Some Morning Lovin: Kimora And Djimon Publicly Pucker Up For The Paps

- By Bossip Staff

We really like these two as a couple:

The 35-year-old, Kimora Lee Simmons, joined her partner, Oscar nominated actor Djimon Hounsou, for an adults only lunch at famed Beverly Hills eatery Il Pastiao yesterday.
The relaxed looking couple walked arm in arm out of the restaurant and waited patiently for their car in the valet area after their lunch.Kimora, who is six-feet-tall, was affectionate with Djimon, her partner of three years, leaning in and giving him kisses as they talked.

How sweet…remember what we said about that “Good D”


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  • YokoDMV

    they had to mention she was 6 foot because….??? ANYWAY love kimora’s booties, hate djimon’s jacket

    • rene

      Height or feet has nothing to do with anatomy size; Its the size of the hands and wrist. Believe that.


      omg how dumb, what on earth does her height have anything to do with this article

  • http://deleted Nisha Nisha


  • deltasweetiepi

    I wish her the best always

  • Peppa

    I never liked Kimora. She is the poster child for a woman with power who is too much of a BIOTCH. I love women who exude power and strength. But this chick has a very poor demeanor, and she is extremely rude and can be very hostile.

    • BritishGirl

      Same. She comes across very spoilt and rude too. She has very beautiful children, but that’s the only thing I like/admire her for.

    • Entoon

      I’m not even famous and I’m angry and hostile when ppl I don’t know try to take liberty with my personal space! she’s gotta be on guard cuz she’s being protective of herself, her children, her business and her life! I don’t see anything wrong with that!!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Love them together but looks like Djimon wasn’t feeling the cameras snapping away as he was trying to kiss his wife…just saying

  • uptowngirl

    Kiki love her chocolate…can’t blame her. Go head girl…

  • miles davis

    she just loves ugly black men.

  • scorpiosexxy

    I don’t like her! Just because she married blk men, she don’t have to try so hard to act like a sista’. Manufactured Swag. Is he kissing her back?? Juss sayin tho….

    • ashley2

      Her daddy is black, so your not saying much….

    • Shauna

      i was wondering the same thing he is not kissing her back

  • Allison Mae

    LOVE these two together!!!! Good “D” lol.

  • Kandi Koated

    Look he still opens the car door for her.

    • Chizzohchiz

      …and he is very mindful not to grap her ash while they are out in public.
      {singing in my En Vogue voice}

  • Entoon

    u can tell she really loves this man1 her whole demeanor is different than when she was with BDR. she acts more feminine and soft next to her new hubby. this is a good look for Kinmora! wish them the best and that there love lasts!

  • DD

    Kimora appears to be a different woman. Amazing how the right man can change your life,I hope their relationship last forever. Congradulations On finding the perfect love Kimora!

  • http://Black Blackman

    Check out djimon hands (in pocket) and eyes (open) 🙂 He know she is playing him for jalousy scheeems. You see…She went white and lost.

  • Xclusive

    She is WhiP….Its ObviouS RuSSeL Didn’t Do anything for Her….LmaO

  • tg

    They remind me of my Honey/husband and me – Good Love.

  • SuperDuper

    Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and YEllow LOL

  • Bianca

    In ALL their pictures that man is never kissing her back, he must not like pdas. ow well…

  • whatisthat

    she loves that chocolate man!!! ya, the picture shows that he is not into her,but i love them as a couple…not the same pictures as we seen of rusty simmons and her…what a mismatch!!!

  • Mabel

    Sweet couple. Is Kimora graying? and why is Djimon wearing a puffy jacket, is it that cold in Cali? Djimon, I am tired of seeing you on the gossip sites, you’re needed back on the big screen.

  • Mabel

    Djimon is west African, where public displays of affection is frowned upon, that is most likely why he’s not all up on her as y’all would think normal. He did take her to Benin to his village to meet his ppl, so I am pretty sure she he loves her. African men don’t take you home unless u are the real deal.

  • Peppa

    Glok meet me on 34th street this Friday around 8:00 pm

    • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • http://twha? I gets down like that

    Ooops * didn’t mean to add the word “me” in that one sentence

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