Aussie Stuntin: Beyonce Seen Rockin Purse Worth 30 Stacks While Vacationing With Hubby Hov Down Under

- By Bossip Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Illuminati are still doing it big and getting their Aussie stunt on:

After revealing in a touching clip from her new documentary recently that she feels very lonely when on tour, Beyonce Knowles sure looks happy to be back in the company of her rapper beau, Jay Z.

The 29-year-old Halo singer and her music mogul husband were all smiles as they enjoyed a romantic beachside seafood lunch at the exclusive Marina Mirage complex in Main Beach, Queensland Australia Wednesday. The happy couple were both dressed for the warm weather with Beyonce in a feminine yellow two piece and Jay opting for camouflage shorts and a T-shirt. Beyonce had paired her outfit with some pretty expensive accessories also – some towering YSL pumps and a black spiked Hermes Birkin bag, worth an estimated $30,000!

But that’s nothing for the the pair who were said to be the highest paid couple in show-business last year earning a combined $68 million. Just yesterday it was reported that Beyonce had shed some serious cash for a birthday gift for her husband of two years. Jay, who turned 41 on December 4, was given a $1.3 Million Bugatti Veyron car from his extravagant and generous wife. According to the Sun, the songstress actually ordered the car over a year ago.

The Australian trip was also part of the birthday celebrations but it seemed Beyonce was the one receiving all the attention. As the couple left the restaurant, escorted by heavy security, Jay placed a protective arm around his wife as she attempted to navigate the boardwalk in her huge heels. The private couple married in a secret ceremony in April 2008 after six years of dating.

This broad probably goes to the gym in heels…SMH.


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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Bad azz wife and money to blow…The American Dream

    • fsdff

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    • stef

      u know?….it really is the american dream lol. luv them together though.

  • i kc u u kc me

    That’s right spend YOUR MONEY! YOU CAN’T TAKE WITH YOU EARNED IT! Bey will you make me your personal charity case lol

  • Mia Patron

    I wouldn’t say she was glammed/dolled up. If you look closely her hair is a mess and it doesn’t look like she has on any make up. The outfit/bag/and shoes are cute tho

  • Mia Patron

    They chose career paths that makes them the money to live a Luxurious lifestyle. If you choose to work minimum wage job and not better yourself dont get mad at them.

  • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

    While…I’m here in DC freezing my azzzzzzzz offf! Got to love them

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    ^^^co-sign!!!^^^ Everyone is responsible for their own destiny as far as careers/jobs go..If you don’t aspire for bigger things then can’t really expect much outta life,correct?
    Btw,these artists do what they do to make their $$$ & WE are the ones who decide whether or not we will SUPPORT them,they DON’T force us to,plus regardless of how successful they become,they don’t owe us ANYTHING!

    Do for you & stop complaining!

  • carmenknows

    LOL… Beyonce and Jay-Z told you not to get an education or parlay your God given talent into a career??? Sent you that text personally, huh??? You might not make billions of dollars but with a good game plan and some hardwork you could live comfortably… AT least they’re famous for WORKING… and I haven’t bought a Beyonce CD since Survivor but I’ll never understand how buying a 13.00 item that you can afford and makes you happy is stupid… somebody cue the Jill Scott please

  • http://yahoo who cares

    The america dream that right money and pretty wife,fame,freedom.LOLA WHAT I didn’t know it was other job to take care of you the biggest problam in the america is the do me and give me mentality.I know that jay and bey job to give people money so that go on vacation,pay bill,pay for college.stop the hate.

  • Pat

    Is it me or does Beyonce face look a little full…and she’s glowing. UUMMM!!
    Bey and Jay, BE HAPPY!

    • GTFOH

      From the neck up – she looks OLD!

      Nice outfit but didn’t this heffa say in an interview that she hates wearing heels all the time? Who the hell wants their dogs barking on vacation?

  • if anything be noble

    My people, the first step to moving up higher in this country is to stop worshiping $30,000 purses and $1,300,000 cars. That sounds like some serious 10 year old stuff. *Billy got the new XBox. Dag. I wish I was Billy.*

  • Caramel Catβ„’

    I usually don’t comment on Bey and Jay posts because they’re always boring…but I really REALLY am tired of seeing and hearing about these two…Good for them, they’re traveling, spending money, jet-setting, cruising, spending more money, smiling for the paps, eating at fine restaurants, still spending money, buying million dollar cars, looking good, etc. Ok, I totally get it, life is great for Jay and Bey…but can we please move on to bigger and better things???? lol…

  • Southenr Girl

    That is NOT an Hermes bag

  • Renee

    Um excuse me. I am not even a Beyonce fan, but your comment is seriously ridiculous. This is America, everyone has the option to be successful, it is all in the path that you choose. Some people chose to take advantage of their education and work hard and live well, some are blessed to be talented and use their talents to entertain others and live well. People come here from other countries and surpass blacks, because they dedicate themselves to creating a successful life int his country and the people that live here choose to squander it. Beyonce, Jay, none of these entertainers owe you NOTHING!! they make huge sacrafices for their careers and their work ethic is unbelievable, so you may want to pull your hand back in and go figure out how your personal decisions got you where you are and what you need to do to advance yourself out of it.



  • Caramel Catβ„’


    LMAO! You going in hard huh? I mean, I don’t necessarily have a problem with either one of them, yes Jay looks terrible but I’m sure his bank account makes up for that…and Bey’s weave seems to resemble that of a rat’s nest lately. But, I won’t hate on their hustle or their lifestyle…but like you said, I’m really just tired of seeing them all the time. Like why do we have to see their every move, every stop, every shopping spree, every dinner date, every vacation spot. I really don’t CARE! lol, so it’s annoying when every time I log onto whatever blog the main story is about one of them or both of them…I never have really liked Hermes bags so I don’t understand the hype and/or why people spend so much on them…*shrugs*

    • http://bossip Keri

      Carmel cat- LOL I had to through the extra in there. The top half was for you, and the second paragraph was one of my personal rants. Thats why I divided the two ! Like whoa these are my personal thoughts !

  • juliemango

    Bey is radiates in yellow!!!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    ^^^All I’m saying is that instead of complaining,do what you must or heart desires to make the $$$ to live comfortable instead of complaining & thinking these celebs or the rest of the world owes you shet,that’s all! ^^

    Btw,I’m no “stan” nor do I even invest on albums from any of these artists..As a matter of fact,I haven’t bought an actual album in quite some time.

  • anonymous

    Two of the most overrated arrogant bimbos in the industry.

  • Bee


  • i kc u u kc me

    It’s ok if is not real! The rich get richer and the poor get babies. A-LIST CLEB get free stuff. Back in the day Beyonce said she liked Popeye chicken on tv and said she received a card that gave her free chicken for life lol

  • kt

    It’s good to see this,they spend time together and are guarded about their personal live.That’s what going to make that marriage last,if you have the cheese enjoy it they certainly know how to earn it back.

  • http://bossip shay

    Funny you said that! Jay-Z is the one always refering to women as btches and hos. He just did a song with Kanye where he refered to Beyonce as a btch AGAIN. It is a shame when your husband is the one smh. It didn’t get him on welfare tho it got him paid, paid and more paid !

  • KK

    *looks at picture* Umm that’s not a Birkin… (I’m sure she has one but THAT isn’t one)


    I was just going to say I luv the the Jay dress. To have so much money he always dresses like he broke. Never judge a book by it’s cover..

  • G-La

    Seriously? Who cares about the bag she’s carrying. Why is this news? I’m sure she has tons of bags.

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