NeNe’s About To Be A Grandma… Happy Birthday?!

- By Bossip Staff

Today, on her 42nd birthday, NeNe Leakes is dealing with the news that her good-for-nothing, live-at-home 20-year-old knocked up some broad in Atlanta.

And she knows that probably means she’s about to raise her third child.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta diva NeNe Leakes “flipped-out” after she discovered that her troublesome son Bryson Bryant got his girlfriend pregnant, has exclusively learned.

What’s more, she has demanded that Bryson’s girlfriend take a paternity test because she’s not convinced that the child is actually his!

Now vain NeNe is trying to come to terms with the news that she’s going to be a grandmother at only 42!

“NeNe threw a ‘real hissy fit’ when she found out and she really laid-into Bryson,” a source close to the family told

“Not only does she hate the idea of becoming a grandmother in her forties she believes that she will be left picking-up the tab for the baby because her son still lives at home and does not have a steady income.

“Bryson is still dating the girl, who is a local from Atlanta, but by no means is it a steady and secure relationship.

“NeNe believes that neither of them is mature enough to be parents but it’s understood that the girl is definitely going to have the baby.”

It’s not yet known if the real-life family drama will play out on the current series of Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

That n***a Bryson ain’t sh*t! Good thing she and Geritol Greg are working it out.


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  • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • Hannibal


    • heavenup7


    • LaTerrica Smith


  • RickyBobby

    A few words Nene… “to the left, to the left!”

  • deesac

    This is one ugly women, but one thing I can say she knows how to sell her self and make money.

  • Nana

    20 is not 15 people, get off ur high horses. I like nene and i think she has every right to flip. Shyt i would go gaga if i have 2 pay 4 ma son’s bills. 18yrs of bills? Smh

  • Entoon

    he’s good for nothing cuz he got a good for nothing little tramp pregnant when he could have protected himself! he aint eeven got a damn job, still living at his mom’s house and have u seen this funkbum on the show??? his hygiene alone baffles me as to how some girl let him hit! but she’s prolly a funkbum too!

  • catdaddy

    nene is getting ready to —break-out. now she got to get ready to babysit. them young rooster’s aka thunder cats are looking her way, mr. greg gots to put up w/ you can’t do nothing right…. talk now. and from what nene is saying greg done broke his plate. and when you do that its always going to be a crack in that plate. just remember when she be staring at the ceiling around 2 in the am. just look at her and sang “your body’s here w/ me , but your mind is on the other side of town you mess’n me around”.

  • confidently_ugly

    sorry to say it but….. she seems to treat that youngest fathered by her husband better .. a couple of times she made some comments that i thought were hurtful to her son . If he does have some disfunction i will bet its because she treated him different. I cant be so fast to judge him ..Nene was a single parent knowing her he has probably seen alot and was probably the subject of her abuse. He probably doesnt care if she is embarrased by this

  • semausmom

    Wow! Nene just can’t catch a break!!! She’ll be financially taking care of Greg, Bryson and the baby!

    Things will really get interesting in season 4 or 5…new babies for Kim and Nene!

  • GOLDiE

    didn’t she give him 90 days to kick rocks? Ii guess dude got somewhere to live now…

  • Chyna

    ditto! SMDH

  • Lisa

    I agree with you. This site has to
    be owned by white people.

  • Wow!

    Nene should have stayed off of the pole, and paid more attention to her son.

  • Xclusive

    Ugh who would F*uck his Ugly A$$…Smdh

  • Jade

    @Entoon – ROFLMAO @ Funkbum! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And I have to cosign with the question of why this chick let him hit…WTF?! This fool looks like he hasn’t showered, shaved, or gotten a haircut since season 2.

  • d

    Wow! Who didn’t see this one coming, for real! I mean he lives at home, no job, doing nothing, not trying to do anything…so naturally the only thing too do is “KNOCK” someone up:0 How stupid…I mean what does this woman do? Is she a student? Does she have her own to take care of a child w/o “his family” support$$$$??? If not, she’s pitiful….I guess he, she, they must think a baby is free….wrong, so wrong they are….I would be pissed off if I were either of their moms…how tacky…tacky…..

  • rosshell

    her son is grown Ne Ne needs to let him be a man and so he lives at home right now he will move out soon…she dont gotta do nothing unless she wants too. NeNe worry about your younger child and your marriage let him become a man he dont got a choice now does he????? just be there for him to talk to and if you decide to help out then thats great..
    other than do you NeNe…..
    (shes my favorite)

  • Nia

    Where was this girls parents?? Its obvious that she has no home training to allow herself to get knocked up by a broke as*s nicca still living at home with his mom.

  • Alynn

    JUDGE NOT, that ye be NOT JUDGED!! Matthew chpt 7 vs 1 – Everyone is unique, just because Brysons “style” is not your style does not make it WRONG!!! Where is it written that he is supposed to fit into “Your Mold”. This child, if infact it is true may be the incentive that Bryson needs to persue his education so that he can provide for his child. When people are down we are supposed to offer a hand to lift them up, not step on them and over them keeping them down. Just because of Brysons appearence people think he smells and doesnt shower – those of you who think that are just showing your ignorance! ~ Another thing, why would it be said that Bryson is “Good for nothing” — its evident that he IS “Good for something” You posted this story and comments about him —- so there, he IS good for something!!! He captured your attention and took up some of your time! ~

  • Alynn

    None of you have to support Bryson or his child! So ummmmm is it REALLY your business where Bryson lives, works, attends school, has sexual relations with etc — LOOK in the mirror and get yourself right before you go judging someone else!

  • GrammerCop

    Your comment alone just made us look bad. Your grammer is awful!

  • Mercy M

    Hey GrammerCop … it’s “GrammAr”

  • sexygrandmom

    Any child born out of wed-lock needs to have a paternity test done.IT is a wise thing to do.

  • My2centz

    @ Marquis & Hannibal: lolol 😉

  • sexygrandmom

    If one is not financial,emotional,and spiritual able to take care of a child then they do not need one.That is what wrong with the younger generation now,no parental guidance.

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