SMH: Silly White Weather Broad Who Cried Rape Reneges On Statements “I Never Said That”

- By Bossip Staff

And she is STILL lying:

TV weather chick Heidi Jones claimed yesterday she never used the word rape when telling cops she was attacked. “The press accounts that say she alleged rape or attempted rape are inaccurate,” said her attorney, Paul Callan. He declined to say what Jones told cops precisely.

The NYPD stands by its version of events. The WABC/Channel 7 meteorologist has been suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation. In November, Jones, 37, purportedly told cops she was jogging in Central Park on the afternoon of Sept. 24 when a Hispanic man in his 30s or 40s grabbed her from behind and attempted to rape her. After police confronted her with discrepancies in her version of events, she admitted making the whole thing up. Jones was charged with filing a false report, and faces a maximum year in jail and $1,000 fine.

They should just put her a$s in jail and see if she’ll cry rape in there.


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  • daresay


  • sportstalk23

    Ok everybody let’s say it together
    HO SIT DOWN! Now she wants to play word technicality,whatever bish you accused a latino man of a crime of which you LIED. In my newspaper they were hmmm she had a choice of suspect either black or latino so she must have went eenie meenie minie no and it landed on latino lol. Why hasn’t she been fired yet all her co-workers at channel 7 are beyond pissed at her. She received a lot of sympathy from them many offering to see to it she got home safely after this bogus attack,how now can she go back to work at that station

  • Zipporah


  • speak truth

    This article is about a white woman. And yet some of yall find a way to make it about black women. SMDH

    • Crowe

      Anyone remember Tawana Brawley? LOL!! And Sharpton was all over that one screaming racism.

  • mekdy

    They’ve ( crackers ) been doing it for YEARS! Its just that now with highly skilled technology an ppl who are experts in certain areas of psychology, law enforcement etc… are able to detect LIES an illusions if u will. Its a shame to say the least that one human mentally disturbed human being can concoct a lie on the basis of being lonely, crazy, or sadistic an put another innocent human being away. Yes, yes, yes she should be locked up. That’s a crime in and of itself. Right sickening. However, I’m not surprised! Still disgusted!

  • mekdy

    Man hating Bi+’:, that’s exactly what she is along with all her other psych issues.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Wow, this woman is plum loco. Geez.

  • nonya

    Send her a#s to jail, she’s a pig and handcuff her while she’s on the air.

  • Sweet Cherry!!!

    I bet if she goes to jail they are going to beat that azz in there just what she needs….dumb h0e!

  • Eddy

    I bet she won’t go to jail, because she’s white.

    • Alwaystrue

      She will not go to jail or lose her job. Probally a slap on the wrist and a speech by the judge if it goes that far!!

  • if anything be noble

    Ok I’m done with Heidi. Two stories were enough. I do not want to hear from Heidi again this time tomorrow when she says it was all a dream… all. so. blurry. like. the. forecast. Please, no more her or Antoine Dobson. We all know she is not going to jail. Jail was not built for Heidi. Antoine Dobson maybe.

  • Alwaystrue

    And another thing, How come when a white woman say someone did something to her its always a black man or hispanic??? I guess she wanted that lie to be more believable!!

  • b-nice

    Does this woman have a mental illness? And does ABC Channel 7 News station do background checks before hiring their meteorlogist? What a quaker…

  • Mel Gibson

    Heidi Jones is your typical lying European cave nigg@r.

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