Sanaa Lathan Is A Natural Beauty

- By Bossip Staff

Sanaa Lathan was spotted in Hollyweird the other day looking quite lovely.

We know Sanaa gets down with the white men, she’s one name that was missed on our “Mixin It Up Pt. 2″ list

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  • NyladyJ

    Not only is she a natural beauty, she is also a lovely person. More young women should use her as their role model when learning the business and how to conduct themselves in it. You Go Girl!

    • xxvcccvc12xx

      oh amazing , i love this !
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  • Wonderful Floridian

    Beautiful! She gets lighter by the day

  • Ice Harvest

    “Close your legs to married men!”

    • such and such

      Where does it say she was messing with a married man? Are you at the correct post?

  • Boomboomroom

    I love Sanaa but she is a Ghosthunter!! So I am disappointed in her.

  • if anything be noble

    LOVE. HER.

  • Eric

    Natural beauty?She’s a joke-bleached up skin and all.

  • coldt7

    Natural beauty my azz,that a bleached skinned maybeline beauty.

    • such and such

      seasons change you know

  • Sepia830

    She IS a natural beauty. I saw her in Bloomingdale’s in Century City once. She was flawless with no makeup. Halle Berry, on the other hand, is a major disappointment in person–very skinny and just cute.

  • Joyce

    I thought her husband was divorce three years before they met..geshhh..anyway is it true that shes preggo???

  • Joyce

    I thought her husband was divorced three years before they met..geshhh..anyway is it true that shes preggo???

  • d.

    She is pretty!

  • DezzyBoo

    I heart her

  • Dottie

    What’s with all the bleached skin comments? She’s always been brown and sometimes flashes from cameras make you like a tone or two lighter.

    She’s lovely by the way.

  • who wudda thunk it

    lauryn hill is a natural beauty.

    this is just another broad.

  • West625

    She is fione!!





    • my two cents

      @ real real silly talk-

      and denzel is NOT a hoe? please!

  • Lisa

    Good lord there is a hateful idiot born every day. She is a natural beauty. But there is so much self hate in the AA community there will never be a day when you can say that aboout a black woman without comments like some of the ones above.

  • Educated Goon

    I hope she get ran over by a bus…. Can’t wait to take a piss on her grave!

    • Boomboomroom

      Damn such hatred!! LOL!!

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      DANG!!! homie,like that? wow! lmao

  • Tkay Lady

    Wow, he’s ugly and looks like he doesn’t even like her that much just by how he is walking ahead of her!…. So sad how some black women will settle for ANYTHING…. Girl Bye…. I truly Feel sorry for her.

    • S.a.s.s.y24

      Sorry didnt know you knew them personally. That’s right you don’t kick rocks.

    • such and such

      People making comments about who she dates but its some BM that’ll walk ahead of you and make you open your doors, and won’t pull out your chair.

    • ImaPC

      how you know she’s dating this dude? He could be some lackey for all we know. Please people, lets not expose all our hatred in one post.

      Sanaa looks lovely, and her skin color seems to change with the seasons like someone already mentioned. She always look browner in the summer months, like most of us.

  • daisy jay

    Never seen her without makeup, but I’m sure she looks just as great. She’s beautiful inside and out. Lets see how many men come to this thread…

    • daisy jay

      Come on guys, who she chooses to date is irrelevant. She’s not hurting anybody, so don’t bash her because of her preference.

      To you black women that have a problem with it: You should be happy, that’s more black men for YOU to choose from.

      To you black men that have a problem with it (and probably wish they had her): Are you JEALOUS or something? She’s just one woman in the world. There are millions to choose from. Don’t stress over her.

  • Statistical Data (FBI 2009)

    72.4% of convicted Child Molestations in the US were committed by White Males as reported by the FBI in 2009.So if Caucasians make up around 46% of the US population, that means 1 in 4 white men have molested a child in some way or another…. Scary.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Sanaa does have natural beauty, but I’m sorry ya’ll, i just can’t get past those “ALIEN THUMBS”. I mean look at that picture, her thumbs look like big toes! SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lala

      Wow they do look like big toes lol! I never noticed that. Ah well, we all have some sort of flaw, and hers is her thumbs. But really who cares, she’s still a beautiful woman.

  • BOONDOCKS Disiple

    I love me some SANAA LATHAN!!!

  • Boomboomroom

    Sanaa is a BANGER!! But she is kissing the cracka-cave dweller. So she loses 20,000 point in my book.

  • 7lady

    Sanaa is very pretty. I would prefer she was with a blackman though. I don’t know why…i just do hell.

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