Former Mayor Caught Ridin’ Dirty

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If you don’t know who Sharpe-motherfu*kin James is, don’t worry about it. He is just one of the most colorful politicians on the east coast. Well, old man Sharpe was just indicted on federal fraud charges:

A federal grand jury indicted former Newark Mayor Sharpe James Thursday on corruption charges. James, 71, was charged with using city-issued credit cards to spend extravagantly on himself, eight women and others during vacations and trips to locations such as Puerto Rico, Martha’s Vineyard, the Dominican Republic, and Rio de Janeiro, U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie and state Attorney General Anne Milgram announced. In the 33-count indictment, James is also charged with fraud for allegedly facilitating and approving the cut-rate sales of city-owned land to Tamika Riley, one of his female companions.

Riley allegedly collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from the land sales and is also charged with fraud, authorities said. James was expected to turn himself in to the FBI and appear with Riley in federal court Thursday afternoon.

You know you can’t trust a man who comes to city hall with a suspect box of signatures, a straw hat, a tank top, some locs (dark glasses), and then rides a bike inside the building.

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