The Hood Life: Brothers Fight In Ohio Over Fried Chicken, Mother Calls 911

- By Bossip Staff

Come on!! We gotta do better:

An Akron man suffered severe head injuries after police said he was attacked by his brother, who wielded a crowbar during a fight ignited over a half-eaten piece of fried chicken.

A warrant was issued Sunday for Tony Morris, 37, of Akron. He is charged with felonious assault, domestic violence and menacing. Police say they were called to a home on Wildwood Avenue where the men were visiting their mother Sunday afternoon. The brothers were watching TV in separate rooms when Thomas Morris, 41, said a piece of chicken was tossed in his direction.

Tony Morris reportedly admitted tossing the chicken, saying he was angry because he believed his brother took a bite of the chicken and placed it back in a frying pan. Thomas Morris told police he suggested the brothers go outside and handle their dispute like men. According to reports, Tony Morris then grabbed a crowbar and charged after brother. Thomas Morris ran outside, but slipped on the icy porch. He was then struck several times in the head and suffered a 3-inch laceration to his forehead. Eventually, he ran to a neighbor’s home and grabbed a snow shovel, prompting Tony Morris to flee.

The mother, 57, who admitted she ate the chicken, called 911. Before leaving, Tony Morris threatened to return with a gun and shoot his brother, police said. Thomas Morris was taken to a local hospital.

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  • It's Me

    Hell NAW! Ghetto at it’s finest!!

    • Cj

      Moms must fry the ISH outta some chicken. She eatin that joint out the pan….daaaaaayum.

    • E.C. from D.C.

      My mom make good chicken too but d@mnit


    . .

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    DEAD!!! @ this story & that fried chicken in this pic above looks mighty tasty lol

    • emmettmays85

      hey angel (i luv u) yeah this is crazy but i heard of more craizer stories about brothers killing each other over stupid , i remember this one guy i knew killed his lil bro over a slice of pizza we got some mentally challenged people in this world

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Hey Emmett,sup boo? what are you doing in these neck of the woods huh? lol

      Yeah,some folks definitley seem to suffer some sort of mental/emotional issue/s in order to go nuts over the most trivial/dumbest things..SMDH!

    • emmettmays85

      im doing fine missin u 😦

  • Matix B

    So its mom dukes fault. She let them come to fits to cuffs and she was the one who eat the damn bird. SMFH. Question how the faq are you d going to be 57 and have a 41 year old son. She got preggers at 15 and gave birth at 16 WTF, no wonder hers sons still live at home.

    • Matix B

      oh they came to visit. my bad

    • mzdiscreet32

      I was thinking the same thing about their ages. I couldnt focus on the story .. i was like hold the hell up this must be a typo…. 57 mother with a 41 yr old son… yeah she hunching at a early age.. lol

    • Matix B

      You know? You can’t be in the same demographic as your mom. WTF??

  • Matix B

    this is worse than “brousins”

    • mzdiscreet32

      brousins… brother/cousins lmbo

  • YokoDMV


  • The Hostile Negress

    Judge not lest you be judged – who among us hasn’t had to throw a bow or three behind some Original Recipe????

    I’ll cut you QUICK over a leg, no bull.

  • gON dU it Den

    it du be like that sumtimes!:)

  • 7lady

    Hoodboogers! Bout to kill each other over some damn chicken! It do be good though. Cuz I will cut a nicca bout a two-piece chicken with biscuit from popeyes.

  • Cutiepie78

    All that’s missing In that photo Is some RedHot!!!

  • sportstalk23

    Damn this hood shyt the ghetto version of Cain and Abel fighting over a two piece while trying to two piece each other lol

  • hmmmm.

    I want some chicken now

    • NavyLady

      Yeah Me too….. LOL

  • mzdiscreet32

    I guess their mom recipes better than KFC or Church.
    on a serious note black people must do better. As a former 911 dispatcher if this call came in on my line..i would simply shake my head try not to laugh… and ask her again ” ma’am you stated your sons are fighting over a piece of chicken, that you ate”
    damn shame

    • MzThickWitIt

      ROTFL!!! I was able to hold it together untill I read that part…I laughed so hard!Nothing can top that for my laugh for the day!

  • i kc u u kc me

    So both of them came over to eat up their Mama’s food. Omg at least they didn’t bring their kids with them. 37 & 41 you not putting down well enough to eat up your girlfriends kids food?

  • chickieboo


  • Mya C.

    It’s funny cuz the mama ate the chicken, LMFAO!

  • Xclusive


  • well wadda ya know

    This don’t make no sense its stuff like this that almost make me ashamed to be black…wow I bet the mom is real pride LOL. I blame her

  • Choco

    LOL at Mom being the culprit and damn she only 17 ys older than her kids

  • The Essence Of Life

    Well im going on my lunch break. First stop is getting some chicken and a large coke. Only wings please. lol

  • LOL

    All she had to do was tell them to stfu and that she ate the chicken. She did not have to let it get out of hand like that.

  • Sweet Cherry!!!

    Too m’fukn funny….lol….I feel bad bc the brother that got his azz newton could’ve been killed or severely hurt with that crow bar but this ish is hilarious. and another thing I hope they was just visiting their momma bc they are too damn ole if they were living there.

  • nymphis

    Bu Bu Bu bird bird bird – bird is the word

  • sportstalk23

    I know I cant be the only one wanting to know who made that chicken in the photo lol I could use that with a side of Mac and cheese

    • daisy jay

      Trust me, you’re not alone. I feel like I might drool

  • JaZzIe91

    I agree SMH

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