Where Are My Parents: Little Willow Ain’t Fawking With School Too Tough

- By Bossip Staff

We don’t know why, but we really would have expected Will and Jada to be on top of the educational situation with their baby celebs.

But Little Willow let the cat out of the bag: she’s not a scholarly child. At all.

Willow Smith has said that she knew even at only three year’s old that showbusiness was the life for her, that she knew the “mechanics”, that she “got how celebrity works”.

But Willow admits the work means she has less time to study with her personal tutor and has had to miss some classes.

She said: “I never really get to go to school because I am always on tour or with my father. There is a tutor most of the time, but usually I am working so I never get to do the lessons. The worst thing about maths is all the kids are ahead of me because they go to school.”

Her success is sure to continue next year. She is confirmed to support Justin Bieber on his UK ‘My World Tour’ in March 2011.

Willow said: “Famous-ness is awesomeness… but some parts of famous-ness can be hard,” she said.

What?! Get your house in order, Jada.


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  • jasmin

    Oh geez…waiting for everyone to tear this girl to shreds in 3..2..1…

    • Kenny C

      She is funny lookin!!!!

  • obvious

    They already did on another gossip site lol…probably be the same here.

  • jasmin

    Personally, i feel her parents should be more strict about school. No honor roll = no touring, however I realize not all situations are identical. Some ppl just aren’t able to catch it or aren’t interested. The best private schools or tutors can’t change that. So please reserve the comments about her having bad parents or being a dummy. How many 10 year olds would rather study than play?

    • Child Pleeze

      So what you’re saying jasmin is:You can have an opinion, but nobody else can?

  • TT BOY

    Black girl making it…..GREAT! Follow black ppl tearing her down….Amazing! But par for the course!

    • BritishGirl

      We don’t need anymore black rappers or musicians. How about more black doctors, judges, entreprenuers, scientists, investment bankers?

      Why can’t she get and education and THEN move onto music?

      Now with all her wealth and previlidges, she’ll be another ignorant rich black person in America.

      Girl can’t even read, but she can whip her hair back an forth and you’re happy about that?

    • BritishGirl

      *an education

    • Where is the Love?

      School is the first job of any child; just as we as adults go to work, a child’s “job” is to go to school. But I asked that long ago: SHOULDN’T SHE BE IN SCHOOL . . . however . . . I’m quoting here:
      Girl can’t even read, but she can whip her hair back an forth and you’re happy about that?

    • cmncmdh

      Oh great a black Paris Hilton. And “Famous-ness”? Im not going to get on her behind, but that tell’s you the evils of the world. A CHILD picking fame over knowledge. Baby girl dont you know you can open a book instead of your mouth and make money?! When did black folks allow their children to PICK if they want an education or not? I truly miss the attitude of educating and taking care of our own. What happened to being proud when your child got excepted into college? She will end up just as confused as all these other celebrities. And honestly her voice is not that great. She is best advised to stick her head in a book and take advantage of what her parents have worked for.

  • kalifa

    hmmm…..lots of celebs are uneducated but its such a shame when little black girls choose fame over knowledge…..

    at least she will inherit a lot of money…….

    • tinkerbella

      yeah i agree with ya but if u have rich parents school doesnt mather much even if ur own parents whent to school no way hey not everyone can be Mr Trump and be rich with head use instead of fan base but We are the ones that give them money in the first place so we really cant hate what some of us pay to support anyways so weird to say that We normal people are supporting rich peoples life style, i rather stay in school and end up wealthy if luck is on my side then being just rich 🙂

  • TRUTH SPEAKS ...!!

    I think they have done well with her so far. I’m sure their money can afford the best tutor and will EVENTUALLY let her get caught up on all that she has missed.

    Opportunity generally doesn’t do a lotta knocking, and if she happens to make enough of her own money to live in for the rest of her life, then I would hope education will be acquired…in due time, yeah?

    I am almost 100% sure that herr SCIENTOLOGIST family ain’t gonna let her grow up to be a FANTASIA! Lol!!

    • GIFT

      That’s wut I’m talking about. It’s easy to say what you would or wouldn’t do until that opportunity knocks, and to reinterate an earlier comment,” opportunity doesn’t knock too ofter for anyone.

  • daahlingnikki

    Weren’t her parents trying to open a school or something at one time?…So Im kind of surprised that they wouldn’t put more focus on Willows academics and less on entertainment…I understand she comes from a showbiz family and that she is embarking on a singing career herself but come on, she really should be studying and going to school on a regular basis…there is plenty of time to become a superstar…like after college..

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  • Mrs. Rance

    I’m about ready to call child protective services on Will and Jada this morning. They parenting lunacy is getting on my nerves. They act like uneducated ghetto parents who make sure their kids are dressed nice but to give to sh*ts about there mental devolpment.

  • Moanmyname (Certified now!)

    That’s sad. I rather my child get a education than become a puppet for the industry.
    p.s wtf is on her head? that bowl cut is ugly as fug

  • It's Me

    wow this is scary!! Money should not be an issue in that house. Let them kids go to school, the spot light will be here forever!!! Education is the key. Will and Jade should know that.

  • Pretty-n-Pink

    Mrs. Rance I applaud you these same people co-signing the Smith’s ignorance would be ripping apart the ghetto mama who make sure her kids have a pair of J’s but doesn’t make sure they can spell- but in the case of Willow all I hear is “get that paper”. Black folks are ya’ll serious? What happened to us? It don’t matter if she got all the money in the world because if she can’t count she is going to get ripped off!

