Are There Wedding Bells In Alex Rodriguez’ Future???

- By Bossip Staff

Yankees third-baseman Alex Rodriguez was seen with Cameron Diaz at teammate Nick Swisher wedding this past weekend. Then today was spotted at a business meeting, and became a little rattled when asked a particular question….

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez together attended Yankees slugger Nick Swisher’s weekend wedding to Joanna Garcia in Palm Beach. A-Rod and Diaz, who dined at Prime One Twelve in South Beach on Friday night, watched Swisher wed at The Breakers. Guests included Johnny Damon, Lance Bass, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Reba McIntyre. The party went until 1 a.m. Sunday and a witness said, “Everyone danced until the very end.” Yesterday, A-Rod was spotted here doing paperwork at a business meeting at Serafina on East 61st. But he flinched when an onlooker asked him, “You been working on a prenup?”

LOL! We get it, but it’s not like Cameron Diaz doesn’t have her own cake. But once again, we get it….


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  • Hannibal


    • E.C. from D.C.

      Whatttt I agree with you again lol

  • Sweet Cherry!!!

    He’s a player it won’t last….then again it might I heard she’s a freaky girl…lol

    • MOONME

      Yes, she can turn into a MAN and he loves it.

  • AnaLisa

    Don’t do it ARod! Don’t marry that pale, pasty chick!!

    • PalestLatina

      He’s a filthy animal and his type destroy the white race.

  • PalestLatina

    What is she doing slumming with this Dominican gorilla! her purebred Castilian father will be spinning in his grave. She is a beautiful, white woman who needs her head examined. Don’t be a MUDSHARK Cameron. Go back to WHITE! I am so disappointed in her.

  • Diagur

    Why doesn’t he try dating a Dominican woman for a change he might like it. Two more weeks to Christmas shop.

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

    Does he even date dominican woman?


  • LadyJ

    wait a second, I thought the other day everyone was sayin that cubans are ‘black’. now they are white? Why are people trying to divide the latinos?

    • The Cynic

      This dude is Dominican and he clearly has both Spanish and African blood, just like many Cubans.

      Their is some disagreement about Cuba’s racial statistics though. Their official census says a lil over 60% of the pop. is white, while others say blks actually make up about 60%. Others claim mulattoes are in the majority. I might add that race is defined quite differently there

  • White as a Ghost!

    A-Rod loves these kind of chicks – the paler the better. You ever seen close-up pics of Diaz? I bet he’d love to take a trip to the morgue to see the real pale ones.


    He has one drop of Spanish in him but that is all and Spanish folks ain’t shy about letting us know it.

  • sportstalk23

    He better not didnt he just get divorced not to long ago think it through, but I will say this after dishing out a truckload of money to his ex-wife/school teacher he has gone on and went for chicks who got their own ducets,but he’s a player that got out of a marriage for a reason, so no need to remarry only to keep playing. He was just with Kate Hudson not too long ago

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