White Supremacists Oppose Idris Elba’s Role In The Movie “Thor”

- By Bossip Staff

A white supremacist group is taking action against Idris Elba and the producers of the upcoming movie “Thor” because the English actor has been cast to play the role of a Nordic character.

Elba, who is of African descent, will play the deity Heimdall, an all-seeing and all-knowing guardian, in the Marvel Studios feature. According to the Council of Conservative Citizens, Elba’s casting is an example of “leftwing social engineering.”

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  • if anything be noble

    I’m with the white supremacists. He looks ridiculous.

    • Angelique

      Thank You…i agree with Bishop

    • E.C. from D.C.

      co-sign Bishop. Don’t hate the hate love it bwahahaha …Idris is gonna be great.

    • Timothy Tim

      Double co-sign. Though I wonder what made them want to put a black actor in the role, it’s true whites have been doing this for eons even before Shakespeare’s ‘Othello”. Ironically, in Norse mythology, “Heimdall” was dubbed “The White God” and was the son of nine different mothers.

    • no_halfsteppen

      I co-sign Bishop also. Angelie Jo lee whatever her name is. She is trying to get the role as Cleopatra right now. Ain’t that some sh$%%t ! She look like a Greek queen and not a Egyptian queen Dammit!

  • Used to U Ninjas Now

    Oh please, if they get away with this one, then the NAACP should sue somebody for Liz Taylor playing Cleopatra! White folks have been playing black folks for years. I hope they loose.

    • University

      Sorry Greater she was black so were the rest of te egyptians it’s weird how white people cant handle that it’s like you dont see black people claiming any european tribes smh get over your self exalted selves weirdos this is Africa we all know how the whites need there sun block in 70 degree weather on top of that the paintings and statues dont lie.

    • The Truth

      And she still wasnt white either, you “arse whole dummmy”. But Liz Taylor is all white. So how does that add up. Since u want to get technical, they could have had Dorothy Dandridge or Lena Horne play that Cleopatra role since they both were biracial or had mixed ancestry.

  • Hispanoila Brotherhood

    For all we know, the real Thor could actually be black. Reminds me of when RFK went to apartheid South Africa and asked some Boers “What if God were black?”

  • carts

    We better sue Robert Downey Jnr for playing a black man whilst were at it.

    • chaperel

      LOL but i still liked tropic thunder

    • Timothy Tim

      And the character wasn’t even black. Downey was playing a white character who “played” a black character. Putting a black actor in Downey’s place would have defeated the purpose of the role.

  • who wudda thunk it

    THAT’S HOLLYWOOD —- since the nordic gods were and are MYTHS, maybe some of those blue eyed, blond haired types had jungle fever —- wanted a little chocolate in that vanilla icecream.

  • Mock Rock Star

    I’m ok with it

  • Howcomeucan'tthink

    Let’s sue them for playing Jesus, Moses, Cleopatra, and for overall culture robbing.

    • d.

      Thank you!!

    • Preme


    • ImaPC

      who protested when RObert Downey Jr. was receiving rave reviews and nominations for playing a Black character? Don’t even mention Angelina playing a biracial woman (who actually existed).

  • Triple

    They can’t be serious. From all the white washing hollywood does. For example prince of persia, the last airbender. I mean I would understand if it was from a real story, but its fiction. They need to go chew on lit dynamite sticks!

  • Allegrah

    Yes, he can do it ! Under the following conditions :
    1. He get’s about 10-20 lbs of muscle
    2. He gets that chest waxed !
    3. They don’t put a wig on him. Not even a yaki or remy wig.

    other than that, he’s good to go. At least hels not playing a drug dealer, thief or ex-con. That’s a shame , he gotta play “Thor” to move away from the typical roles he casted for. I think this a ploy from the studios to get money from black folks, Tyler can’t get all the dough ! Next , you gonna see Janet as Aphroditie ( speliing).

  • Seriously?

    The black Gods are better

  • Seriously?

    He dies at the hands of Egyptian Seth.. A Black GOD

  • daisy jay

    Let us take a moment to laugh. Blacks get criticized for “complaining” about whites taking black roles, but whites turn right back around and take all the black roles. America kills me sometimes. If Idris can’t play this ONE role, then blacks actors are in for a loooooot of money. Can’t cry wolf and expect for there to be no consequences.

    • daisy jay

      Whites complain about blacks taking white roles, but they turn around and take all the black roles******

    • Blue Kid

      Isn’t that the truth!!!

