The “Hood” Hair Salon Handbook

- By Bossip Staff

Where do you get your hair “did?” Is it some fancy ritzy place or do you go to a hood salon?

Hood salons are so fun, but they can be kind of a drag sometimes too. Not sure whether or not your salon qualifies as hood? If you can identify with five or more of these signs, then you must admit that your salon is hood!

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  • Tanya

    According to this article, I get my hair “did” at a hood salon. My salon in Flatbush does every single thing on the list.

  • Vita

    I go to a hood salon too…everything on that list is correct..especially the 3-5 heads at once thing…and I’m in there 5 hours for a press ‘n curl lol

  • afrodite

    I haven’t been to a salon in years, but the one I used to go to fits every one of the criteria perfectly. I dunno bout others, but my salon was always moving to a new location. at one point they were on top of a fish joint. they’re doing well now

    • keke25

      lol… i wonder if we went to the same salon… bc my salon used to b on top of a fish place too.

  • Heheheheheh

    Yep, that use to be me spending my whole saturday at a salon. Now I’m transitioning to my natural hair and I spend less time on my hair.

    • I Look Like Yes You Look Like No

      Me too =)

  • Ming-Li

    Great Post

  • Angee

    The last time I was at a salon all day was my last time! That ish is ridiculous!!

  • Allie

    Oh no, i’m in the salon for less than 3 hours, i’ve got other things to do than to be sitting up there all day

  • StarLite

    This is why I do my own hair. LOL

  • daisy jay

    ……………am I the only one that’s never had their hair done at a salon? Call me insane, but I’ve never even sat in a salon chair before. My hair doesn’t require much maintenance so…maybe that’s why?

  • confidently_ugly

    once upon a time i had a hairdresser that smoked while she did your hair…that same salon had burglar bars all over the place and you couldnt walk in , someone had to identify you and unlock the door.
    Another beautician i went to ate all of the time, took a bite to eat between every curl and then had the nerve to move her non paying mom in front of her paying customers. Both were very skilled…. im natural now and i dont miss anything about the salon

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