Study Shows That Marriage Is “Bad For Your Health”

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This is interesting:

People who stay single, or become single again by divorce, may be somewhat more physically fit than those in wedded bliss, a new study suggests. The research, which followed nearly 8,900 adults over several years, found that both men and women who got married during that time tended to experience a dip in cardiovascular fitness, as measured by treadmill tests.

In contrast, men who got divorced during the study saw a modest increase in their fitness levels. The findings, reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology, do not prove that a change in marital status directly causes the change in fitness — for better or worse. Still, researchers say the results support the notion that once people are married and, presumably, off the dating market, they tend to let themselves go a bit. But if they remain single or get divorced, they have more incentive to get in shape. That’s not to say that there’s a huge fitness chasm between singles and married couples.

In this study, changes in marital status were related to only small changes in fitness, lead researcher Dr. Francisco B. Ortega, of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, told Reuters Health in an e-mail. He stressed that any one person’s fitness levels depend on a complex mix of factors, including genetics, exercise habits, body composition and overall health. But if the newly wedded are aware that their physical fitness could wane, they might pay more attention to keeping up an exercise routine, according to Ortega and his colleagues.

The findings are based on 6,900 men and 1,971 women who were followed for just over three years at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. They had physical exams, reported on their lifestyle habits and underwent treadmill tests to gauge their physical fitness. When it came to marital status, the researchers found, women who remained single during the study period showed a small increase in their fitness levels over time. That gain was not seen among women who got married. For their part, men who married showed a decline in fitness — but so did those who stayed single, though theirs was a smaller loss. For men, the differences were more apparent when the researchers looked at divorce and re-marriage. Men who got divorced during the study showed a gain in fitness levels, while those who remained married saw no change. Meanwhile, men who were divorced at the outset showed a general decline in fitness over time — but the drop was steepest among those who got re-married. There was no evidence of any divorce “benefit” among women. However, the researchers say one reason could be that there were far fewer women in the study than men, and only a small number of women changed their marital status during the follow-up period.

The researchers say the findings highlight the role of social factors in people’s fitness levels. “This study provides for the first time evidence that marital transitions are (an) important social stimulus that can influence fitness,” Ortega said. And that fits in with the general idea that major life transitions affect people’s health habits, noted Dr. Steven N. Blair, a professor at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, who also worked on the study. “Sometimes these effects are positive and sometimes negative,” Blair said in an email. “I think a message to the public is that they need to be aware of the possible effects of life transitions, and try to make plans to maintain a healthful lifestyle.”


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  • It's Me

    what stupid person/s came up with this dumb idea? Each partner should encourage the other to want to eat right and work out. That what me and the wifey do..

    • shalala

      Dw they got a Study/ Research for everything lolz before u know it there will be a study about weed is healtier than u think lolz..besides those people need to get payed for something

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    I swear these studies get dumber by the day..SMH & LOL


    I agree, staying single will keep me out of jail because the s/h/i/t that some of these men do would make me cut their a/s/s/e/s, take John Edwards for instance, I would’ve gone to jail, I’m just going to leave it a that! After living with parents for 16 years, WHY IN THE SAM HILL would anyone want to go and live with someone else?




  • Mock Rock Star

    All I read was that men tend to be lazy when it comes to their physics unless their trying to get some new partner

  • Sukanya

    I don’t like these kinds of post, it make marrige seem like it would be bad to stick to that one woman that you love so much for the rest of your life. Media just want to mess up family values

    • aqueenwaits

      I totally agree with you!

      When people get comfortable with each other this happens alot…..but if they put it on together, they can take it off together.

      Beleive me, the alternative lifestyles are NOT an option.

  • Stop It!!!

    How irresponsible to post such a ridiculous study. This garbage is bull ish.

  • Kiss kiss11

    It is what it is! Guys lie out of habit!

  • YeahOkay

    Keep in mind folks, Wall Street is investing in divorce. This study is stupid.

  • Tm30

    Marriage can be bad for your health, especially if you have to raise your spouse along with the kids.

  • Smart Brother

    I’ve been saying it for the longest so much soo, I’m thru talking! Marriahe is no good especially for the men!

    Check out the book: No

  • Roderick

    Actually the study makes perfect sense.

    People usually keep in shape when they are dating to attract the One. Once they get married they don’t need to try as hard any more.

    Add to the fact that men will want to earn more once they become husbands and fathers then that leaves less time for the gym or whatever extracurricular fitness activity he had before he got married. The same goes for a woman.

    Plus both are eating some good homecooked meals regularly.

  • whatisgoingon

    In the Bible it talks about in the last days how the enemy will do everything in its power to destroy the teachings of God because he knows his time is short.(Paraphrasing) This article is an example of that. Dont have children if thats the case because they can kill you, let alone not be good for your health. Marriage, as well as, having children is a beautiful thing. Bad relationships is the result of people getting together that should not have gotten together. The rules of marriage have always been the same, people have changed and then say relationships, mnarriage is not for them ,yet they want the benefits of marriage. Dont let this article discourage you.

  • Educated Goon

    I swear this site has some kind of hidden agenda… Who really owns this site really though?

    • Lauren

      Who do you think owns it EDUCATED GOON. Looking at your post on another topic YOU know whats up!

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  • JES$

    For the two birds claiming that they want to be single forever and that men who marry are mama’s boys….GTFOH…you bitter birds…you would flock to a man whom would marry you in a heart beat and you know it. Then again some people don’t live to please God. They just want to burn

    • G.M.

      im a guy player lol…but that is what most married men are, they’re either pu$$ies with no balls to stand up to their wives nagging and bullying, a mamas boy that has a wife that mothers him all the time or a controlling bastard that feels his wife is his property…also, married men living longer is just a myth spread by women/feminist to make marriage sound beneficial to men when its not, even if it was i would gladly die at 75 livin a happy life rather than live to 85 in a miserable marriage

    • G.M.

      @Je$$: u should goto utube and enter into the search engine: tom leykis married men not healthier than single men 1….part 2 of the show is when ppl start callin into debate the topic…have a listen it might save ur life/bank account in the future

  • ridin solo

    marriage just dont work for some ppl and idk i jsut have a problem when they start havin kids or try to bring other ppl down. but marriage isn;t respected anymore cuz some single ppl get thrills from hookin up wit married ppl smh. i still believe in marriage but i’m glad i live in an alination of affection state so i can sue that homewreckin hoe since i can’t stone em no’d get married when we go back to the way things used to b like the homewreckers get stoned but not do death just enough so they have a droopy black eye,but the man probly still sleep wit her though and just b like girl turn around cuz u got a butter face. nowadyas hoes gettin magazine covers and interviews. the wives get nothin. so marriage is not so great anymore or maybe its just so dam hard to find the rite 1. i still believe that ill find the rite one that won’t cheat,beat,only love and eat me out dont wanna try to ask girl out anymore either u can smile at them and everything and they’ll check u out smile stare but wont come over wdf. its cuz they used to just gettin stuff so they dont know how to work for it. the bible say a man that does not work does not eat. same thing wit relationships if a man does not work at the relationship he dont get to eat… pu ssy lol

  • MenonBossipareuglysmalldiklosers


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