Back To The Drawing Board: Some Of Hip-Hop’s Worst Ideas & Marketing Strategies

- By Bossip Staff

Hip-Hop is no stranger to trying any and everything to switch up the game.

Many different products, fashion trends, television shows, and movies have all been inspired by Hip-Hop and has played a major role in our lives.
However, there are times where Hip-Hop has put out some questionable things that have easily raised a few eye brows. While some events like scratching on a turn table may have led to over 40 years of inspirational music, these ideas weren’t as lucky.

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  • Ariona Taylor

    Everything else seemed like a bomb. except Nelly’s pimp juice. I wouldn’t mind guzzling that down my throat. NELLY_MO Let’s get it!

  • sportstalk23

    Gotta say all them hiphop energy drinks were wack Pimp Juice,Liquid Ice by Ice-T,Crunk Juice by Lil Jon hell Red Bull was enough lol

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