Pregnant Teacher Miscarries After Breaking Up Fight, Should The Punk Azz Student Who Kicked Her Be Charged With Murder??

- By Bossip Staff

Its a goddamn shame what’s going on in these schools nowadays. There have always been skirmishes, rabblerousing, and other shenanigans taking place in school, but today all the brouhaha cost an unborn child its life.

A pregnant teacher at a Bronx high school miscarried after she intervened between two fighting students, sources said today.
Police are investigating the incident, which happened Wednesday at the Explorations Academy at 1619 Boston Rd. in Claremont.
The teacher, who was four months pregnant, fell to the floor when one of the students involved in the fight kicked her in the stomach — though it was unclear if he was aiming for her, sources and students said.

That’s just fawked up.

Do you think the police should charge the student with the murder of the teacher’s child???


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  • Hannibal


    • Kyra

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    • Daffany Rose

      Im so tired of seeing your postings..Just go somewhere and die!!

    • E.C. from D.C.

      Co-sign Daffany and my answer to the question of the headline for this story is heck yeah.

    • aw aw baby

      I agree, there is no way in the world that I would has jump my pregnant azz in a fight in progress. The teachers need tazers for these dumb azz kids.

    • triwa

      I never agree with this fool but I agree with him now.

      How are you going to try to break up a fight pregnant? Those kids are just trying to swing on their opponent and return licks back they don’t have time to look at who’s getting them off of each other. Why are people calling the kids stupid? I never been in a fight before but rude people have been mean to me are wanted to start ish with me on the wrong days making me want to pop them.

      She shouldn’t have tried to. Her big belly sticking out and shes trying to get in the middle. no.

    • Crystal

      OMG…who could say such a horrible thing!!??! Maybe she should not have tried to intervene being in the condition that she was in, but to say she killed her own baby is ridiculous!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Oh my! how tragic,I can only imagine her pain,hope she forgives the student/s responsible since they’re young,misguided & don’t know any better.
    May God bless her with another baby in the near future too.

    • Johnny'sgirl

      Young, misguided and don’t know any better….Really?

    • Mark Twang

      I’m sorry, but after elementary school why in the hell are you fighting in school??? Is it really that difficult to control your emotions?? Teachers are not paid enough to try to make the atmosphere conducive for education, given the amount of disruption on the day to day. Instead they have to play doctor, parent, psychologist, psychiatrist to Bebe’s/Becky’s/Maria’s bad a$$ kids, who weren’t taught from jump how to control their fvckin’ emotions. So hell to the yeah, charge that muthafvcka!

  • Yeah_ok......

    Ok well, she should have been worried about the well being of her baby and that means you can’t be jumping in the middle of fights preggers…..Thats a no brainer

    • Cheeky

      I agree. While it’s a tragedy this happened, I would have let those little f*ckers fight to the death rather than risk a baby’s life. I’m sure that emotions were running high, and maybe the teacher just acted on instinct.

    • H.B.I.C.

      I agree! She should have been protecting her baby and let them damn kids fight. Shyt! Sad story, but kids fight.

    • tommykimon

      She should have ran for help from another teacher. I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near a fight if I was pregnant.

  • killemded

    Burn they lil azzez @ the steak. Bad delinquient devil hooligan chirren need to get a community beat down from all the ole school mommas and granmamas on they block and then hafta go volunteer @ a preemie sector of nearest hospital. Heathen kids was prolly fightn over something stoopid and now they done took a life….accident my azz…throw the book @ em judge.

    School for learning!

  • wassabi

    She gotta free abortion. Jump in fight preggers=throw self down steps preggers. She knw what she was doin



  • joyrptr

    They should do SOMETHING to the kids involved in the fight so they realize their ignorance(as if they even care…).

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    The kids need to be HEAVILY reprimanded

    But the teacher should have known better than to stop the fight. School bus drivers never stop fights, they keep driving

    NO PREGNANT woman should be around fighting, I would have ran for help

    • nywoman23

      i agree she shoudve got help than to do it herself.

      i think though school bus drivers should get involved. i mean if people who choose to work with kids there is an obligation to diffuse situations that might occur. just like that school bus driver who let those kids pick on that girl that had a disability. until her father stepped on the bus and let them punks know enough is enough.

  • huh

    women kill their babies all the time…we just call it ‘abortion’.

    And btw-depending on your state, there is precedent to convict someone for killing an unborn child (obviously, as long as its not the Mom). There was a case where a bank robber was charged with double homicide when he killed a woman and her unborn child.

  • http://bossip Keri

    So sad right before Christmas. Don’t know if it helps but I hope this wasn’t her first child & and hopefully she will give birth in the future !

  • LawExpert

    An unborn child cannot be ‘murdered’.
    the legal definition for murder involves a ‘living human being’.

    • nywoman23

      again ure an idiot

    • KANdie

      ever heard of laci peterson? you can be tried for killing an unborn baby. but i would never stoop so low as to call you an idiot-you’re a moron. and you clearly know nothing about law.

  • nywoman23

    ure an idiot

  • nymphis

    Limitless ignorance

  • siyt

    @nywoman23 my sentiments exactly. the person writing is obviously a juvenile. if not then….thats a shame.

  • LawExpert

    WOW! changing your name and replying own comment!. real mature!.

  • chaperel

    i say charge the student with murder becuse if he wasn`t fighting the teacher wouldn`t have to do here job and break it up and her child would maybe alive today

    • nywoman23

      no i dont think the kids or kid should be charged. not unless if he intentionally kicked her in the stomach. other than that, kids get into fights , it happens. should they get suspended yes but how would you feel if it was ur child to potentially be charged with something like that when he/she didnt mean it. and possibly was defending him/herself in the fight.

      the teacher might have acted on instinct to break up the fight. as oppose to telling herself let me get other staff members. its an accident. unfortunate one.

  • jennifer

    Call me mean but why would u jump into a fight pregnant? Its still messed up but she should have thought about her baby before jumping in

  • Gigglegal215

    Maybe not murder but, involuntary manslaughter. People are so impulsive and don’t think about the consequences of their actions. The teacher was just doing what most people should do. Too bad she lost her baby.IMO,the student should be held responsible. Maybe others will stop and think.

  • Willie Lump Lump

    She wasn’t thinking about her baby!

    She shouldn’t have gotten involved in trying to break up a fight.

  • Terri

    You can absolutely be charged with murdering the unborn. It’s called fetuscide and is on the books in several states.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Im hoping she wasnt your english teacher because its spelled dead.

  • Hannah


  • Hannah

    & You people really need to say she tried to kill/aborted her unborn herself. Did she know breaking up the fight was going to end up hurting her child ? No. She was excited about that baby, so all of you should sdfu.

    • Hannah



    Parents should start being held criminally accountable for the actions of their under age and outta control kids. Our schools aren’t learning institutions, they’re babysitting services and correctional facility’s. And its nobodies fault but the parents!! Those kids should be charged and their parents should be sued.

    • nywoman23

      you would love to sue some1’s parent to make a quick buck.u boxed shaped lazy bum. you better hope you dont ever get into an accident for some1 to say throw the book at box shaped lazy bum . smh

  • Hannah

    why are you so Ignorant? It was definitely Spanish people who did it.

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