Coon Of The Day: Bernie Madoff Is Too ChickenISHT To Attend His Own Son’s Funeral

- By Bossip Staff

Out of fear for his life, and embarrassment to his grieving family, Bernard Madoff will not attend the funeral for his son Mark, who committed suicide Saturday morning in his New York apartment.

The incredibly callous move means that Bernie won’t even give Mark’s grieving widow the courtesy of his personal condolences, despite the fact that his epic crimes apparently led to his tormented son’s death.

“He will not be attending the funeral out of consideration for his daughter-in-law’s and grandchildren’s privacy,” said Bernie’s lawyer, Ira Lee Sorkin.

John Mancini — a former inmate who befriended the elder Madoff at the North Carolina federal lockup — told The Post yesterday that he believed “Bernie is feeling extremely, really, really sad” about Mark’s suicide.

But, Mancini added, Bernie didn’t appreciate that both Mark and his other son, Andrew, had shunned him after his arrest.
“[Bernie] was upset,” Mancini said. “He felt that if the same thing had happened the other way around and he was the son, he would have forgiven his father.”

Wait a minute muthafugga! This c*cksucker wants someone to sympathize with him!?!? He’s mad because his family shunned him??? GTFOH!!

Madoff biographer Jerry Oppenheimer said of Bernie’s decision not to attend, “He couldn’t face the family, he couldn’t face the public, and he feared for his life.
“He’s ruined too many people out there. There might be people gunning for him,” said Oppenheimer, who called that a “very, very legitimate fear.”

Damn skippy its a legitimate fear! He’d have to wear a Teflon suit just to get out of the car to go in the church! But regardless, to no go to your son’s funeral, after he committed suicide behind some BS that YOU did, fawkin ridiculous…


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