Another One Bites The Dust: Guess Which One Of Diddy’s Former Artists Just Confessesd To Murder??

- By Bossip Staff

Wow, ANOTHER ex-Bad Boy falls off the wagon. On Wednesday evening Trevell Coleman aka “G-Dep”, from “Let’s Get It” and “Special Delivery” fame, confessed to officers that he had killed a man back in 1993. Guess the guilt just got too heavy to walk around with…

“I shot and killed someone 17 years ago,” Coleman told a cop in the station house.

As Coleman continued to reveal more details of the Oct. 19, 1993, murder of John Henkel outside the James Weldon Johnson Houses — things only the killer would know — the officer reached out to investigators at the 23rd Precinct, where the crime took place.

“It was just eating away at him,” said a police source.

Coleman, who grew up in the projects, told cops he was riding a bike when he rolled up on Henkel, 32, on Park Avenue and East 114th Street and announced a robbery.

Coleman told Detective William Dunn that Henkel resisted and grabbed his .40-caliber gun.

He allegedly admitted that he pulled away and shot his victim three times in the chest.

Daaaaaaamn maaaaaaaan! All these damn rappers are keeping the prison system POPPIN! We have to commend Dep for owning up to a crime that surely affected the lives of his victims family and friends, but c’mon son…the cops had NOTHING on you! After damn near 20 years they probably weren’t even looking anymore. Such is life…

If you can’t remember G-Dep this should jog your memory

“Let’s Get It” feat. Diddy and Black Rob

“Special Delivery”


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  • luVn_liFe

    i dont know im at a loss for words.
    Hmmmmmmm (thinking man pose)

    • dogggnuttz


    • xxvcccvc12

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  • David

    He really is dumber than he looks.

  • NyladyJ

    How can anyone condone him not turning himself in? He knows deep within his spirit that the only way for him to truly have redemption is for him to pay for his crime. It is easy for someone who has never killed someone to say, “the cops had nothing on you”, but they are not experiencing the hell he is going through that compelled him to confess. May God have mercy on him. He must now pray for forgiveness the family’s and God’s forgiveness.

  • big c

    wow it takes a real man to confess to his wrong . he got away with it after so many years man the burden was great he did the right thing .

  • cisco

    Yeah, it takes courage to admit to something like that. He’ll most likely be doing life in prison for this confession. He Man’d Up, gotta give it to him.

  • nana

    Please leave diddy outta this! It has absolutely NOTHING to do wit diddy…

    • Kim

      exactly! I don’t even think he was with diddy back in 1993

  • nana

    When keepin it real goes wrong….smh

  • David

    Lets not try to glorify a man that took another mans life! Seriously should we proud of G dep turning himself in so HE can sleep good at night?? He wasn’t thinking about the mans family when he was ballin with bad boy. No he should not have turned himself in, I mean other than him being able to sleep at night what is the point….Trust me we ALL have to answer to our maker! It is not over for him yet!!

  • if anything be noble

    Now THAT’S a man in prison these chicks need to be marrying. Wow! May GOD bless and keep you, brother. Seriously.

  • MrPoundGame/GsacMusic

    Only God knows what went on with this Man because you have to understand something. There are 2 types of People in this world….now allow me to break it down for you. (1) A person who’s not afraid of anything in which they are “Fearless” and being that way they really have no Remorse and the bible tells you they are Wicked. Not saying that G-Dep is wicked but during the time this took place…you dont know what type of lifestyle G-Dep was living. (2) A person that is afraid of 1 or more things in which they are in “Fear” and this type of person has moral and values, this person is quick to afraid any and all situations. Now this can come from different lifestyle’s. Now this is the difference!!!
    A person out of FEAR will kill you quicker than a FEARLESS person will. Why??? Because a person who FEARS does not want to be harmed in anyway possible and a person who is FEARLESS will dis regard their on Person/self. So before you Judge G-Dep….ask yourself where do you fit in at? Because it takes a REAL MAN to Stand Up And ADMIT that HE WAS WRONG. Little Boys try and FIND A WAY OUT OF THE SITUATION. If God be for him who can be against him.

    • David

      He killed an innocent man, and left that man’s family fatherless. FIUCK G DEP.

  • if anything be noble

    @ David, to me it’s not glorifying him but applauding his desire to confess, repent and correct his wrong. If you don’t come forward right away, you should never confess? Yes, he did wrong— and although it took him years to say ‘I did it,’ he said it now and now he will get the punishment he could have escaped entirely. That’s deep to me. Not sure I would have done that.

    • David

      I don’t and will never defend a killer, child molester, or a gay preacher who takes advantage as little kids. I was raised in the hood like almost all my people here in America… And we all know what I’m saying is true….These days people will defend a brother who is beating a women unconscious and say “that’s not my problem”…We are failing the future generation Period.

  • Mscreative1

    Wow! He “man up” to a crime he did! Bless his heart!

  • chaka1

    f a thug! goodbye…

  • Darth H8ter

    MAybe the victim’s family will get some closure.

  • d.

    It takes heartless person to kill and not have a conscious.

  • if anything be noble

    @ David, So, if not confess, what should he do now?

  • yz

    This will bring closure for his family. Fuqk D Dep he lived a life while that family continue to wonder what happen on that day that took their loved one life.

  • Mock Rock Star

    At least the family will get closure now

  • Machelle

    Never hear of this guy but lawd son! How in the world did he carry this around this long? He did the right thing but too bad he’s going to jail…

  • MissPerfect.a.k.a allergic to coonery

    although he took a man’s life .he did the right thing it took courage and it means that he still has a heart ..


    Ughh: That is the DUMBEST CRAP I’ve heard in decades. He’s helping himself go to JAIL. I’m not saying that crime is OK, but why run into the stationhouse and snitch on yourself? He definitely get the DUMBA/S/S award for 2010. H/e/l/l/ NO, I’m not confessing. I do hate the crime he commited though–that was just a lowdown, despicable act.

  • yoli

    wow….I wonder when diddy will confess???????

  • Y.O.L.I.

    thanks for manning up !!! Now I wonder if he can talk diddy into confessing!!! wow


    G-dep was broke and basically homeless. He confessed to the murder because he needed a warm place to sleep and some food in his belly.

    Oh well!! DUECES!!!LMAOOO

  • Statistical Data (FBI 2009)

    I respect him…. sometimes you gotta kill….I would prefer he killed a white man and not another brotha… but I respect a brotha who aint scared to clap the steel.

    • Mrs. Rance

      You respect a man robbing and killing a person? Really? You REALLY think its a good thing for someone to to have the “heart” to pull a trigger for no reason at all. Why? What the hell happened in your life for you to think that is an admirable thing? Lord help us all.

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