A Little Singles Club Support for the Holidays, Anyone?

- By Bossip Staff

Good Day, Bossip Fam! Here’s to another “Almost There” Thursday! So, as we all know, the holidays are approaching and one can’t deny the feeling of love it brings. With family visits, good food, hearty laughs and joyous faces, one cannot deny the spirit of togetherness the season brings. The smell of seasoned pine, spiked egg nog by the fireplace and that lovely mistletoe … but what good do any of those things do if you’ve no one to share it with? There are plenty of single folks out there who enjoy the single life, however, it’s this time of year that the nostalgia sets in – you want someone to gaze upon, to toast with, wrap gifts and celebrate with. This time of year is truly for lovers and for those that are still single, some tend to get a little bluesy. Only to be comforted by the thought that you saved a little money and can buy something nice for yourself for a New Year’s party where you could, possibly, meet someone special, right? It’s possible. But possibilities don’t fill the void of missing that loving feeling during the holiday season. We decided we’d seek out some single people and see how they cope with seasonal loneliness and to share some words support and encouragement others who might feel the same!

I told myself last year that that Christmas would be the last one that I spend alone. Well, three hundred and fifty some odd days later, I’m still single and it does feel a little empty. I can’t lie. I would like to have a wife and family to share it with, eventually, but I guess I find comfort in the thought that I just haven’t met the right person. So, I say this in support of my fellow singles, it’s okay. The feeling will pass and maybe, just maybe, next year you will have someone to be with. – Miguel, 33

Get fugged up and forget about it, okay. Go hug on the nieces and nephews and baby cousins, play with some toys with them, bake some cookies and remain in a stupor to stay warm. Hell, I don’t know what else to tell you, I’m in the same boat and I’m afraid we don’t have paddles, you understand? So, at the end of the day, I saved some money and I know, without a doubt, that there will be no drama on January 2, 2011. – Renee, 29

I’m an affectionate guy and I like to sit close, by the fire, listen to music and get faded off some liquor and enjoy a woman’s lips and body. I would absolutely love that in my life at some point, but I haven’t gotten … to that point. I’m no good for any female right now because I’m so busy trying to prepare myself for my future family, for my future children and their children. I think there’s a lot of guys out there who turned 30 and realized that they have to go harder. I need to buy a house and have some savings so that, like I said, I’m prepared and can do these things right. Um, my words of comfort or support would be: ladies, we’re out here but you gotta be patient with us and when we can, we will make your Christmas’ special. – Art, 31

Well, it does kind of get to me. I want to be gifted with something thoughtful. I’m not talking about jewelry and expensive stuff like that, I would like something from someone who thinks enough of me to pick up a warm set of PJ’s which are my fave because I’m a home body. Or some accent towels for my kitchen and bathrooms in my favorite color – a snuggie with monkeys on it? I hope, once again, that next year is different. But I do plan to date more in the new year. – Lisa, 29

Let me put it to you like this, if a man is hard to reach over the holidays, he’s not trying to buy you a gift. That’s the only reason why we don’t do the Christmas ISHT. Especially if the n***a got kids, he’s not tricking off just he’s seeing you. Those are my words of support to all the singles women out there, for real. If you’re special then he’ll get you a little something under the tree but if y’all jsut fuggin, you already know what it is. Just double up on the blankets and watch a flick. -Isaac, 32

Bossip Fam, whether your single or in a loving relationship, leave a few warm words of encouragement for the single folks in need of some holiday loving!

Please remember to e-mail all topic suggestions, questions and feedback to loveandrelationships@bossip.com!

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  • confidently_ugly

    The holiday season is a bad time to be single…you try to stay upbeat then you hear “what do the lonely do” on the radio, then it just falls apart. I “keep it movin” -all things are impermanent good or bad

  • Getem

    Be greatful. I’m just now recently single and I’m enjoying it, holidays or no holidays. I have plenty to be greatful for in life. Instead of pouting and feeling sorry for yourself, go out and help feed the hungry or some other kind gestures on Christmas. Spend it with family and friends. This is your time to do that before you do find that special someone.

  • chocolat

    I’m single and i never feel sad and depressed during the holidays. I’m above that. Christmas to me means family love and togetherness. Single or not as long as i have my warm loving family around me , i’m good. I always look at the positive -my accomplishments and blessings! The man will come when i least expect it. Until that happens i’m going to continue having fun and enjoying myself!

  • i kc u u kc me

    Domestic Violence is highest during the holidays! Be thankful your not apart of that mess. Especially if you have children!

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    I’m single and I don”t feel depressed during the hoilidays

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    meant holidays

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  • Ron

    Christmas will be the time I spend with the people that I made friends with. At work and my family. I’m getting NBA 2K11 and play with my little cousins on X-Mas. That’s the beauty of being single. Enjoying your freedom. F**k love (until 2011 comes.)

  • Dee

    I’m glad ppl are keeping it real as I get older I realize I want someone usually on my birthday and Xmas … When I don’t I feel really lonely.. Sad ….the only uplifting words is if u keep living one day you will have ur boo for life… And then u will have new problems but u never have to worry about being alone.

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