The Celebrity Gay Rumor

- By Bossip Staff

If you’re an attractive male R&B or hip-hop artist who’s had a successful single, a large female fan base and lyrics that don’t center solely on misogyny and criminal pursuits, you now have ingredients for your very own gay rumor.

It’s almost as if the “gay” accusation often stands as a jab to discredit an artist’s talent and authenticity. Last time I checked an artist’s sexual preference didn’t determine their lyrical ability, vocal talent or creativity.


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  • Just Sayin


  • Sasha

    It never cease to amaze me how people feel that an artist is not gay because he may act masculine, and seem to have a lot of girls. Those can be thee most suspect, because they are trying to mask their other behavior. I don’t thin Neyo CB is any more straighter than Neyo. As a matter of fact CB exudes a lot of metrosexual attire, as well as some of his dance moves are soooo effeminate. How do you differentiate between the artists, if they all do certain things that may seem suspect. Are we now measuring what that suspect thing is to determine if they are or are not. Or do we just do the right thing which is to just MIND OUR OWN BEEZWAX, and judge them on talent alone.

    • real Ness

      if we were judging them talents alone they would not have the female fanbase who are ready to detroy their relationships at home, get pregnant by them without much a family structure and bathe them and drink their bath water. B.B. King is judged by his talents alone. they are the ones who place huge emphasis on their percieved sexuality. so them being gay is not my bizness but them being “straight” is…??

  • sean-slade

    if these dudes didnt pucker their lips out like chicks putting on lipstick there wouldn’t be a problem. *just like Marquis De Sade.



  • whatever

    Some of them may be gay, but when just about every Black male musical artist has been labeled as bi or gay the accusations lose their credibility. Question: What Balck male artists aren’t gay?

  • i kc u u kc me

    Would someone plz post a list of who is NOT gay. Or switch hitting! Is its like my gay male friend said “I like what you like – Its a matter of who gets to first”! Somebody plz post the NOT gay list!

  • well wadda ya know

    No surprise there majority of all black men are gay. They are either openly gay or on the DL. its especially gettin worse in the south and its usually the thugged out ones, a damn shame.

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    I believe Trey Songz is as gay as they get.

  • Tonya ( formerly BWN )

    LOL, With gay white males out numbering black gay males 5 to 1 So why do black women feel as if white males are a lucrative option. White men are swirling but the majority swirl with asian women anyway. Black women are to quick to attach the gay or DL lable to black men at their own peril…

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    please all of them are gay

  • wannafightaboutit

    I never really thought Chris Brown or Usher was gay. But the rest of them, yes.

  • i kc u u kc me

    Shopping ar COSTCO I see the DL’s with their wives and family getting side eyed by their openly gay lovers. They look the females in the face like yea I doing your man’s booty. Then next week we saw Mr. DL in COSTCO pushing his boyfriends cart getting fussed out for checking out other gay shoppers. UNTIL THE LAW CHANGES MAN CAN ONLY BE A WOMANS HUSBAND AND A MANS LOVER.

  • getreal

    Why is it any of y’all business if they gay. Seriously, i could care less. And so should y’all. I never thought any of them was gay. and if they are o well they are not sleeping with me so it don’t matter if they gay or bi and on the dl.

  • Peppa

    @well wadda ya know I agree with the last sentence of your post “ONLY”

    And @ShawtyWhereYouAt “DUH” who doesn’t know that. I have no problem at all with him being gay. I just hate that Gay men, pretend to be so INTO WOMEN, which to me is a farse. You don’t have to come out if you don’t want to, but at the same time don’t portray yourself as this womanizing, heart throb, when you know you like hotcakes and sausages.

  • I Look Like Yes You Look Like No

    How are any of these guys gay? People are quick to call others gay nowadays.

  • jbfromptown

    If you know Hollywood then u know 8 out of 10 is gay or bi. How do you think some of them no talent peeps get deals and exposure? 8 out of 10 Top execs in Hollywood is gay or bi? Come on Son! Wake up people!

  • jbfromptown

    If brothas stop puttin on lip gloss and grow a daggon mustache maybe nigs would stop calling you gay! Fool!

  • Mock Rock Star

    Stop putting gays and bisexuals in a box…unless it’s a Tiffany & Co. box…for real, let people live

  • tickingtimebomb


  • African Malaika

    Didy (bisexual), Kanya (Gay) and Ne-yo (Gay)

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