  • Confidently_ugly

    this is unfortunate and i think we should aspire to more than entertainment but life in the “fast lane” educates you in a different manner its like the difference between “book and street smarts” you need both but you can function with one or the other

  • Mrs. Rance

    God bless little precious Willow and her Beatles haircut.

    • nywoman23


  • jasmin

    Was anyone calling child services on joe jackson? Mind you he ABUSED his kids? Yet bred the greatest entertainment family on earth. Or stevie wonder? Or maybe even eminem? He dropped out in 8th grade. 8TH GRADE!! Yet the man is a genius. I’m not saying education isn’t important, but its not a priority for everyone. Especially in the entertainment industry. Its a get it while you can pace.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Joe Jackson spanked his children. Not all of us consider that as abuse. Eminem is a rapper not genious. He’s also a recovering drug addict.

    • Whatev

      Michael was gifted in a way Willow simply is not, and the world is a better place with his music, but was it worth his mental health… for his ENTIRE life? Eminem dropped out in 8th; not 3rd like Willow should be in.

  • nywoman23

    if this was the common child missing alot of schooling ACS would be all up in the picture. so its ok when celebs do it ……smh

    • BishPlease

      You just said the magic word “IF”..so0o0o too bad shes not. and do you know how many so called “common” children skip school or worst dont even go to school? how many newspapers you read that actually focus on such a major but kept quiet issue? Especially if your living in a rough condemned area where hell even the city within itself could careless about there own citizens? Especially black citizens.

    • Machelle

      Exactly…I’m sick of people riding the smith’s coattails because they’re rich…this kid is not very bright…

  • MariaMiiz

    Educational Value is at it’s best when your young. Your never to old to learn or gain wisdom. If she is becoming a role model for your kids, what happens there?

    Building a generation of non-scholar children. That what they want, dumb your children.

    Not everyone is build to become the next Albert E., we can pave the wave for a brighter future. ugh!

  • SMH



    i love me some lil’ willow, but i think it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for young girls to have a strong education growing up. mathematics is especially crucial for girls to master, it gives them an edge in the workplace…no matter the industry. jussayin. 🙂

  • BishPlease

    Thank you, point made suffiecent. Hell most ppl dont even use there adequate education, they still choose to talk in ebonics and speak ignorant vs speaking properly and conducting themselves as if they are educated. Some ppl choose to act dumbed down vs using the so called tools the government has designed in school to be a so called upstanding well educated citizen. The best education to me is the education that begins at home. and the career this girl is in really doesnt involve too much knowledge anyways. am I sayin she shouldnt be educated, no! but im also sayin the girl can learn what she can learn in an institution right where she is now. and plus the career shes in is going to give her hell of an experience for a child and push her to grow up faster vs how the kids are taught in public schools…she wouldnt be able to relate with them whatsoever becaue of her lifestyle being so different from the average.

  • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • if anything be noble

    Yall need to leave little Willow alone. As of October 31st, she is now 10, not 9. Practically a grown woman. So yall better leave that little decade-old woman alone and let her do her and quit worrying her up about some doggone maths.

    • I Look Like Yes You Look Like No

      She’s practically an adult at age 10? Really? You must be a child yourself.

  • http://www.rhymesandpolitics.com ladyiva

    No one should jump on Willow. Blame the parents. No matter how busy a child is robbing them of an education will come back to haunt them years later. It doesn’t matter how much money she makes or how much money her parents have. Donald Trump’s children went to college. We are doing our Black children a disservice by not focusing on education.


  • Machelle

    Famousness? Maths? lawd have mercy..this child is gonna be ignorant as hell….those are not even words…what’s the use of selling records if you’re too dumb to count your money!

  • Wow!

    You get an education in order to get a job and sustain a career. She already has a career and a hell of alot more money than any of you will ever make. Just ask all of the highly educated with all of their fancy degrees who are now unemployed or working at Burger King what do they think about an education. Personally, I only attained my Masters degree because it was what my job required, not because I wanted to. If someone had taught me how to trade without attending a university I would have chosen on-the-job training over sitting in a classroom anyday.

    • maria

      If you have a Masters then you should give it back. You dont go to college just for some job. You go to college to learn how the world works. You sound just as bad as Willows parents because your job wanted you to get the Masters and not for your own knowledge and good.

    • Wow!

      If you believe that college instructs you on “how the world works” then I have some wooden nickels that are guaranteed to make you rich.lol Yes, I have a Masters degree, but the university did not teach me how to navigate the stock market. Hell none of my professors knew. This was a skill that I acquired on the job. Furthermore, when I felt like I benefited from what the job had to offer I left and I’m now an independent trader who’s calling my own shots. I did what I had to do to get to where I’m at now.In fact, I have thought my 12 year son how to trade successfully, therefore college is an OPTION for him. It is not a NECESSITY. Stop being a follower. That’s the problem with airheads today, you all are too eager to go along with someone else’s plan rather than creating your own.Now stay in your lane because I am clearly out of your league hoodrat.

    • mikey

      @ maria

      You must not be in college or you would know most people actually do go to college for their career. Yea I love gaining knowledge but the only reason I am in school is because I think it’s my best option to secure a great future. I am all for education but in Willow’s situation does she really need to go beyond high school? I say no because she is already set for life and of course there is always a possibility that the money will come to an end but who knows…

    • Shay

      Hello on a different note if you could email me I would love some guidance on stocks!

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