Taking Over the Big Screen

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Ne-Yo gives some background info on his new project:

R&B star Ne-Yo is following in the footsteps of Eminem by planning a movie based on his life story. The singer/songwriter – who has been involved in the moviemaking process and will star in the film – likens the project to Eminem’s 2002 movie 8 Mile, which was based on the rapper’s own rise to fame. “We are putting together the (film) right now as we speak, as a matter of fact. The name of the movie is Venice Beach and basically it’s going to be my 8 Mile, loosely based on (my) life, but not really,” said Ne-Yo.

Okay, Ne-Yo, we see you. You might call him gay, a gaylord, a gayer-lord, or just a plain girl, but for all the things he might be, he is most definitely a money making machine. How do you think Ne-Yo’s new movie will do when it hits theaters?


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  • I Will Wash Twist & Curl your locs for under $100

    No thx..

  • Up2NoGood

    Not a good pose.

  • I Will Wash Twist & Curl your locs for under $100

    Email me at anyobama@aol.com if u need your hair done.

  • Breakin 2

    again,another cinematic classic!!!!

  • eyes

    boooooo, who cares!!

  • Tiff

    I really don’t think that people will be rushing to the movies to see it. However, I am hoping that he does a better job at portraying himself than Fantasia did in her own life story. I still cannot understand how you can do a horrible job at portraying yourself in a movie.

  • Tiff

    Actually, its not the posture that’s putting his gayness on blast, its the pouting lips. That is not cute on any man especially one that’s supposed to be “straight”.

  • lol


    That is true

  • lala#1

    What is so interesting about his life, that I should waste 12bucks to see it?? He is a talented artist, but seriously,, do I really need to sit and watch u try on hats to cover ur big forehead or how to apply the correct amount of lip gloss?

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    and here’s another pic that totally cracks me up….looking like a sweet catfish that just got caught…HOT DA*%!!!!!

  • soulwoman

    Flop! I don’t get why all these singers and rappers think their life is worth making a movie out of it.

  • chaka1

    ew..those lips…

  • 6 Figgaz

    N*gga gonna wear a hat in every scene…

  • LMAO

    “Taking Over the Big Screen”


    Him or those lips, LMAO.

  • DieVerse

    N*gga gonna wear a hat in every scene…


    LMFAO!!!! im at work and my boss lookin at me like am crazy cuz I cant stop laughin!!!!

  • Wakeupeople

    Wow! that pic of him is Flaming!

  • HoneyBrown

    Who cares??? Next!

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Venice Beach? I thought he was from LA?

    Lowa Ala-BAMA



  • Dont Like Me

    I won’t be seeing this flick. i’ll put that $12 in the gas tank and wait for it to play on Oxygen or Lifetime.

  • RaphaelK

    Heres a song off the soundtrack

    I’m just so sick of women

    so tired of tears

    so done with wishin

    He was still here

    said i’m just so sick of women

    wish they could go

    They don’t now i’m on the down low

  • lanette

    all of this gay stuff about Neo is tired.

  • jandsmama

    I don’t care if Neyo is gay or straight but I do care if I have to see another close up shot of those lips and beady eyes. Not a good look, bruh.



  • Just Sayin

    But will he tell the truth?

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