His Priorities Are Kinda Skewed

- By Bossip Staff

Posted By Bossip Staff

Ain’t no party like a JD party cuz a JD party don’t stop. No seriously, he doesn’t stop partying for anybody. Not when an employee got shot and not even while his girlfriend is hospitalized. Jermaine Dupri was seen partying it up into the early hours of the morning at Patrón’s Music in Motion Tour Finale at Marquee nightclub in NYC. That’s a real @sshole-ish move, JD. Step your boyfriend game up, man.


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  • Hannibal

  • http://www.myspace.com/misseclipsegt queenATLantis


  • copelli21

    Midgets have got to be seen. This boy/man is always standing on the furniture! He looks like a drunk mini-action figure.

  • Damn shame

    He is just dealing with the fact he will never get any bigger and Janet’s never giving him a baby. her family is more into the mixed kid thing they not into breeding midgets and dwarfs

  • NewNew

    Janet can do so much better.

  • Black Beauty

    I guess that it is safe to say that “little man” is an alcoholic. SMDH

  • Flawdagurl~{ This is only a test...GOD IS SO GOOD}

    hmmm hes been gettin juiced lately

  • jai

    the fact that JD is in the club, should let us know that Janet wasn’t as ILL as she claimed to be!!! Let’s put on our thinking cap people:-)

  • Shardy


  • DJ20735

    Damn was it that cold in NYC? Black folk love to jump into winter clothes.

  • JustMoi

    DANG!! Da Midget is TWISTED *LOL


    when a man is in the club constantly its cause he’s not happy at home

  • HoneyBrown

    And didn’t he just get sh#tfaced at his birthday party and earl on Janet’s lap??!! He is forever standing on a chair! I saw him at a party in LA a few years back and he was posted up on a couch like “what?” LOL!






  • Da Bee's Knees

    It was about 70C yesterday in MYC with a low of about 60c,what was he dressed for?

  • Cage

    I gotta co-sign that cat who said he looks bummy as hell… Wtf? Lookin like an underground rapper…..

  • DCsFinest (sitting on the couch in between Sxy Q and theseen eating popcorn and watching House Party)

    ROFLMFAO @ this pic!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    No surprises here. He is among the few music industry folks who refuse to grow up no matter what. He must be a really great guy, because from what we are able to see I don’t know what Janet wants his little ass.

  • trishaann


    This is the man that Steve Harvey¢s Letter was about yesterday



    Subject My Prince Charming Turned Out to Be a Devil with Horns I am a 39 year old single mother of two girls 9 and 14. I am educated, beautiful and successful and have a good job . I met my prince charming online, went on few dates. In my life I have had mishaps when it comes to men.

    This guy was handsome, well educated and he is every woman dream. I was so excited to finally meet somebody like him, after meeting a couple of free loaders. He was my dream come true. My excitement about my prince charming ended when I landed in his bed of hell. My first concern was his unwillingness to use protection, and I insisted that since we don’t know each other that long, that was the safest thing to do.

    I asked him about his status and he said he was clean, he has no diseases and he was going to show me, his status. I was concerned when I realized that he had secretly removed the protection during the encounter, and he told me that he does not like using them.

    After this day, I called and told him that I needed to see his hiv status and he said. Yea I will send it to you.

    As I was waiting impatiently I noticed that he was a bit different. I called him and told him strongly but politely that I needed to know his status. That was the last day I ever heard from him. He stopped calling me; he never answered my calls nor returns them. I called him at work and he told me not to bother him anymore, I must leave him alone.

    6 months later I tested positive for hiv. What do I do? Do I sue him? Do I let him do this to other women? Should I sit and accept it as my fate.

    I am devastated. I look at my girls and cry because I have betrayed them; I put myself in a compromising situation. What do I tell them?

    Steve I know I failed to follow your rule of thumb, but still I need your advice.

    Thnx, Devastated and betrayed

    Ivan has women all spread out across the U.S. Especially in the area that he lives and travel too often. Ivan is from Plainfield , NJ . He has women in NY, NJ, DE, VA, FL, PA, NA, MD, Washington DC , Texas , CA and Canada . I am sure there are more. Ivan is also in the AF Reserves, stationed at Dover branch, which he talks about on an on going basis. This is how he gets to travel so often, for a broke man. Ivan is quiet and laid back, never refuses food, and takes, takes, and takes; Never offering to replenish anything. He doesn’t have a home to speak of; lives out of his car going from woman to woman. Once he even carried on a relationship with sisters. Something he says he’s not proud of; Yeah Right! If you are looking for a leech, a liar, and a good HIV/AIDS candidate, Ivan is your man. Let’s be clear, I am posting to put the facts out there. So that woman can make an educated decision and keep their eyes open and be safe.

  • ~Ingrid~

    wow he looks 2 feet shorter when he is standing on sumthing! lol

  • Somer

    When ever there is a heath scare with Janet, she always find out how the man in her life really feel about her. Janet gave an interview after her last divorce. She said on a night where she literly thought she was losing her eye sight while on tour she had to go to the hospital. Renee decided to stay where he was with his other woman.

  • Roni

    Thanks for the post Trishaann. Appreciate a sistah keeping others informed. Have a wonderful week.

  • Kori

    JD is a drunk.

  • Royal Chocolate

    He still looks like an oompa-loompa from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

  • Lady elle

    He may very well have a drinking problem.

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