its better to be by yourself than to put up with garbage.

    • hun

      @NYC Gal

      He’s introduced as Al Mana and his work, not as Janet’s boyfriend. They didn’t even mention Janet until he brought up that his girlfriend bought him a gift.

      No he’s not a bodyguard nor is he a clerk. He’s a billionaire that runs a family business. He knew Janet since ’04 and ’05.

    • ImaPC

      I just believe he’s a sales clerk in his country or a bodyguard who siezed the opportunity to work with Janet.


  • Humm


    Smitten by Janet? He’s only done two interviews and in both he was respectful and referred to Janet as his girlfriend and dream woman.

    Please, find a new hobby. Trying to figure out celeb’s personal lives is so desperate.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    LOL whoa! you alright over there? because I didn’t mean any harm by my comments in regards to Janet & her beau,I swear “sarcasm & rolls eyes”…

    Some of you take these blogs as well as other comments way too seriously..Only entertainment sweetie so relax & if I choose to be on here,I will ok? no need some anonymous person to tell me I “need” a new hobby..rotfl!!

    For all I care,may Janet & this dude run off into the sunset/desert,have as many babies as their hearts desire & live happily ever after…happy now?


  • Lil Ricky

    Loving you no more,
    I just I cant I just can’t be loving you no more,
    I love you more than I love myself,
    Loving you no more,
    I just I cant I just can’t be loving you no more,
    I love you more than I love myself

  • Just Bored

    Jealous of Janet for real right now – LOL

  • rbknocks!

    @ lil ricky
    that’s my s#*t…lol
    even though i dont care much for diddy’s b@**ha**..lol

  • http://deleted msregister

    Janet dont know what type of man she want. Tips, you got a good point Jermaine stood by her through it all the weight gain the super bowel drama her brother court stuff god bless his soul and she left that for what????? To this day I dont know but this women just like men with money thats all I see in her.


      Several comments have stated what she left for: JD was cheating on her!! He was NO prize, boo! Y’all over there big-upping him & all! No it’s not just heresay either. Everyone knew what time it was cause he’s so dayuum tacky with it! Especially if you lived in ATL you would know; because any night of the week when he & Janet weren’t together, you could catch his vertically-&-attractively-challenged a.ss gettin it in tryin’ to be seen @ a strip club or some dam* where seeking attention! He is a sickening lil show boat who took his luck for granted.. And it ran out.

    • G.M.

      so what JD cheated…what are u gonna say when this BILLIONAIRE cheats on Janet or trades her old a$$ in for a younger model…she looks good for her age but it doesn’t make her younger in reality…JD stuck by Janet and loved her and helped her overcome her insecurities, yeah he cheated but the majority of men/women in relationships do, get over it, women cant have it the way u want it all the time, take the good with the bad, if u got a man willing to take care of his kids, love u for u and stays with u thru old age and weight fluxes but cheats every now and then, i’d say stay cuz the next man is probably gonna cheat but not willing to stick with u thru the hard times…its like a catch 22

    • Compd

      @U no Comprende: How come we never heard about JD cheating on her like in the tabloids and such. If he cheated, no way should anybody put up with that and glad she got outta there. But that’s something that I never seen reported. I’m not in the A, but I have many relatives there who consider themselves social butterflies!! LOL! They just never heard this either. Going to strip clubs is something he did before and during Janet so that ain’t no crime.

    • hun


      JD did cheat on Janet.

    • ImaPC

      LMAO-just cuz JD stuck by her doesn’t mean that its okay for him to cheat on her. Come on y’alll…thats some bad precedent to set.

      Honestly, whatever makes her happy is great, but I dont see this thing going long term(who knows if she even wants it to?).

  • E.C. from D.C.

    I want one of him! lol

    • huh

      some of us women really need to be careful what u wish for. Just cuz a dude has some dough doesn’t mean everything…

    • G.M.

      women will always be attracted to a man with money, just like men will be attracted to young women, its biological…women really dont think about all the aspects that come with a man of wealth,they have tunnel vision and only see the money and not all the other women, some more attractive than her,eyeing him as well, welathy men can cheat all day and if the woman has a problem with it she can just toss her to the side and onto the next one cuz one vagina is just as good as the next, there will always be younger women for a rich man to bed as long as he has money, its just a reality that a lot of women dont realize cuz they love living in a fantasy

  • i kc u u kc me


  • Stormin Norman

    In Detroit, you see a profound pattern. Arabic men date and sleep with Black women, but have the nerve to couch their women away from men of other races/ethnicities (so much for open mindedness and acceptance).Go figure. They play around and exploit and marry the woman that they forbid anyone from touching!!! They will admit to this. Wake up. If you’ve been touched or he is touching you, he ain’t marrying you.

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