That’s Loco Homes: 141 Mexican Prisoners Walk Right Out The Front Door Of The Bing

- By Bossip Staff

And we thought the prison system here in America was fugged up…

In Nuevo Laredo, soldiers and federal police surrounded the prison. Tamaulipas’ security chief Antonio Garza told local radio that the jail’s director was reported as missing along with 141 inmates. He confirmed the vehicle entrance was used as the escape route and blamed prison guards for complicity.

“I am sure that inside (the prison) there was very severe collusion (between guards and drug gangs),” he said. The head of the state’s jail system was also suspended pending investigation, Garza added.

The federal Interior Department blamed the breakout on local authorities, saying they did not properly guard the facility.
“The absence of effective methods of guarding and control by local authorities is deplorable, and it has caused frequent escapes from prisons that put the public at risk,” the department said in a statement.

Calderon, who sent thousands of troops across the country to fight drug gangs, has vowed to clean up prisons that in the past have allowed drug lords to live in luxury or escape when they please. But the conservative leader has struggled to contain corruption and lawlessness in the prison system, which is run partly by state and local governments.

In September, 85 prisoners escaped from a prison in the nearby border city of Reynosa. Authorities discovered in July that prison officials had allowed convicts out of a prison in northwestern Durango state to carry out revenge attacks before returning to cells for the night.

So basically Mexico is still like the wild west, except instead of cowboys and Indians, its politicians and prisoners. Sounds like if one HAD to be in prison Mexico is the best place…at least you got a chance to get out that muthafugga. SMH


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  • big c

    i hope they catch all of them

  • Used to U Ninjas Now

    I hope they don’t bring their a$$es over here!



  • if anything be noble

    Ten bucks says at least 120 of them are Christmas shopping at my mall as we speak — no disrespect, Homeland Security.. smh




  • daisy jay

    I’m willing to bet all my christmas gifts that they already crossed the border.

  • lets_talk

    since it was previously owned by them.

  • table - this

    and they are headed this way right to the united states . where these folks will turn their head and allow the flow to continue.

  • Niana

    I’m never going to Mexico

    • ace

      me either

    • Charlie Brizown all chica

      Omg y’all I agree. I was looking at this beautiful place in Mexico this morning called Acapulco it looked like heaven and its a nice looking place but I thought hell naw because all of the s*** thats been going on there! One of my teachers went to mexico for vacation and she said poor people and small children were begging them for money. Parts of mexico looks nice. I don’t care how heavenly it looks with all of this crazy violence going on. Smh people f*** up everything acting like fools. Instead of prison we should blast them in outer space in a capsule.

    • Charlie Brizown all chica

      Plus let me add this 17 tourist were killed Acapulco. Around May and around December of this year 6 tourist were killed! No kidding yo look it up. Also There is a place called Cancun that people like to travel to. And there has been a war against tourist and violence breaking out in tourist areas. I wish I was lying but it to crazy for anyone to go. They are telling people not to go down there. Don’t let nobody you know go to Mexico tell them to look up things before they go. I am not being stereotypical its just the kind of world we live in. There are lots of wonderful places people cant go because of nut jobs running around like a headless chicken.

  • Tm30

    With the proximity to the US, there is a strong possibility a few could make their way here. If they can tackle the Rio Grande and border patrol they’re home free.

  • La Bella

    Dammmn. Hahahhha they should make sure to not go to Arizona…they’ll be stopped just ’cause they look Mexican. Driving, walking, sitting while brown is a crime apparently!

  • Greater

    Awaits racist trolls…

    • wetback

      I say we nuke that whole country Mehico used to be something when the Black Olmecs ruled Mehico now its just a cesspool 4 crime and stupid loud Mexican music

  • if anything be noble

    Charlie Brown, I was in Acapulco. The Mexican state police patrol downtown on the beds of trucks with submachine guns strapped across their bodies and rounds of ammo attached. Dressed in boots and army gear, they stand 6 across to the entrance of Walmart. I didn’t say they stand across the bank door. I said they stand across the entrance of the place where they sell purple plastic crap from China. Acapulco’s no joke. The water’s nice though. Stay at Las Brisas. *shrug*

  • TEE

    Usa should take it over..they outtaa control over there..they need some law and order how and the hell the prison guards let the prisoners out and then let em back in then they come over here wit the bs

  • Littleenglander

    The mother of the young woman, who was sheriff in a Mexican town, has now been killed. That place is crazy. My parents went a few years ago and loved it, but I don’t think I will bother.

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

    Now, that’s gangsta, loco..

  • Anna

    They won’t come here they escaped to fight the drug war thats going on in Mexico right now.

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