Lil Wayne: “Lyrically, I’m Better Than Everybody, I Don’t Ever Have To Promote Nothing, That’s The Beauty Of Being Lil Wayne”

- By Bossip Staff

It is safe to say that Lil Wayne may have bumped his head while in prison or may caught a case of “YOU MUST BE CRAZY” while in the hole for the last 30 days of his sentence. In a new interview with DJ Drama on Shade 45, Lil Wayne spoke on his new album “The Carter IV” and his new single “6-7” and speaks on how he thinks he’s better than everybody, lyrically.

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Click Here to Listen to “6-7”

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  • nikemy

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    • god'sgrace

      I love Weezy! I think hes everything he says he is and more…Name one rapper that’s fauxing with Weezy on the verses…

    • DJCCC

      REALLY??… YOU must be sniffin on sh!+ if u can’t think of anybody else that’s better than Wayne. Eminem IS, WAS, and WILL ALWAYS BE better than Wayne and probably any other rapper out there. Eminem is the best rapper alive, and Wayne is just a punch liner. Point, blank, period.

    • mone

      umm Fabolous…errrr Eminem!!!!! They’re way better than weezle…i like Weezle BUT him & the whole young money gang have a hard time staying on topic; they focus too much on rhyming instead of making complete sense. But hey Weezy sed it himself they “gone be alright if they put Drake on every hook”! but as Stated my fave Rapper is FABOLOUS and EMINEM!

  • Vida B

    Wayne is overrated.There are soooo many rappers that can eat him alive.

  • We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

    Pride goeth before a fall, Wayne.

    • Here to share knowlege...Not argue

      I love your screen name….and the only pride this dude is familiar with is gay pride…damn shame….

    • RMEs

      I was thinking the same thing. He smellin himself and that’s never a good thing.

  • so_Real

    i wonder what is going on when someone who has a flow that i can only describe as retarded says something like this. i say retarded in the fact that everything said is the same thing but put to a different beat. well it doesnt really matter, as long as the kids still buy his junk he will constantly think that he is greater than everyone else. enough of my little rant, Dmx, eminem, nas, jay z, common, substantial, and a million others in the game not under your banner all say hello to you good sir and that is all.

  • TheOne

    Wayne..this is the result of your brain on drugs. He can’t be serious.

  • JustAshley

    Let this be a lesson to everybody, “This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?”

  • jt_thecomedian

    Damn hes just sayin that cuz dudes he gave head in jail told him “nobody spits like u Wayne” follow and get at me

  • Greeneyedbandit

    I jus hope lil Wayne stay outta trouble.I wont say he the greatest rapper of all time,but he is a HEAVYWEIGHT in the rap game.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Its alot of people just waitin to see Lil Wayne get in trouble again.I wish him the best ,and to the haters,you get no love!

  • McFLy01

    J. Cole will murda everybody on Young money. kill his self just to murder them again. Wayne can’t fool with J. Cole. Or even Wale.

    • wannafightaboutit

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • Lex

    mr wayne… word for you: Eminem. simple.

    • McFLy01

      I agree

    • Kharizma


  • resurrected

    To be the best Lyrically, you have to educated enough with a wide vocabulary and I don’t hear that in Lil Wayne music.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Eminem is the sh*t too,he cant be slowed down or stopped right now.But,much love to Weezy too!

    • eman

      umm nas and mos def would murder both of them

  • IsHeSick!!!

    Lil Wayne is losing it Eminem is the best artist he always stays on topic with his flow. I can’t never figure out what the crap Wayne be talking about, and let’s be serious he only has three topics when he does spit. Wayne is very much laughable in my book and I’m sorry he can’t touch Eminem his flow is crazy.

    • dextress

      All rappers talk about nothing, try listen to hard rock or retro rock. Now thats meaningful music.

  • bsly6

    I don’t even like eminem but lyrical wise he fux lol wayne up.

  • bsly6

    I don’t even like eminem but lyrical wise he fux lil wayne up.

  • Lauren Londyn

    Stop hatin on my baby daddy!…

    • eman

      wow your stupid

  • Here to share knowlege...Not argue

    Hmmmm….this would make a lot more sense if he actually WROTE his own lyrics….stay in your lane playa….you are still light years behind real MCs….

    • S.a.s.s.y24

      I agree 100%

  • E.C. from D.C.

    *sighs* he’s sniffin’ on his own hype. ehhhhh

  • kt

    lyrically better than everyone else? I think he is smoking something too strong.Lyrically he’s at about number 50 on the list.JayZ,Nas,Biggy,Pac,KRS1 ect Lil Wayne must be crazy,Jayz has verses taller than him.

  • kt

    Get Eminem angry and he’ll bury Lil Wayne in verses until he has to wave the white flag.

    • whatever

      Yes,I was just thinking that…If that Slim Shady comes out it’s a wrap..I love Lil Wayne but I do kinda think that Eminem is the best rapper alive.. I can’t stand Jay-Z.. I don’t know why people claim hes all that.. his music is easy on the ears but hes really overrated.. I can actually feel Eminem soulfully and Lil Wayne sometimes when they rap it’s all about that. Not if it is good for the ears or that it sound goods coming out my speaker box.

  • kt

    Kanye and Common will cut him to pieces too.

  • well wadda ya know

    The best I don’t think Soo but he does come in second everybody know Em is the best point blank period. oh yeah jay is third

    • eman

      hell no lil wayne ant second and hell no eminem is first and hell no jay z ant third never one is even in the top 20 nas mos def and lupe fiasco would murder all three of those fools u just name

  • mone

    rotflmao – – thats what i sed…

  • honesty4u

    This is what happens when people go out and buy the crap of someone who is “hot” at the moment, they start believing they are the best….Thanks for the laugh today Wayne…I needed that.

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