Oprah’s Mom is Deep in Debt

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

According to Livesteez, Vernita Lee, Oprah’s mother, owes Valentia a couple hundred stacks:

Valentina Inc. sued Winfrey’s mother, Vernita Lee of Milwaukee, in July, contending that she racked up a bill of $155,547.31 in purchases and interest as of July 1. She was required to make a minimum monthly payment of $2,000 to the store, the suit says.

One would think that if your daughter were a billionaire, $155,547.31 would be but mere pocket change.

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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • Greeneyed Girl

    People need to realize this is what happens when you don’t raise your kids. Isn’t this a situation that is similar to Shaq. Cause “when your biological didn’t bother.”

  • Black Beauty

    This is pathetic! Oprah must have cut her off.

  • Flawdagurl~{ This is only a test...GOD IS SO GOOD}

    how you broke and your daughter is one of the richest people in America? smh

  • Anon

    Oprah’s probably tired of bailing her deadbeat ass out… bailed her out of the 2002 suit for 175Gs now she’s done it again. I can’t stand these parents who mooch off of their famous children… if they were worthy more than likely their child would gladly provide for them. Notice how Oprah rarely mentions mom whereas dad (is mentioned and on the show occasionally) has become somewhat of a celeb himself.

  • MS K

    I really don’t keep up with Oprah. I find her boring and out touch with the black community. I guess all the donation and charity work her employees does for her buy a pass to be deemed a good person. My question is does Oprah have a relationship with her mom?When i use to watch her back when she was Opfry , i never heard of speak of her mother.

  • Flawdagurl~{ This is only a test...GOD IS SO GOOD}

    oh yeah she didnt raise oprah…. lesson to deadbeats never leave your children b/c when they make something of theirself its like making an ass out of you! notice how almost every successful person was missing either a mother or father. ex. Obama

  • Balls Deep - Get Rid of the Federal Reserve NOW!!!!!!!

    She dosen’t need to help her out.. she probably gave her nuff to live.

    No more hand outs

  • Public Announcement

    Oprah doesn’t even really seem to like her daughter…she only ever seems t talk about her dad, if anything.

  • lala#1

    nevermind her mama being broke.. where the hell is her mama’s neck!!!????

  • Flawdagurl~{ This is only a test...GOD IS SO GOOD}

    my gravie is working… HELLO WORLD

  • who knows

    If I remember correctly, Oprah was raised by her daddy cause her mom was not there. In other words, I wouldn’t pay sh!t for this chick either. If you can’t afford those types of clothes with the job you got, don’t look at me. Oprah don’t owe her sh!t if she wasn’t even there for her when she was young.

  • JustMoi

    WOW….Oprah *SMH

  • Be

    Well that is her mother, she can take care of her.

  • thatbrutha

    Wait NEGROES her mom didn’t take care of her, treated her like dirt and now is trying to get over. No way.

  • B-Nice

    Watch out, everyone Obama knows is being investigated. Oprah supports Obama so that is just a deterrent to down rate the character of someone who supports Obama.

    Trust me this is not news it is conspiracy……


  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Why are you recycling this old ass news?

  • B-Nice



  • Be

    @thatbrutha – How do you know that? Not trying to be funny but I do want to know so that I can read it

  • Princess Aoki Lee aka BDR

    Adults are responsible for their own debt. Oprah’s Mom did not raise her and abandoned Oprah AFTER allowing her boyfriend and various family members to abuse Oprah.

    And yes I agree the better caption is “Where the HELL IS VERNITA” NECK”

  • Tracey

    Oprah has been through a lot as a child, because her mother did not bring her up. If a mother cannot be a paternal parent, why should a daughter who has made her own life…ALL BY HERSELF, have to bail anyone out? Wasn’t her mom ill the other day, seems like those storied were false, because she was certainly being busy spending money she’d never had in the first place????

    $155.000 dollars would be all people need to start up an enterprise and do something productive…..not blow it all on materal goods one could never afford in the first place.

    Oprah has been about for decades, surely there was work her mother could have sorted out from Oprah if she didnt want to sponge of her daughter?

    I think Oprah spends more on her dogs than her relatives, which is kind of sad, however it is Oprah money and family or not, she can spend it how she feels.

    All I had to say, when Oprah was sexually abused by a family friend, where was her mother and what did her family do….other than try and pretend it never happened? Good on Winfrey, for going through the worst thing in life a child ever has to encounter (other than going to school with no shoes) and making herself America’s true first lady…and a black one at that too.

  • mojojojo

    @ suckmybritt

    OMG are you serious? that is so sad!! but when you make it you know you did it on your own and didnt need no one help.

  • Nina Knows

    Princess Aoki Lee aka BDR(Check me out!)

    Adults are responsible for their own debt. Oprah’s Mom did not raise her and abandoned Oprah AFTER allowing her boyfriend and various family members to abuse Oprah.

    And yes I agree the better caption is “Where the HELL IS VERNITA” NECK


    LOL, you know what I recant my previous post. I didnt know her mom didnt raise her. I was speaking from a “normal” upbringing. But yes Where is her neck… That is the question.

    Btw, I ALWAYS love all of your post.

  • Ms. T.

    Dang! All this time, I thought that Oprah’s mother was dead. She never mentions her. She only talks about her grandmother and her father.

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