Congratulations!!! Nicole Ritchie Isn’t Just A Baby Mama Anymore!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Joel Madden has finally made an honest woman out of Lionel Richie’s little girl! And it only took three years of shacking up and a pair of slightly swirly little ones.

Nicole and her baby daddy jumped the broom in L.A. yesterday.

With dad Lionel Richie – her rock of support – and friends including Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, Kris Jenner and Samantha Ronson in attendance, Nicole was a stunningly beautiful bride as she took Joel’s hand in marriage.

Music legend Quincy Jones, her dad’s good friend and Nicole’s godfather, arrived just before she walked down the aisle. Other guests were brought in by shuttle van from the nearby Beverly Hills Hotel.

Joel’s Good Charlotte twin brother Benji, was reportedly the best man. Nicole and Joel’s children Harlow and Sparrow were also part of the celebration.

Congrats to the happy couple. Joel’s been such a positive influence on Nicole (from the outside looking in, anyway). Do you think Harlow and Sparrow are gonna get any more siblings?


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  • Ash

    Umm those kids are in no way swirly. Nicole’s adopted!

    • 23

      Nicole in her own words is part Hispanic and part Black. Just in case you didn’t know.

    • Kyra

      I strongly recommend you __ Bl ack W hiteCu pid℃○M for sin gle bl ack, wh ite gi rls, me n to m eet true lov e onli ne…… I know it from my friends since it really worked fo them…. who also had two daughters from her previous marriage Natasha and Joely Richardson

    • Jayson

      Nicole never said she was Hispanic. She refused to meet with Sheila E on television because she said they were not related to her. Rumor has it that Lionel was having an affair while he was married to Brenda and that he paid his friend Pete (who is half black and Mexican) to claim fatherhood of Nicole.

  • ready3335

    YAAA!! So happy for them, congrats! @Ash, yes the kids have some swirl…Nicole’s biological father is black.

    • Panther

      I think her mom was black and her dad is latino.he was in the commadores, i think.

    • fudggggggge

      Her dad is half black and mestizo and her mother is full black. The end of story.

      No it doesn’t matter but people didn’t know and their getting it all wrong.

      I never liked and never will like that Racist Paris Hotown skank. Nicole was only friends with her because they known each other as kids and Paris was like a bad itch!

    • Paris

      Her mother is biracial and on Tyra Nicole described herself as Black, she didn’t even say biracial when it’s obvious that she is.

    • Enabler

      Her dad is Sheila E’s brother and she’s part of the Escovedo clan who are known for that Latin jazz, thanks to their father.

  • Toy

    Dear Ash,
    Actually they are. She is adopted but she is also black and hispanic too, which he isn’t. That’s pretty swirly.


    “Umm those kids are in no way swirly. Nicole’s adopted!”

    Her biological mother is black and her dad is white. They are “swirly”.

  • Mai

    Nicole is related to Shelia E. Congrats Nicole !!

    • Dottie

      Yes she is so I don’t know where people are getting her father is white. Sheila’s brother Peter Michael is her dad. The Escovedos are Black & Mexican I believe.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Good for them! I thought they weren’t going to last however,I was proved otherwise hehe.

    Their babies are adorable too.
    The motherly/wifey life has definitely done Nicole very well!

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    Can’t leave you race out of it can you ? This not about the of
    her and her kids, its about her gerting married smh at bk folks.

  • TT BOY

    Super blank stare for a ^*^$#)…Evenn when jokin,you are a R*^$)*$

    WOW…I guess ppl are just )*^$&^#’s!

  • StarLite

    LOL@ “slightly swirly”

    Congrats! She did seem to do a complete 180 after meeting him and having munchkins. 🙂

  • Panther


  • Lyoness

    Dead. It’s funny because it’s true.

  • Lyoness

    “Slightly swirly” Giggle. Congrats to Nicole. I like her A LOT. Being with a loving, good guy and having a couple of kids is always a good blessed thing. Harlow always looks SUPER happy in pictures so she’s doing well on the Mommy front.

    She definitely outgrew Paris and that partygirl lifestyle. It’s cool to be an adult and handle responsibility.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Is there a double standard to swirling? what is slightly swirly? are u more swirled if ur more white than black? what about more black like Obama’s kids? But um congrats to Nicole…guess it’s bestfor folks to work at their own pace instead instead of what everyone else thinks.

  • blizzard

    i got money; and sadly i give this union 2 yrs. hope iam wrong.

  • sexygrandmom


  • Yes Indeed

    she’s ugly

  • Courtney

    just because nicole is mixed doesn’t mean you should call her kids swirly. and by law her and Joels kids aren’t considered bastards either because they actually got married. it’s not the 50’s 60’s or even 70’s anymore Illegitament is no longer written on the child’s birth certificate like for instance it is on Carlo Gabriel Nero’s as his parents weren’t married when he was born right his father is italian actor Franco Nero and his mother is english actress Vanessa Redgrave who also had two daughters from her previous marriage Natasha and Joely Richardson

    • triwa

      Who would call any child bastard? Thats not the child’s fault. That sound very stuck up and rude.

  • hmmm

    Actually it is still stated on birth certificates. At least I know for NC it is.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...13 Weeks Pregnant with a Boy!!!!!


  • Courtney

    yeah in some southern states it may still be but for the most part it isn’t. you can’t always plan when your going to have children sometimes when you expect to you sadly miscarry instead

  • jazzi-jo-the-ho-yo

  • Machelle

    Hell they are already married and don’t realize it…the rest is just a formality…

  • chicken little

    *dead* @ slightly swirly. Yall crazy!


    I knew she was truly ACTING with Paris and there was more to her…GOOD for her I hope they make it work/ bless there union!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    damn this girl has calmed down considerably since her days of running with paris. being a mom has made her a better person.

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