That’s Loco Homes: 141 Mexican Prisoners Walk Right Out The Front Door Of The Bing

- By Bossip Staff

And we thought the prison system here in America was fugged up…

In Nuevo Laredo, soldiers and federal police surrounded the prison. Tamaulipas’ security chief Antonio Garza told local radio that the jail’s director was reported as missing along with 141 inmates. He confirmed the vehicle entrance was used as the escape route and blamed prison guards for complicity.

“I am sure that inside (the prison) there was very severe collusion (between guards and drug gangs),” he said. The head of the state’s jail system was also suspended pending investigation, Garza added.

The federal Interior Department blamed the breakout on local authorities, saying they did not properly guard the facility.
“The absence of effective methods of guarding and control by local authorities is deplorable, and it has caused frequent escapes from prisons that put the public at risk,” the department said in a statement.

Calderon, who sent thousands of troops across the country to fight drug gangs, has vowed to clean up prisons that in the past have allowed drug lords to live in luxury or escape when they please. But the conservative leader has struggled to contain corruption and lawlessness in the prison system, which is run partly by state and local governments.

In September, 85 prisoners escaped from a prison in the nearby border city of Reynosa. Authorities discovered in July that prison officials had allowed convicts out of a prison in northwestern Durango state to carry out revenge attacks before returning to cells for the night.

So basically Mexico is still like the wild west, except instead of cowboys and Indians, its politicians and prisoners. Sounds like if one HAD to be in prison Mexico is the best place…at least you got a chance to get out that muthafugga. SMH


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