Two More Black Actors Out Of A Job: TNT’s Top Lady Cop Calls It Quits

- By Bossip Staff

It seems like “The Closer” star Kyra Sedgwick has decided it’s time to do something else with her life. The TNT show’s 2011 season will be it’s last, according to reports.

Which means we can add Corey Reynolds and Robert Gossett to the list of unemployed Black actors.

Farewell, Brenda Leigh Johnson! According to TNT, their network-defining drama The Closer is closing down late in 2011. By the time the series wraps, after a 15-episode seventh season, the show will have produced 100-plus episodes of the Los Angeles-based crime procedural starring Kyra Sedgwick.

So why is the network shutting down a winning series that has long had some of the best ratings of any show on cable?

Per the network, “The difficult decision to conclude the series with season seven was made by Kyra Sedgwick.” Network and studio bosses then went on to praise the show’s winning formula and Sedgwick’s Emmy-winning portrayal of the hard-driving Southern belle. The head of Turner Networks, Steven Koonin says, “It’s impossible to fully express our appreciation to Kyra Sedgwick, series creator James Duff and all of the other talented people who brought The Closer to TNT viewers.”

Production on season seven begins in the spring, with the final episodes will no doubt air during the summer, when The Closer will likely be paired again with TNT’s other lady-cop drama, Rizzoli & Isles, starring Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander.

Must be nice to be able to afford to just up and quit on folks, without thinking about your fans. Or the two brothers you’re putting out of a job. You know times are hard for Black actors! We would’ve never done you like that, Brenda Leigh!

Y’all see how she waited until after “over 100 episodes” though, right? You know what that means? Yup! Syndication and wild royalty paper. Kevin Bacon ain’t marry no fool.


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  • miamac

    Wow! I really like this show and will miss it, and her, dearly. But she must do what’s best for her and her family. Great show, though.

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  • curveball

    Oh, please. If the show revolved around one of the two “brothers” and he got a better offer, you know everyone else would be out of a job.

    She’s married to Kevin Bacon, has childrean and was a working actress before The Closer. Yeah, it probably is nice to have options.

    And she’s an actress. Her “fans” will right there with her next project.

    • jb8

      She and hubby also invested with Bernie Madoff. Maybe she only went back to work to re-earn what was lost. Now she can go back to where she was before the Madoff mess.

  • Nancy

    Miss Sedgwick was born with money I mean she is old money “Edie Sedgwick” anyone? I liked the Closer and she was great. I think 7 seasons is enough for all shows really. Do they need to keep going on?

    • huh

      but her husband lost A LOT of their money investing with Bernie Madoff….so Im not sure they had what they once did. And when I say a lot…I mean a lot. It’s rumored to be about 50 mill by the WSJ.

      But maybe she needs to be home for her kids right now..

    • marti444

      her kids are college age and are not at home (believe one is in college and one just went) so she probably wants to do other things and be home
      cause she might be a little exhausted. loved the show though and love mr. sedgewick! lol he’s a great actor also. wish her well…

  • Concerned

    Terrance Howard,you’re next!




  • caper

    ya can’t find no one to replace that——- HO DAMN.

  • caper

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  • just becuz

    the recession aint no excuse for firing the black actors.

    they wanted to let the black people go first an then fire… the second minoritys they don’t like…
    the hispanic an asian is next.

  • just becuz

    ever since obama became president white people are acting the hell up.
    go ahead…
    I can only imagine whats next…for black people.

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    that’s ashame I really liked that show


    I liked this show the first 3 seasons but it fell off so I jumped ship…but I will miss “Brenda Leigh Johnson”/

  • JustAshley

    D*mn it! I like this show. And what makes ya’ll think these actors will be out of work? If they’re smart, and they are, they will already have another gig lined up.

  • yup

    I can’t believe so many people liked this show it was terrible that bi^[h can’t act imo

  • n_satiable

    I’m sorry to hear this, since I’m a big fan of the show. But I can understand her wanting to end it while it is still good, instead of taking it way past its prime (“Law and Order”, anyone?).

    I’m not sure about the other actor, but Corey Reynolds (who plays Sgt. Gabriel) will most likely be OK. He has won awards on Broadway, so obviously he has the talent and has been recognized for it.

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