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Trinidad Officials Facing Audit For Spending Over $800,000 On Nicki Minaj Concert (GO)

Miley Cyrus — I Got Homes in Different Area Codes (GO)

Lindsay Lohan Topless for Inferno (GO)

Fabolous Talks Facebook With Inner City Kids (GO)

Dropout Rate For Blacks In California High Schools Hits 37 Percent (GO)

Angry Julia Roberts Protects Her Family From Photographer (GO)

Wisconsin Man Posts “No Negros Allowed” Sign On Door To Business (GO)

How to Make Sure You Receive Your Unemployment Claim (GO)

And Here Come The Cam Newton Hate Montages (GO)

Too Short Aiming To Be Oldest Rapper In The Game: “I Wanna Be The Oldest Rapper Who Is Active” (GO)

How to Stay Warm AND Cute (GO)

Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin Didn’t Get Along? Impossible. (GO)

Slim Thug Almost Dies On Plane With Terrorist (GO)

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  • Hannibal

    Dropout Rate For Blacks In California High Schools Hits 37 Percent

    • http://anti-jemima.com Anti Jemima

      Their dumb a**ses did not go to school either. If you are 15 and your mom is 18 you can kind of see the problem.

    • Hannibal


    • Kyra

      oh amazing , i love this !
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  • uguess

    Really terrorist well try having a young black man – rapper make racist statements about his sista’s open the hatch. Hope he only sell 2 records Lola!

  • dee

    I’m really tired of her blank dead stare.

    @ Hannibal

    What an alarming statistic. The parents are most likely sitting on their arses collecting welfare checks.

  • http://anti-jemima.com Anti Jemima

    Nicki Menage a Trois got dead eyes, but I think that is the look she is going after. She makes me sick though.

  • Renae and Smith

    Renae & Smith Shop


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