Meet Angela Simmons’ Latest Play-Play Pokey Partner

- By Bossip Staff

Get yo’ daughter, Rev Run!! She’s out there looking a little loose-booty again!

Football player Julius Peppers is reportedly the latest celebrity boy to make it to Angela Simmons’ speed dial.

The Chicago Bears Julius Peppers is best known for being a freak of nature..The dude is a physical specimen and a beast on the football field..His new girlfriend Angela Simmons is best known for being the daughter of hip-hop legend Rev Run…I’m told the two met a few months back at a party and have been kinda sorta seeing each other..Good for Pep.

The last time Julius was linked to a Hood Celebutante was back in ’08 and he was spotted at the Coachella Festival with little Solo Knowles. But dude is Beyonce and Vanessa’s age… why is he constantly going for the little sisters?

Here’s a better question: virgin or not, does this constant parade of dudes say anything about Angela (other than that she might be trying to hide her love of girls)?


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  • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


    • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • Sweet Cherry!!!

    Ewe….he’s ugly as heck and looks old as he!!….what the heck is she thinking. And virgin…lol….yeah am I…!!!!!!! And I do believe she is bi sexual.

    • UHM

      Please stop hating!, and for him being ugly, STop hating!…

  • nana

    Look at those lips, damn! He must be packing some serious……..

    • UHM

      LOL! ‘surprised face’

  • im always right

    how old is peppers? homeboy been in the nfl for the longest…

  • Dineo

    She turining into a little ho Ho Ho me dont like her anymore, what happen to her and her sister setting the right examples for girl scouts ,,,,Dammit

    • UHM

      They still are!, she is not a Ho!.
      Don’t be quick to judge seriously, has she done anything to make you believe or think she was a ho ho ho!.
      Go and look at natalie nunn, a self proclaimed and proud ho ho ho!..
      U make it difficult for good girls.
      its like whats the point of being good, when you are still going to be called bad/ho. etc.

  • http://bossip trill

    This fhag Rev Run gets on my nerves. Every picture he takes with his “daughters” he is always flasing masonic signs. Damn are you fuggin them show respect. He took a picture with Angela with his hand in his coat, above his hand is on his chin. Sit your fake Godly behind down ! With his evil a.s.s. ! We know you ain’t shish ! Especially on GG every picture of him posted is masonic, but with your family, your daughters???? PREACH !

  • Luvvy22

    They are dating. Angie was at the game on Sunday.

  • Mizery

    Leave it to these knuckleheads that produce this site (had to change my wording since they are trying not to post my comment) and everyone is a wh@re, dating, gay, a gold digger, broke, on drugs… what is this site emm tee oohh 2.0?

  • CAN AM

    Cut it out. 🙂

  • CAN AM

    Bi? Where did that come from?

  • cmp2010

    shes ugly, why it look like she only got one toofis

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