Poor Thang: Keri Hilson Speaks On Her Recent Smuttiness, Coochie-Poppin, And How She Wants To Read The Bible From Cover To Cover

- By Bossip Staff

SMH. This poor girl might just need to go back to being a dope a$s song writer:

Two years have passed since R&B singer-songwriter Keri Hilson first made waves in the music industry with her Gold-selling debut In A Perfect World… The Georgia-born songbird is back, better and bolder than ever, with her sophomore effort No Boys Allowed. The Grammy-nominated diva-in-training recently sat down with Celebuzz to dish on what fans can expect from the new album, how she keeps her music fresh and what she has on top of her Christmas list this year.

Hilson began her career penning hit records for music’s biggest names, including: Britney Spears, Beyonce, Usher, Ciara and Mary J. Blige and later turned the industry on its ear with show-stopping collaborations with Timbaland, Ne-Yo and Kanye West. “I am in a place where I’m a lot less concerned with how things are received. That mindset for me right now is a gift. I don’t feel the pressure to be liked or loved by everyone. I can’t please everyone. You’re not going to win that battle, even when you feel like you are doing something everyone will like. People have something to say no matter what, so I may as well be myself.”

It is this confidence and strong sense of self that thematically propels Hilson’s latest offering. Driven by the hit singles “Breaking Point” and “Pretty Girl Rock,“ No Boys Allowed is a call to arms for women everywhere. “Sonically [the album] is the same, but the topics and my delivery are probably a little more aggressive,” says Hilson of the evolution of her sound. “The core of it is still emotional, the tone of it is still coming from the same place. Women do need girl power, we do need the togetherness that my music may bring them.” Not only is Hilson looking forward to continuing family traditions this season, she admits that a CD is all that sits atop her Christmas list. “I’ve always wanted to read the Bible cover to cover,” says Hilson. “I think it’s called ‘The Bible Experience,’ but they had all of these actors reenact the Bible on CD, so I really want that.”

Aside from taking over the music industry as we know it, Hilson’s New Year’s resolution reflects the same humble aspirations that not only brought her from Decatur, Georgia to Interscope Records, but will undoubtedly drive her to greater success in years to come. “It’s always the same,” says Hilson. “It’s to work on being a better person.”
Hmmm…we’re not sure “What Jesus Would Say” about that last video of hers, but good for her we guess…

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  • JustCUz

    I love Keri Hilson and both I and everyone else knows that this isn’t the true her. SHe said it her self that her album sales slumped but to go this far and exploite yourself? Come on she has talent as a song writer don’t put yourself in the barrel with rihanna ( that girl is a hott mess).

  • nymphis

    look like she already been goin from cover to cover in ni&&as beds



  • http://twitter.com/feline_finesse K-mia

    its silly when grown ppl say they want to read the entire bible…she has had plenty of time to do so, what stopped her?

    • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • Jangalang bernie mac

    Give her credit in that area she can write just like neyo..She just is not a good enough performer and always end with the scraps and crappy songs. She has more talent than this. She is very but shes making her self look like a foo. She needs to sit back down and write she does it better than being an artist.

  • Monroe Savage

    I don’t even like Keri but chichi sweetie she has actually written a few songs for Beyonce…if I’m not mistaken she helped write irreplaceable… Keri is a very talented song writer..

  • GIFT

    for your info, Bey Bey does not write alot of her material. Keri Hilson’s resume is legit. The girl can right, and looking the way she does, she can ride too lol.
    On the real though, bey bey can sing and dance, and that’s where it stops, music wise.

  • Tah

    I dont know what her niche is its like a rhianna ciara all n one like a carbon copy type i dont kno she doesnt stand out to me she tries to hard if anything

  • RMEs

    Keri is a talented songwriter but she doesn’t have the “IT” factor to be out in front. She’d do better to follow the Diane Warren career path.

    • RMEs

      Oh, and I forgot to say that its written in the rule book that every artist at some point or another has to say they don’t care what anyone thinks…rollin my eyes.

    • DollBaby1o1

      I care what people think!

      But I care what I think too.

  • my way or no way

    2nd picture is the best i’ve seen her. Women can take charge. Something she brought out, I can pay for it myself. Nice note to look up to.

  • chaka1

    She’s 28. That’s middle aged in the industry these days.

    • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

      really i thought she was in her mid thirties… she looks good but she has that mature look about her, especially in the face.

  • kalifa

    pop that cooch honey….use what you’ve got to get what u want…..

  • Alistair

    Hey Keri while you’re at it why don’t you read the Holy Qu’ran.



  • sanriobaby =^.^=

    I’m not impressed. She just comes off so DESPARATE for attention, it’s a real turnoff. Besides, she’s a way better songwriter than performer, so why doesn’t she go with her strengths?

  • roe

    dont hate on Keri, to be totally honest. Beyonce and never wrote a damn song she’s every sung u dumb ass. Beyonce is a voice and dance bish and a good liar. u better ask sum1 Keri been making songs for years.

  • MyReason

    What’s reading the bible supposed to do?? I’m sure Bishop Eddie Long has read the bible front to back plenty of times..the act itself is meaningless if it doesn’t make you a better person. **YAWN** this chick is soooooo boring and wack.

  • Allie

    I’m done with keri, i was with her at the beginning but now i’m just done with her


    i’ve read it from cover to cover, and p.s., the old testament is the ‘business’!
    better than a soap opera, for real. 🙂

    • DollBaby1o1

      I meant a ‘non’ juicy steak = )

  • ThatBKChick

    I cannot believe this heathen has the nerve to talk about the Bible and singing “F-Me” in her lyrics?….The b ish is delusional as her wack a** career. Enough about this broad…Like I said someone at the record label told her to chew that a** to move units…knowing that she was going to be going up against Rihanna….I am no way rooting for Rihanna…but the last time I checked Ri-ri was not blatantly singing F-Me hooks in her music…the only thing Keri has over Rihanna is the coochie popping cuz yall know damned well although Ri-ri is Bajan…she can’t dance/wind for nothing!!! KERI PLEASE SAT DOWN and stick to producing!!!

  • streamline

    you can read cover to cover and still be wandering. just take time and study it along the way. remember; lean not unto thy own understanding. allow me to break it down, as christ told peter “if you love me… then obey my commanments”. case closed.

  • lambchip

    but if she reads the bible from cover to cover, she may feel conflicted in her choice of occupation.

    I mean, whats the point in reading it if its not going to change you?

  • semausmom

    I liked one of the more popular songs off of her last album although I can’t call myself a fan of hers. I’m not buying the “new” Keri. It works for some artists but it just seems like she’s trying WAY too hard to me. Ppl mention Rihanna, but with Rihanna it doesn’t seem forced…Keri just took it a lil too far!

  • Luel14

    She didn’t write jack for BEy. if you talking about love in this club remix, it doesn’t count.

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