UPDATE: Mark Madoff To Be Cremated, No Funeral For “Chickensh*t” Bernie To Skip

- By Bossip Staff

Wow. Those Madoff’s ain’t sh*t:

He wanted nothing to do with his family, and now the embittered relatives of Mark Madoff — who hanged himself outside his sleeping toddler’s bedroom — are washing their hands of him.

The body of the shamed son of jailed-for-life Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff was quietly transferred yesterday from the city morgue to a Manhattan funeral parlor to be cremated — as soon as last night if not today — with no funeral or wake, sources told The Post.
“The family doesn’t want to have anything to do with the body,” a police source told The Post.

“There’s no service planned. There’s not going to be any viewing. You’re not going to see any Madoff relatives,” the source added. Mark Madoff, who killed himself Saturday morning — two years to the day since his dad’s infamous Ponzi-scheme arrest — will be “cremated at the family’s wishes,” a law-enforcement source said. His body was finally transferred yesterday to the Andrett Funeral Home on Second Avenue after being at the city morgue since Saturday.

The family shunning was the second insult in as many days to Mark, 46, a dad of four who could not cope with the fallout of his dad’s scam — and the possibility authorities were going to go after him and his brother, Andrew. On Monday, Bernie Madoff’s lawyer said the crook — who is serving a 150-year sentence — would not attend any funeral services.

An ex-worker at Bernie’s firm told the scammer’s biographer, Jerry Oppenheimer yesterday, “If a Mafia boss had died, the family would get together and have a service and not care about a media circus or retaliation. But the Madoffs — there’s just too much anger, too much hate and too much dissension.” Yesterday, sources also revealed that Mark Madoff tried unsuccessfully to kill himself twice before finally succeeding the third time.

Early Saturday morning, in his SoHo apartment, he tried to hang himself with a cord he had cut from a vacuum cleaner, but the cord snapped, the sources said. When police arrived, they saw “a portion of [the vacuum cord] was hanging from the beam, broken,” the source said. The other half of that cord, which had been looped into a noose, was lying on a nearby table. He also tried to hang himself with one dog leash — but that, too, broke, sources said. He finally used another dog leash, which worked, they said.

Madoff was found hanging from the second leash later that morning by his father-in-law, Martin London, who went to the home after Mark’s wife, Stephanie, called from Florida to say she had received ominous e-mails from him. Cops confiscated the hard drive to Mark’s home computer but have yet to look through it because it turns out that the e-mails were sent from his Blackberry, sources said. The police are now hesitant to search his hard drive because, given that the case is a suicide, they would be on shaky legal ground if they turned up anything not related to it, the sources added.



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  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...13 Weeks Pregnant with a Boy!!!!!

    WOW. Well it is what it is. How selfish to leave your children fatherless and your wife widowed. Now I wonder if you really did have any part of the ponzi scheme. Well RIP, I guess.

  • marquis2sade

    RIH = Rot In Hell
    RUTH, the mother is NEXT

  • Moanmyname

    So sad. He should have never taken his own life. TWO TIME his plans were thwarted. That was a sign and he didnt listen. Old boy i hope u find peace. May God have mercy on you soul

  • Lis

    This is really sad, that someone would do this and leave his family. It wasn’t his time to die, after two stunts proved that. RIP and may you find peace in the afterlife.

  • http://arionataylor.blogspot.com Ariona Taylor

    Peace is a state of mind…and since he’s dead, he doesn’t have none.

  • chocolat

    Sins of the father. i feel bad for this young man. If i was him i would’ve moved out where no one knows me and changed my name and live a humanitarian lifestyle, and still be around for my children. RIP

  • Ms. T.

    Eh whatev. They brought this on themselves. Hard to feel any type of sympathy. I believe they were all in on it, they just used thier douche of a father as the scapegoat to make them look like heroes. F him and the truck he rode in on.

    • Big leonard mckelvey

      You’re right he couldn’t take it. He didn’t want to live always having to look over his shoulder. Once he realized he couldn’t enjoy all that stolen money it was over for him.

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