Cam Newton Does The Heisman On His Haters

- By Bossip Staff

Controversy be damned, Auburn’s Cameron Newton won the 2010 Heisman Trophy by a landslide. And them folks are still hating on his athletic excellence.

Auburn’s controversial star quarterback won the Heisman Trophy in a landslide vote Saturday night. He was just too good to resist, so good, in fact, he turned three other deserving finalists – Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, Oregon running back LaMichael James and Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore – into witnesses of his coronation at the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square.

Newton was listed first on 729 ballots – 93% – and had 2,263 points, finishing far ahead of Luck, who finished with 78 first-place votes and 1,079 points.

After his name was announced, Newton went over and hugged his mother Jackie, his two brothers and Auburn coach Gene Chizik. He thanked both of his parents. “My parents do a lot of things behind the scenes that go unnoticed,” he said, committing a Freudian slip.

The Tigers’ immensely talented, 6-6, 250-pound junior won by a huge margin despite an NCAA investigation that determined his father Cecil had solicited money through a third party from Mississippi State in a failed pay-for-play scheme when Newton was being recruited out of junior college last year. Even though the NCAA ruled neither Newton nor Auburn had any knowledge of his father’s dealings, that clouded the issue and brought back painful memories of USC’s Reggie Bush returning his 2005 Heisman Trophy last summer after the NCAA determined he was ineligible that season because his parents had received free rent on a house and a car from two L.A. sports agents seeking to sign their son. Once burned, twice wary.

Some 105 Heisman voters omitted Newton from their ballots completely, making the argument that he failed to meet the standards of the Heisman Trophy’s mission statement – a pursuit of excellence with integrity – and pointing to past character flaws that occurred during the two years Newton spent at Florida. While in Gainesville, Newton was arrested for the theft of a laptop computer and faced a student judiciary hearing after he was caught cheating on at least two occasions.

When honoring a student-athlete, sportsmanship is usually part of the equation. Purists would love to see a World War II military hero such as the late Nile Kinnick of Iowa or the son of a missionary, Tim Tebow of Florida, trot up to the stage every year. That would be nice, but it may no longer be realistic.

Three of the past six Heisman winners – Bush, Troy Smith of Ohio State in 2006 and Newton – have been investigated for soliciting or receiving money from boosters or agents. Maybe Newton is the new norm.

Newton wasn’t selected to the Football Writers Association of America’s All-America team released Saturday. But the Heisman ballots indicate a majority of voters today view this as an award given to the best college football player by an independent club, not the NCAA. Newton, who accounted for 49 TDs during a 13-0 season that culminated with an SEC championship and a berth in the BCS title game, is the best player I’ve seen since Georgia running back Herschel Walker, who won in 1982.

After Auburn initially ruled him ineligible, Newton was ruled eligible by the NCAA without conditions; so he meets the standards, even though that ruling by the reinstatement committee does nothing to establish his guilt or innocence.

Let that boy live man, dayum!


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  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (MiKe ViCk iS LiKe GOD tO PeYtOn ** & ToM ** - WhO BeTTeR ThAn MV7??)

    Congrats brah!!!

    Another black man doing big things – while the haters stay hating… Hating is for s8ckers!!!

    Kenny rogers is a house negro!!!

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  • tiniebinie

    dang Cam is fine….

    • Mia

      He is beautiful, but you just know he don’t want nothing that ain’t white.

  • Bri

    Congrats to Cam!!! My fellow Westlake High School alumni! He was just a freshman when I was a senior in high school. Wow. Time flies.
    Cam Newton supporters, College Park, GA, and Westlake HS stand up!!

  • Money First


  • boobie me

    I can’t help but think that Kim Kar-hoeshian is on this boo’s tail already. she has congratulated him on her twitter. Does he even know her?
    If he does’t, there is a whole lot of her to know on the internet.
    Congrats Cam. You are gorgeous too

    • CAN AM

      Kim K. is a vulture!

    • shane

      stupid azz females think any man with dollars signs behind him is cute. shallow azzez

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Good for him & he’s rather handsome 🙂

    Love the smile/dimples.

    • Dwalker

      me too!

  • ps360

    Congrats to cam on an exceptional season. And to the h8ters….its gods work man. Just STFU and let that young man be great

  • uhh yeah ok

    He is fine too bad he’s as dumb as a bag of rocks..

    • Auburn Alum

      LOL! did u hear him thank the troops?? but he’s hella fine and hella talented!

  • Auburn Alum

    Congrats CAM! Please don’t forget where u came from and leave them snow bunnies/groupies alone! WarEagleBaby!!!

    • la vie n'est pas compliquee, nous sommes.

      Haha, thats like asking for it not to snow in Minnesota….it already did & its gonna happen…

  • Yours truly

    No one wants to argue with a black woman just to get laid f.u ck that,smash all races and then make them take the morning after pill just in case… Sisters you all better wake up and step your game up…you all either like thugs or act real snobby when a real man approach you all. Which forces us to date outside of our race. Only males should comment because it takes a male to know where I’m coming from, not a bitter women who disagrees with what I am saying just because she doesn’t like it.

    • JustAshley

      I love that shyt. Don’t ya’ll love it when 1 black man got dissed by some chickens and he paints us ALL with the same stereotypical brush?

      And DON’T turn around and say the same shyt back cause then your being a bish, bitter, and everything else. I thought men were supposed to be the logical/analytical ones? Fuccas b*tch more than I do on my period.

  • yup!

    i knew he was gonna win! @ yours truly…do us all a favor and go kill yourself, sincerly, from a non-black woman. we dont want yall insecurities either, dont bring that over here please, thanx!

  • JustAshley

    Now that’s just some chocolate perfection right therrrrr!

    I have no idea who he is, but I love it when I see my brothas doin’ well. Good luck boo!


    It’s all hypocrisy anyway.Congrats Cam…see ‘ya on Sunday’s next year.


    White people are mad because black people are now beating them at their own game. They started white the Lying, killing, stealing and cheating. Beat them at their own game Cam, WITH YOUR DEPUTY DOG EARS…LOL

    Oh, and stay your slow a/s/s out of the nightclubs

  • lala

    And Vice Versa.

  • white male

    he’s a criminal but I hope my team drafts him next year lol

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

    I dont know who this guy is or know anything about American football but dude is fine yummy….

  • jfizzle

    If I was Cam I would’ve said “F” y’all my dad is coming to the award show.

  • Ridiculous 1

    What’s up with his ears? OMG!!!

  • ofcourseim4real

    Now that’s what you call a great smile!


    Okay Cam, please don’t follow in the footsteps of fellow Heisman Trophy winners O.J. Simpson and Reggie Bush. Find you a sister because they’re just waiting for you to step out with a white chick so they can pull the carpet from under you. If they got any real dirt on you, you better believe it’s coming out soon as you get caught with a becky.

  • Louisiana Belle

    He is CUTE!!!!!!!



    I co-sign!!!!!

  • Brownsugar1908

    He is absolutely freaking gorgeous!!!!! I am a cougar for him. His dimples are scrumptous and so kissable. Oh my goodness, and he is 6 feet 6 inches tall!! The perfect size for me. I’m 5’6. Love you Cam.

  • StarLite

    He has the most amazing smile. Just altogether gorgeous….

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