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  • Sharon

    Another post that proves the dumbing down of America and the ignorance of the generation that will soon be running this country. SMDH!! Let’s all just sit on our hands and complain our lives away. I wonder if there is as much talk or anger about our government using our tax dollars to support those who decide to have 3 and 4 kids and sit home on their a** all day long. I wonder if people are. As upset about the fact that the money that should be going to research and treatment is going to foodstamps for healthy, strong a** people that can go out and work? Where is the nastiness and anger about these things? Yet there is anger, hate and ignorance being spewed at celebs that did something innovative to bring attention to a cause? Yes they could have written a check but that would not have started a conversation, but limited minds will always see the negative first and miss the vision. Wellbibam sure that those kids will be appreciative of those meds that are soooo hard to come by over there. God knows the heart better tn anyone and he will continue to bless those who do from their hearts and those that spew hate and think only of themselves will continue to drown in misery, confusion and constant drama.

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