  • Boomboomroom

    Well, Angelina Jolie is playing Cleopatra. Lets not forget how she also played Daniel Pearl’s wife a mixed race woman. What about white people playing Hannibal? Or white people playing Egyptians? Screw them!! Most of the ancient norse gods were derived from the Greeks. And the Greeks derived there mythology from the Egyptians. So White people have nothing to complain about.

  • sportstalk23

    Somebody need to give them supremacists a HO SIT YALL AZZ DOWN Natalie Wood played a Puerto Rican in West Side Story,as mentioned Cleopatra and Marianne Pearl roles went to white actresses,who can ever forget C.Thomas Howell in Soul Man, so can they shut up

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    these people have nothing else to do but hate on the lives of others, meanwhile their white wives/girlfriends are being pleasured by a black stallion

    • Boomboomroom

      Nucca STFU with that “All da white womenz wanz us.” Nucca kill yourself!! Most white women ain’t checking for Black men. Is that something you need to feel good about yourself? You should be worried about what your own women think about you. CLOWN!!!

    • Brooklyn Hampshire

      boomboom im a girl so fail, and wtf is a nucca?

  • StarLite

    I saw the previews for Thor last night when I went to see Tron. Looks awesome!
    I’m all for it. If Hollywood can take black roles and cast white actors all the time, than why can’t Idris play a Nordic god???
    I’ll be seeing Thor- in IMAX!

  • ManchesterUKer

    Well, that gave me a laugh…out of all the unrealistic things that will be in this film (superpowers, Norse Deities, monsters etc.) they think a black guy is the thing you can’t suspend your disbelief for? White supremacists always bring the LOLs

  • Kamille Mosberg

    You pale people need to quite.You played :Jesus,Moses,Pharoah,All the egyptians …Etc..Brookly hampshire stop being proud about pale women wanting us the Black Gods.’Am ashamed of the brothers that sleep with them.Its in the bible about not mixing our seed with the Amorites,caanites,gentiles and more.They are the pale people in the bible.Black people are the first ancient greeks.Pale people know where their Gods and parents.{ITS WRITTEN}

    • The Truth

      @ “of course…” For a person to be racist he/she has to come from a racial background that is in power systematically. And one Black guy as president for 4 or 8 years doesnt count. This white system of power and racism has been going on for a long time. And even if Blacks could be racist its only a reaction to whites being racist for so long.


    Greek Mythology is based on Ancient African figures and Gods, so whether this is some made up shyt or based in Greek Mythology it all comes back to Black so WTF are yall talking about…like it’s some kind of issue.

    Anywho I hate looking at IDRIS, it just makes me mad every time I see his foine azz cause two stunning lookers like ourselves should definitely know each other!


    I was going to comment, about white people protraying Jesus, Moses, Egyptians, etc….but see u’ll already got this…carry on!


    Dammit IDRIS, U are a daym good example of why BLACK MEN is the finest on the planet! And you gotta black baby mother. PRPPLE don’t do this often but I love you and I don’t even know you!

  • Hussein lied

    Egyptians were SAND N-I-G-G-ERS…..NUBIANS below them were just plain N-I-G-G-ERS……explain this though you blk church going militant liberation theology believing blk person: Why were Blks hunting & gathering still in 14th & 15th century??? WHY?????? The white man didn’t gathering you toads like cattle yet, BUT you still weren’t even neo-lithic!!!!!!!!! hahahhahahah no one will explain that!

    • Boomboomroom

      Actually, White people were still hunting & gathering in the 14 & 15 century as well. And it wasn’t until the Moors(Black people) taught you civilization that you guys stopped. So again Cave-dweller thank your lucky stars for Black people.

  • Boomboomroom

    @University actually I am a black male. And if black men are so desired why then are Black men at the bottom of society? Why do Black men have the highest unemployment rate of ANY group if we are so desirable? Why do Black men have the highest incarceration rate if we are SO desired? Why do Black men have the highest drop-out rate and are the least represented in the university system? No sweetie you are just another Caucasoid worshiping clown bowing at the alter of White supremacy. So don’t get mad when these White folks make turn you into the clown that you are.

  • Boomboomroom

    Now understand what I am saying my brotha. I am not saying that Black men are NOT desirable. You misread my statement. Most Black men are not checking for White women EITHER!! Contrary to popular belief. However, there are certain Black men in our community that feel that they NEED the love of a WW to over compensate for there lack of power, status and inadequacy. Which is why you have low-self esteem brothas like Brooklyn Hampshire constantly worried and bragging about WW/other women ‘loving him.’

  • Boomboomroom

    @University & Brooklyn Hampshire why don’t you find your own self-worth instead of waiting for White ppl to give it to you.

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